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The Phoenix Chronicles Episode Eight: The Quest For TruthÖ

(The Completion of the Super Computer Magi.)

"Magi Casper," Naoko dubbed the first of the three large drives that sat in the control center platform below. She was alone in the control center, on the highest platform with only her daughter.

"Magi Balthasar," she dubbed the second, and the third she dubbed, "Magi Melchior." She looked over the three drives proudly, and went on to say, "The Magi are the three aspects of myself. They are myself as a scientist, myself as a mother, and myself as a woman. The three aspects that combine to make one whole."

"The three faces of mother, and all thatís left is to turn the power on." Ritsuko said, sharing her motherís pride. Her mother nodded, and then she started to gather her things. "Iíll be leaving early today. Misato just got back."

"Oh, Iíd heard that sheíd joined Gehirn, in Germany if I recall." The older Akagi mentioned.

"Yes, sheís with the third branch." Ritsuko told her.

"So, sheís going be having a long distance relationship." Her mother guessed.

"It didnít work out." Ritsuko said knowingly.

"Your friends broke up? But they always seemed like such a perfect couple." Naoko said, a bit shocked.

"The interaction of men of women isnít very logical." Ritsuko said, trying not to sound bitter. She had received a response from Mousse a few days ago. He had told her he couldnít come to Gehirn for many reasons, not including Ritsuko, herself. She couldnít help feeling disappointed, though.

"Youíre always so cool, and analytical about these things. Arenít you afraid you might lose your chance at happiness?" Naoko asked, sitting down. She was prodding Ritsuko to talk about her relationship with Yuiís ward.

"First, I have to find a definition for happiness. Itís been a while since I went out." Ritsuko said, leaving, knowing what her mother wanted, but not able to bring herself to talk to her about those things. The only person she could speak with about those things was dead.

"Have a good one." Naoko told her, giving up.

"See ya," Ritsuko waved at her mother one last time, went out the steel hatch, and never saw her again.

Naoko sat there, looking proudly over the drives she had finished She heard the hatch slide open, again. When she looked over at the door, she saw Rei standing there, looking at her.

"Did you need me for something, Rei?"

"I lost my way, Doctor."

"Is that so? Well, do you want to with me, then?" Naoko asked gently.

"No, thanks." The girl told her flatly.

"But how are you going to get home all by yourself?" Naoko asked trying to maintain her smile.

"Thatís not your business, old hag."

"Old hag?" the doctor repeated.

"I can find my way home by myself, old hag."

Naoko felt like she had just been slapped, but she recovered quickly, and gave the little girl a menacing look. "You shouldnít call people an Old hag, Rei."

"But you are an Old Hag, arenít you." The girl replied, starting to smile.

"Youíre making me very angry, Rei. Iíll have to tell Commander Ikari about this, you little brat."

"The commander is the one who calls you that."

Now, the older Akagi finally understood. She had been used, all this time, when she thought Gendou actually felt some love for her.

Rei could see she had affected the scientist, but stepped closer, and went on, "He says, ĎThat old hag is annoying. That old hag is of no use anymore.í"

Naoko heard the words, and now, in this moment of revelation, she could see herself kissing Gendou, moaning lovingly, and him only sitting there with an indifferent look on his face. No. It was hate she saw in his face. She could only see his hateful face, and hear those words over and over.

When she looked to Rei, she could hear those words spew from her mouth,

"That old hag is annoying. That old hag is of no use anymore."

"That old hag is annoying. That old hag is of no use anymore."

"That old hag is annoying. That old hag is of no use anymore."

Then, she looked at the little girl closer, and saw the face of Yui Ikari, laughing at her, and chanting. Laughing and laughing, and then she heard Gendouís cold laugh join Yuiís. She reached out and grabbed at Yuiís neck, thinking, Why canít you just Die?

She squeezed little Reiís neck with both hands, wringing and throttling the little girl, crying angrily as she did so, and seething, "You little Bitch! Youíre replaceable, too! Did you know that, Rei?! You can be as easily replaced as me!"

When Naoko looked down, again, she saw Reiís little hands go limp, and she realized what she had just done. That part of her, that was a mother, felt betrayed for what she had done to a child that very well might have been her own. She cried uncontrollably as she dropped the little corpse, that only seemed to ooze onto the floor. Then, she stepped onto the chair, and onto the console. After that, she only saw the Casper drive coming up to meet her as she fell to her death.

SEELE had no choice but to dissolve Gehirn. In its place, a new organization, known as NERV was formed. All of the personnel from Gehirn transferred to NERV, except of course for Dr. Naoko Akagi. After the incident, the coroner had managed to salvage her brain, and before it died, they were able to place it within the core of the drive called Casper, as per the order of Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, who became the new head of the technological division.

Gendou, who hadnít been discouraged at all by this, sent a clone of Rei that was physically nineteen years of age to the Clamp Academy, University division where she would maintain surveillance on Mousse for the next few years, and eventually convince him to return to NERV.





Rei was sitting on the steps of the library when she saw Mousse sitting by the tree, reading a book, and it looked like he didn't want to be bothered, but she wanted to talk to him. So she took the initiative and sat down next to him.


"What is it?"

"I just noticed you were by yourself here."

"I like being alone."

She said, "You don't know what alone is."

"And what do you know about it?" He almost snapped.

"I know enough, and I know when a person hurts from being alone, because I hurt

like that too." She told him analytically.

"Are you hurting now?" he asked her.

"It doesnít matter. At least you have a choice." She told him.

"A choice?"

"Yes...Oh, by the way my name is Rei Ayanami."

" Iím Hikaru Teníou, but you can call me Mousse."

"Pleased to meet you." she told him

"You think?" his voiced dripped of sarcasm.

"No. I know."

"That was a joke."

"I don't understand."

"Nevermind, Want some of my lunch. It's lamb. I made it."

"I dislike meat." She saw Mousse look down, embarrassed,

"But, I suppose I could try some." She grabbed the little utensils, cut a piece of

lamb, and Mousse looked at the deep concentration on her face as she ate the lamb.

"Hmmm, This is delicious. You made this?"


"Aren't you staying with the Clamp Detectives?" she asked suddenly.

"Yes, I am. Howíd you know?"

"Thereís a poster of the four of you together, on that tree behind you."

He looked at the poster, which was very old, and that made him feel nostalgic for those days. He wished he could be there, again, with Yui, and Ritsuko. He was still brooding over Maya, but if being alone taught him anything, it was that he couldnít be caught brooding on the watch. He still had a sense of hopelessness that wouldnít leave him alone, and the best way he could think to get rid of that was to try to stay active.

They talked for hours after that and Mousse walked her home. There was something so familiar about Rei Ayanami that reminded him of Yui, but he tried to dismiss that. It only brought back painful memories to think of that.

After a while, they grew to enjoy each otherís company, but they were strangers that couldnít even understand themselves, let alone each other.

"Hikaru-kun, where do you go to enjoy yourself?"

"I donít really think about entertainment anymore." He told her.

"Why not?"

"Because I only did that with a friend of mine." He admitted.

"Where is your friend, now?"

"She left. She had to make a choice between her career, and myself. She chose her career."

"Are you angry at her?" Rei asked.

"NoÖPeople make their own decisions in life, and I canít debate, or begrudge her choices. Anyway, she wanted me to go with her, and I refused."

"Why did you refuse?" Rei wanted to know.

"Because it wasnít right for me to go." He snapped.

Rei didnít even flinch, she asked, "Why wasnít it right for you?"

"Because I didnít feel that was the right place for me." He told her.

"You couldíve compromised, and stayed with that person you cared about." Rei reasoned.

"I couldnít think at that time." He grated.

"You couldnít, or didnít want to?" asked the part of Rei that was Yui. She could not believe that Mousse had missed his chance to stay with someone who cared about him, because of his stubbornness.

"Oh, damn. Looks like we reached your place. Huh?" he said, looking at address on the piece of paper sheíd given him.

"You shouldnít give up on someone you care about because it frightens you to go to different places." She said, as he walked her to the door.

"Iíll take that into consideration." He told her, and left.

Rei heard her cell phone ring, and pressed the RECEIVE button.


"Rei, what is your status?" Gendou asked.

"Iíve made contact with Gabriel. We have established a relationship, I think." Rei replied, her voice flat and emotionless.

"That was well done, Rei." He told her, and then ordered, "Be sure to keep me informed."

"Yes sir."


Mousse found himself standing in the middle of that forest, in China, of long ago.

She was calling to him, and he began to run towards the voice. He continued to run until he saw her in the clearing. He wanted to go to her. She still wore those jeans, and that outdoor jacket on the last day he saw her. He could still remember the smell of her in the morning. It was the smell of the Ivory soap sheíd use when she gave him a bath. Even though she had stopped giving him baths by then, he could still remember that sheíd have that smell on her by the time she was done with him. He walked up to her, and touched her shoulder, and when she turned to face him, he didnít see his motherís face. It was the face of Eva he saw, and the thing, he thought was his mother, stood up as it turned to face him. He wanted to back away, but then he felt her arms around his neck.

"Mother?Ö..No, youíre notÖ" he choked out. Then, he heard himself scream.


He sat up in his bed, and looked to the clock. He couldnít read the time any since his sight had gotten considerably worse since he left the Amazon Village. He hated the fact that he had been allowing the problem to get worse. He supposed he didnít think about it too much when he had been with Yui. When he was around her, all his problems didnít seem to matter that much. Now, though, he felt a flaring in his head. The headaches were coming too often. He looked out at the moon, which was only a blurry yellow speck to him. Frustrated, he lay back down on his bed, and draped his arm over his eyes. He looked over at the picture he had of Yui, Ritsuko, and himself at the beach on that summer day.

"Yui-san, RitsukoÖ.I canít get to sleep." he groaned, and put the picture down on the nightstand.


He walked around the campus plaza, at Clamp.

He felt someone grab him, and now he could see Rei, grabbing his arm.

"Where did you go to?"

"Iím not really sure."


"Donít worry about it so much, okay?"

She nodded, then asked, "Can we go to the game center?"

He felt the need to say something, "I didnít think you liked games."

"Where did you get that idea?" she asked.

"You just didnít seem like the type who liked games."

"I want to introduce you to some friends I just met."


"Youíll see."

He felt really good, having her hold his arm like that. He felt real. The dream still bothered him. He wasnít sure what it meant, but he knew he would have to face it one day. He thought, angrily, Face what? You couldnít even see what you were dealing with once you saw her. Then, his head rang, and reached up to grab at his face, as if trying to pull something that had just been force into his mind. "Hikaru?"

"Listen, ReiÖ"

"Come on, weíre almost there."

"Iím not feeling very well right now." He groaned.

"Nokoru has a cot in the back. You can rest there."

He allowed her to pull him to the arcade, and he saw his two best friends take each of his arms, and take him to the back. He was relieved to lie down, and for the first time since he had left Hakone, he whispered Yuiís name.

When he woke up, and saw Reiís face, and for one fleeting moment, he couldíve sworn it was Yui sitting next to him. She gave him a glass of water as the other two guys saw earlier helped him sit up.

"You okay, kid?" Suo asked.

"Iím not a kid," Mousse told him icily.

"Sorry, itís just a figure of speech. Besides, youíre still to kid to us."

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Watching over you, as usual."

"I know that." Mousse bit out.

"Damn. Are you recovering from a hangover?" Nokoru asked.

"I donít even drink, you know that." Mousse sneered, looking at them angrily.

"Okay, dude. Okay." Nokoru said, waving their hands in front of them, trying to calm him down.

"Iím sorry, I really donít mean to be rude to you guys." Mousse told them, and then he stood up, much to Reiís dismay. He stood up straight, and when he tried to bow to the two, he fell over. The two caught him, and placed him back on the cot.

"Weíre just glad to see you getting over Maya, dude." Suo said, slapping Mousse hard on the back, earning him a disapproving look from Rei.

After a while, the guys came out of the back, laughing and joking, while Rei stood by Mousse indifferently. She smiled when he looked to her, though. She didnít know what had happened earlier, but she wanted him to feel better. They began to walk out of the arcade.

Ranko Saotome, the girl Mousse had referred to as a tomboy earlier, stood by the window of the arcade. She peered in at the games, and groaned that she had no money, and worst, she held her last term paper, which had been on "The influence of Media on Society." The problem was that the research she did was meager, and all her points were based on trite. All in all, it was a bad paper. She knew when she turned it in, but she had been thinking about how to get pass the guys in the morning. She knew martial arts, but she was absolutely the worst procrastinator. She crumpled up the paper, and groaned, "I canít show this to my sister, sheíll be ragging on me all week." And that was when she turned to walk on, as she tossed the paper over head.

It landed on Mousseís head, and complained, "What the hell are you up to, you tomboy?"

"Who are you calling a Ďtomboyí, you jerk?" she began, as she spun around to face him, and that made her wish she hadnít. "A 30. You should study a lot more, you tomboy." He teased her, and that made her, groan in embarrassment.

"Donít you know how to do a research paper? Next time you should pick an easier subject." Rei commented.

"Who are you?" Ranko asked, putting her fist to Reiís face.

"Thatís not your business, you imbecilic tomboy." Rei told her flatly.

"Why you!í

"Why am I what?" Rei asked, her expression bored.

"You canít say that to me."

"Itís not my fault you canít spell, either."

"Rei!" Mousse snapped, giving her a doubtful look.

"Hey, look! I donít need this static from you!" Ranko yelled, bringing out a large mallet, and screamed, "Take this!"

The mallet was about to hit Mousse on the head, but he stopped it with his hand, by pushing back the blunt end, and snapped, "Are a psycho, or something? What is the matter with you?"

"She has to be aggressive, for she has no other constructive way of showing her emotions." Rei commented, looking at Ranko with disgust.

"You want a piece of this, too, Casper the Snobby ghost?" Ranko asked, waving the mallet at her.

"The next stage of conflict for a primitive such as her is to resort to insulting." Rei said. This time, she smiled because she could see Ranko turn red, as she held the mallet over her head like Thorís Sister.

"Take that back!" Ranko bellowed.

"Once again, she resorts to violence." Rei smiled.

"Who the hell are you to analyze me, you pale blue-haired bitch?" Ranko shouted, as strands of her hair stood out.

"An adult," Rei answered flatly, "Something youíre not at this moment."

"I am an adult!" Ranko yelled.

"You are an ill-tempered, stubborn, lazy," this Rei said as she waved Rankoís mediocre term paper in her face, "child."

"Rei," Mousse snapped, making Rei look away angrily, and then he turned to face Ranko, "Look, Iím sure youíve got some good things about you, but you just have to hone them, thatís all. I just said you should study more." He told her, offering her back the crumpled paper.

Then, Ranko grabbed the paper out of his hand, and walked off, puffing.

"Strange girl." Mousse muttered

"A strange girl thatís not worth your time, Hikaru. Sheíll only hurt you, if you try to get close to her." Rei warned.

"Iím not so sure about that. Thereís something about her."

"Yes." Rei told him, "Anger."

"Spunkiness." He argued.

"Stubbornness." She snapped, looking at him, still looking after Ranko.

"Persistence." He smiled.

"Stupidity." She spat, trying to get his attention.

"Naivete." He laughed, looking back to Rei. She let go of his arm, and walked back into arcade, not looking back. "Hey, wait! Rei!" he called, going after her. He saw her sit down at the bar, next to Suo.

"Donít worry about me too much." Rei told him when he caught up to her.

"Rei, whatís wrong?"

"I believe itís rude to be looking after another girl, while youíre holding one already." She snapped, looking away.

"Rei, I was only playing. Sheís a bit too violent for my taste, and I like you a little better than her." He told her, placing a hand on her shoulder. He wasnít even sure why he was looking after Ranko. He felt as if heíd somehow known her before. It was strange. It was like the image heíd seen earlier. He felt his head fill with these visions and could not let go.

"A little?" Rei asked over her shoulder, her crimson eyes cold.

"Alright. Youíre one of the only friends I have right now." He told her, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Really?" She asked, facing him.

"Yes, you are."

She took his hand, and held it, and softly told him, "I am sorry I acted unfriendly towards you." Then, she looked at him with that angry look again, "But I am not sorry for what I said to her."

He nodded, letting out a resigned sigh. Then, he sat down next to her. Nokoru came out with a coat. "Hey, I thought you guys were going to wait outside for me."

"We changed our minds." Rei told him.

Suo saw all this, and wondered when they would announce their engagement, or maybe they were already engaged. He had seen Rei argue with that other girl outside, and then he saw Mousse, and her talk. Then, she got angry, marching back into the arcade, and as Suo expected, Mousse followed her in. They are a perfect couple. He just doesnít know it yet. Come to think of it, she reminds me a little of Yui-san.



Mousse looked at the pair of reading glasses he held in his hands, and turned them around, constantly. He examined them, and sighed in resignation. Accepting the fact that he had to wear reading glasses for a long time to come.

"Youíve been told to wear glasses?" Rei asked now.

"Yes. The doctor said that a lot of my headaches have been getting worse due to eyestrain. I thought it was something else, but-"

"Youíve never needed them before, why would you have to start wearing them now?"

"I get headaches, and sometimes it feels like a migraine. Rei, can I tell you something?" he asked, looking around warily. She nodded.

"Iíve been having ÖÖ..dreams, lately. Iím not sure why, but they seem so real."

"What kind of dreams?" Rei asked as she lifted a cup of tea to her lips.

"A world ending." He answered simply.

"Youíve been reading too much fiction." Rei told him.

"Iím not really into fiction, Rei." He told her, keeping his voice from sounding shaky, he went on to say, "Thatís whatís strange. I feel like whatís in my dream is really going to happen. Almost likeÖ.."

"Destiny?" Rei finished, looking at him analytically, and for the second time since she met him, she felt that hopelessness he seemed to carry around. She felt that he was scared, not that she could sympathize, but it was unsettling seeing him like this. She thought, That sounds more like superstition. Whatís that word?Ö..Omen? No, thatís not it. Right, that sounds like aÖ she didnít want to finish that thought, but it came back to her anyway, premonition.

"Destiny? Thatís a light way of putting it. Iím usually not the type that believes in superstition, or that sort of thing. Although, Rei, it felt like what would be called a premonition." He had leaned over and whispered the last word to her. "That means that a person will have a preconceived vision of their own demise, or someone elseís."

"Youíre not going to die, Hikaru." Rei told him, straight faced. That part of her, that was Yui, wanted to comfort him, and tell him nothing was wrong, but she could not do that. Something about Rei was stopping her from doing so.

"I knowÖ..It sounds rather silly to you, but thatís what it felt like to me." He finished. He took a notebook out of his bag, and began to scribble in it.

"Hikaru, put your glasses on." Rei told him.

"Hold on, Rei, I need to write this down." He told her, as he scribbled into the notebook. He was making a crude drawing of what he saw in the dream. He drew a slanted surface, which represented the horizon, and then he drew a tall wave with three layers, and scattered about on the floor were a bunch of stick figures lying in halves or just shattered. Then, he drew half a stick figure standing up, and circled it. After finishing the drawing, he handed it to her.

"Thatís what I saw, and you see that figure half-in half-out?" he asked.

"The one thatís circled? What about it?" Rei asked.

"Thatís meÖ.."

"Hikaru, it was just a dream." She told him flatly.

"Donít you understand? It felt like more than that, Rei." He snapped, and then sighed to calm himself down. "Fine. If you donít believe me, thatís okay."

"Hikaru, I am not the type of person that pays attention to that sort of thing. So, it really does not mean a lot to me."

"That is okay. Iím sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable, Rei."

"Hikaru, no. You havenít. Listen, you still have exams, do you not?"

"Yes, I do. Six in all, mostly math." He answered.

"Then, try concentrating on those. But as your friend, I ask that you please wear your reading glasses for all that. Youíve never needed them before, have you?"

"No. Actually, I started getting headaches that day at the arcade. I havenít been able to get rid of them, since. It goes away for a little while, but when it comes back, itís much worse." He shrugged, "Youíre right. Iím worrying too much over nothing."

"Yes, you are."

"Iíll study tonight, then."

"Weíre not going to have dinner together, then?" Rei asked.

"Oh, of course we are." He told her, "Iíll pick you up at eight."

"Fine, then. And Hikaru, donít worry so much. It was just a dream, so donít worry yourself about it."

"Iíll try not to. Rei, donít worry about me so much."

"Knowing you would make anyone worry, Hikaru."

"Also, Iíve made a decision. I want to look for my parents."

"Didnít you say that they were killed in a fire?"

"I know, but I checked the records for that house, and even though it does say that the house belonged to Achika Masaki, I think itís wrong. I think about it now, and I know that they mightíve moved in the time that I was gone. I also think that thereís an equally good chance that they mightíve stayed in the same house. Iíll at least go to the house I knew, and see if the people there might know something as to why they moved to Tokyo."

"I presume your mother moved to Tokyo so she could look for you, did she not?"

"Iíve thought about that, Rei, but the house was also attached to a shrine. I donít think that my parents wouldíve left there so easily. I mean, my mother was supposed to have been the next keeper for the shrine."

"Hikaru, how do you know all this?"

"I remember that I used to live in a large house that was near a shrine. I also remember my grandfather."

"Hikaru, how old were you when you Ďleftí home?"

"I was six, I think. Why, Rei?"

"Donít you think that these Ďmemoriesí are awfully convenient for you to believe?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Hikaru, I realize that you did love your parents a great deal, and while your remembering them is honorable, you still seem to be letting their death have a hold on your life. Iím sure they would want you to move on."

"Look, Rei, if youíre not going to help meÖ"

"I do want to help you, Hikaru. The first step you have to take, though, is closure."

"You mean just forgetting about my parents?"

"They are gone. As hard as it is for you to believe that, you must move on."

He looked at Rei, and felt almost betrayed at her words. He wanted to tell Rei about his dream the night before. He didnít want to believe that his mother wanted him to join her in the grave. He felt her trying to pull him back to her. Someone else was pulling him, though. He felt a familiar presence in that ghost he saw.

He heard the bell ring above the caféís entrance door. He heard a childís voice, and saw a little kid, with short brown hair, running toward him.

"Big brother." The kid yelled, happily.

"Oh, hello, Shinji." Mousse laughed, looking at Shinji.

"Whereíd you go?"

"I had to take care of school, Shinji."

"Why didnít you stay at home?"

Mousse didnít answer. He was afraid to tell Shinji that it wasnít home anymore, and he didnít want to feel like he had abandoned Shinji. He saw an elderly woman, who looked like an older version of Yui, except with longer hair. She came up to Mousse, now, and sat down across from him. She only watched as Shinji seemed to be saying as much as he could. She hadnít known Shinji to talk a lot, not since Gendou had left him on her doorstep, and left him there.

Yuiís older sister said, "Hello, HikaruÖItís been a long time."

"Yes, it has, maíam. How are you these days?"

"My husband and I were thinking of leaving Japan, but we canít leave without taking Shinji, and weíre afraid that his father might not approve."

"Gendou? He doesnítÖ.I donít think heíll mind." Mousse said, trying to hide the tenseness in his voice.

"Now Listen, Hikaru, I know what you may think of him, but he does provide him with tuition, and funding for his daily needs."

"Itís more of an obligation to him. Maíam, were you going to ask me for something?" Mousse prodded gently.

"I want to know if you could take care of Shinji while we go handle some business."

Mousse didnít answer right away. Then he thought about the promise he made to Yui. He inclined his head slowly.

"You will, then?"

"Yes. Iíll look after himÖbut for your sisterís sakeÖnot for Gendou."

"Of courseÖItís only for a short time, Hikaru."

"You can take as long a time as you need, maíam. Leave Shinji to me."

"Did you hear that Shinji?" asked Shinjiís aunt.

"Big brother, really?"

Mousse nodded, smiled down at Shinji, and said, "Of course."

"Come with me, then, Shinji. We have to get you packed up."

Shinji smiled up at Mousse, and walked backed to his aunt. He seemed to change in those few seconds. He was no longer smiling, he just stood by his aunt with no expression. Mousse watched him leave, and even the way Shinji walked was heavy in his footsteps, like he didnít want to go with this aunt.

Rei looked at Mousse, who was still distracted, and waited for him to turn back to her.

"Iím sorry."

"About what?"

"That I didnít introduce you."

"It doesnít matterÖWhy did you agree to take care of him?"

"I owe Yui everything. She wanted Shinji to have everything."

"She wanted the same for you, as well. Did she not?"

"I know. Thatís precisely why I decided to take care of Shinji. Iíll give him what Gendou never even bothered to give me."

"Hikaru, did you want something from Gendou?"

"I wanted him to leave me alone."

"Shinji is already alone."

"Thatís not the point, Rei. I donít think Gendou understands what it is to have family. Iíll give Shinji the family that Yui wanted for him."

"You surprise me, HikaruÖMany times."


Closing Theme: Fly Me to the Moon




Mousse: Iím not totally convinced that my family is dead. I know what I saw all those years ago, but there has to be more.

Rei: Hikaru, I donít think you should pursue this.

Hikaru: I have to, if there is any way for me to be at peace about this.

Rei: Youíre search for the truth may be your undoing.

Hikaru: I thought you were my friend.

Rei: It is because Iím your friend that I advise you not to look, (V.O.) Ikari is watching you.

Mousse: Next on Phoenix is Closer to the LieÖ