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The Phoenix Chronicles Episode Four: Darkness of Menís Hearts & the Light of One Boyís HeartÖ

A few weeks later, Yui approached Mousse, after he came home school. She hadnít been feeling very well, and had to go to the hospital that morning while he got ready to go to school. She didnít even get to make him a lunch, and she was sure heíd starve.

Once he arrived home, he started heading for his room.

"Hikaru," she called from the kitchen, "Come in here, for a second, will you?"

He was relieved to hear her voice, but the fact that she had to talk to him made him feel like there was still something wrong. He deeply hoped she wasnít so sick that heíd lose her, too. Heíd already lost his parents, and now, he was going to lose her, too.

He took a deep breath, and went into the kitchen. Once he got in, he saw her sitting on the table, with one chair pulled up before her. She looked a tad pale, but other than that, she didnít seem very sick. He took another deep breath and sat in the chair she had picked out for him.


"Hikaru, how would you feel about being a big brother?" She asked casually.

"Well, Iím not really sure. I mean I could take care of him and all that, but Iím not sure Iíd do much of good job."

Yui gave him a tense look, her mouth straight. She hated when he beat himself up like that, after she spent so much time trying to build him up. She felt that he put too much pressure on himself, and that was frustrating because she never gave him reason to feel pressured like that. She wished he could see himself the way she saw him, she wished heíd take a stand for once. For now, though, she just relaxed a bit, and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Iím sorry," he said.

"Donít apologize. You havenít done anything wrong." She snapped.

"Sorry." He repeated sheepishly.

"Hikaru, stop that! Iím trying to tell you something."

"Sorry." He said. Then, his eyes widened, and he covered his mouth with both hands.

"Just listen to me, alright?" she told him, calmly.

His hands still over his mouth, he nodded vigorously.

"Iím going to have a baby." She told him, softly.

"Thatís great, Yui-san. I mean, itís what youíve always wanted, right?"

She nodded, a smile on her face, and she gathered him up in her arms, and hugged him. He felt great. "You mean youíre not mad?" she asked.

"Of course, not." He answered, gladly. At least, this way she wouldnít be so worried about him all the time. Once the kid was born, Mousse supposed heíd spend more time with his friends. Also, since Gendou would undoubtedly be home more often, Mousse wouldnít be able to be as close to Yui, anymore. It saddened him, but he didnít show her that, he loved her too much to make her feel bad.

"So, youíre alright with it?" she asked him.

"Yes, but I donít see why youíre asking me." He told her hesitantly.

"Because it matters." She told him, hugging him tighter.

There was a knock at the door. Yui released Mousse from her hug, much to his disappointment though he tried not to show it.

It turned out to be a salesman, whom Yui shoved away immediately.

When she came back to the living room, she could hear Mousse was starting

dinner up, and that made her smile. She supposed Mousse brushed it aside, as he usually

did when something bothered him. That was fine. She went into the kitchen, and watched

him take three steaks out of the freezer, and put them on the wooden cutting board to


Heís getting used to me, she thought blissfully, Heís finally getting used to

having a family. Iím glad.

September 13, 1:00 A.M.

The cold wind blew violently in Antarctica, more destructive than any tornado, or hurricane. A heavyset man staggered across the now roofless storage facility where he and his colleagues were only moments ago. The man was known to all as Doctor Katsuragi. He and his colleagues were expressing their doubts over Gendou Rokubungi shortly before this horrible moment. The wind, which blew like a divine wind, only worsened the stench of the corpses strewn about what used to be Base Antarctica Research Facility. Even the extreme cold did numb his sense of smell, thereby sparing him of the foul stench in the air. He thought, perhaps he deserved it for his part in trying to take mankind to Heavenís door himself, as Gendou had often planned with him. But they were so close, why wasnít Gendou here at this moment? Didnít he also propose the man made "Stairway to Heaven?" So strange that he wasnít here, now. He looked about as he made his way over to a six-foot metal capsule. He was carrying his only child, a fourteen-year-old daughter, Misato, over to it. He had already done so much to his daughter and his wife that he felt something even he thought he was incapable of feeling; remorse. It was a sense that he had abandoned his family. No, it was not a sense. It was knowledge of all heíd done to both of them.

All he could do now was turn the metallic knob, though every bone in his body felt like it was going to break apart at any moment. He put his daughter into the capsule as gently as any man that was bleeding to death. Flying shrapnel had embedded itself in his lungs as he lunged to cover his daughter from the explosion. The shrapnel had gone right through him, and dug into her chest as well, though not as swift in impact and buffered by the thick fur jacket were now wore. It did however leave a wide cut across her chest, and it would definitely leave a scar. For him, the burning was still searing his lungs as the shrapnel hung out of the open wound, held in tightly by the thick jacket he wore.

Misato looked up at her father; her blue eyes were long with worry. This was the only moment she would ever show concern for him. They both knew that, but she never even had time to grieve him. All she could do now is look up at him, though the blood trickling from her forehead blurred her vision. She could only see his through a screen of red. He said nothing. He only took off his own thick coat, exposing the hanging piece of metal, which jutted from his wound. Then, he placed the coat over her. Her father, however, was not the only thing she saw. It was a giant of light, lanky, save for the jutting shoulders that rose past the rounded head. It turned once, as if searching for something, its eyes were glowing red, and its arms partly reaching out as both hands were flexed in a claw-like manner.

"Is that you, daddy?" She managed, before two metallic screens closed, like a blinking eye, quickly to seal her in. That was the last time Misato Katsuragi ever saw her father alive. The hatched was secured, and locked. The father threw himself over the capsule in a useless gesture of protectiveness. Shortly after, a larger explosion claimed his dying body, not leaving anything for Misato to even mourn.

In Space one could see the beautiful blue jewel of the earth, tarnished by the Antarctic Circle burned like live coal. The circle phased flare red, and from that same place where the ice and snow once ruled, a heavenly fire burned upward to the stars, like a pillar. The golden pillar of fire that sank back to the earth and then, two golden, insect-like wings rose to the stars, as well. When the wings flexed, each wing was revealed to have two shorter branches.

From inside the capsule, she felt a severe jolt. Outward, she thought, towards the ocean. The explosion sounded as if she were near a cannon during firing. It deafened her temporarily, and then she began to frantically feel her way around the capsule, trying to find a way to get out of the darkness. Her hand brushed over a handle, and she quickly grabbed at it. The two steel plates, that sealed her in, opened. She did her best to stand on the rocking capsule, and looked on at the pillar of fire that blazed in the night sky, burning through sheets of Aurora Borealis.



(Kyoto Hospital)

Akane lay in the hospital bed. She was very pale, and thin. Her arms looked as if she had been robbed of her bones. Her eyes were sunken in. Her skin was frightfully pale, and there were some bruises on her face.

Ranko was outside, waiting in the hallway. He didnít want Ranko, to see her mother like this, but he couldnít deny her the last chance sheíd have to see her. Akaneís own mother had died when she was very young. He hated the fact that Akane was the one who inherited that condition. It was all so unfair. He didnít want to be alone.

"Ranma, is Ranko here?" Akane asked.

"Sheís waiting outside." he told her, calmly.

"Bring her in." Akane whispered.

"Not yet." Ranma told her, "You have to rest."

"Ranma, I want you to do something for me."

"Anything, Akane. Tell me what you want."

"I want you to arrange something between our daughter, and Yuiís ward."

"Akane, we hated our parents for doing that to us. I canít do the same to Ranko."

"Our parents wanted the best for us. I want the best for Ranko, and this is the best way I know how."

"Alright, but why Yuiís ward?"

"He seems like a nice boy, and I think our daughter will be in good hands if Yui is there. Donít you think?"

"Iíll look out for our daughter, Akane."

"Yes, but the thing about us parents, Ranma, is that weíre convinced no one is good enough for our daughter. Please, Ranma, do that for me?"


" Iíve rested enough. Ranma, I just want to see her one last time. I want to see the daughter we made."

"Iíll send her right in." Ranma said, his face grim.

Ranko came into the room. She now looked at her mother, who was pale and thin in the hospital robe. Akaneís eyes seemed to Ranko as if they had sunken in somewhat.

"Youíre going to have to take care of your father from now on. You know that, right?"

"Yes, mommy. I know." Ranko managed.

"Hey now, that means you have to hold your chin up. Your fatherís going to need you, now."

"I know." Ranko sobbed. "I just was hoping youíd get better."

"Well, Iím glad you had some hope. I know itís been hard for you. Itís been hard for your father and I as well. We all knew this day would be here, soon."

"I know, mom."

"Just promise me that youíll be there for your father, okay?"

"I promise. Youíll be able to take care of him, too." Ranko said, trying to keep from crying, "I wonít let you die."

Akane smiled one last time at her daughter, and fell asleep. Ranko held her hand long after it had grown cold. Then, Ranma came in, and took his daughter out of the room, and closed the door behind them.


All Ranmaís friends attended the funeral, even Yui and Mousse, who knew the professor's wife a little. Ranmaís lifetime rival, Ryoga went up to him. He still had that shock of black hair, but he know longer wore his trademark bandanna. He wore a black suit, and he did whimper a little when Akane was lowered into the ground.

He went up to Ranma, and muttered, "Iím so sorry, Ranma. Although, I never thought you deserved her, you did take care of her. I see that now."

"Thanks, Ryoga. I- Iím glad we could be friends."

"If you need anything, just give Ukyou and me a call, ok?"

"Thanks, Ryouga."

"I mean it. Donít hesitate. We both lost a lot of time because of that."

"I know. I appreciate the offer."


A week later, Ranma, out of grief, or loneliness, was now going to Yui. Actually, he was going over to her apartment to discuss the proposal his deceased wife had made.

He wasnít sure if he liked the idea of Mousse with his daughter.

Then, Ranma thought about the other option. Maybe, there was a chance he could start something with Yui. He thought, maybe she would see that her staying with Gendou was wrong. He thought that Yui would be the perfect mother for Ranko, and then Mousse would just be sent off to Clamp Academy. That would be fine. That way, Yui would be able to focus her attention on him and Ranko. It would be a life without Mousse to take Yuiís affections. With Ranko there, and Shinji, of course, Yui would have no time to give her attention to Mousse. Eventually, Mousse would become more of a burden to Yui, and Ranma would be able to have a family with her.

He had been walking around in the rain, and had asked his nanny to take care of his daughter. Mousse had still been at school. Ranma saw the light on in Yuiís balcony, and could see her shadow pacing. He took the elevator, and walked through the hall until he got to Yuiís door, and when she opened it, she was only wearing a nightgown.

"Hikaru, where have you been all this-Professor Saotome," she gasped, and closed the door for a moment, and had a robe on when she opened it again. She let him in, and took his coat as he left his shoes at the foyer. "Youíre soaking wet. Why didnít you bring an umbrella?" she asked, genuinely worried. {A man his age could easily catch pneumonia.} She thought.

"I wasnít thinking about it." He admitted, and looked at her.

"What else would you be thinking about in the rain?" she asked, feeling very uncomfortable as he looked over her. He wondered how Mousse felt she wore that. He walked up to her, and took her warm hand into his own.

"YouÖbecause I couldnít think of anyone else." He told her, pulling her close.

He felt so aroused, holding her to him like that. "I canít stop thinking of what we could have, Yui."" He bent over to kiss her, and she began to punch on his chest for him to stop, but that only encouraged him further and he kissed her deeper. She dug her nails into his chest, making him grunt, as he backed away.

"Why not?" he asked, frustrated.

"I donít love you." she told him, trying to keep the shakiness out of her voice.

"And yet, you can find it in your heart to care for someone like Gendou?" he asked, a note of anger, and envy in his voice. The, he grabbed her shoulders, and pulled down her robe, whispering, "I love you."

"Donít do thisÖ" she pleaded, trying not to cry. She knew he had lost his wife a short time ago, and she felt as if she were just a replacement. He began to kiss her neck with fervor.

To their surprise, Mousse came in the door. Not being able to see Ranmaís face, he thought Yui and Gendou were busy so he tried to sneak to his room. Yui tore out of Ranmaís grasp and rushed over to grab Mousse by the shoulders.

"Where have you been all this time? Do you realize how worried Iíve been?" she snapped, holding his shoulders.

"Did I interrupt something?" he asked, trying to change the subject, and then saw that Ranma was standing in the living room. He felt relieved it wasnít Gendou.

She looked at Ranma cautiously, and told Mousse, "Listen, donít be embarrassed about that. You didnít interrupt anything." The last word hung in the air with a note of spite. "Thereís nothing between me and the professor. What you should worry about is giving me an explanation, mister." She snapped, making him look away.

"Iíll go home, now." Ranma told them.

Yui watched him leave, and he felt whatever trust she had for him was gone. As much as he hated to admit it, he had lost her.


That same year, Ranma had decided to take a position as a medical official in one of the most badly hit areas. He was living in a floating home in the lake that used to be old Tokyo before the tsunami, caused by Second Impact, hit. That was when an agent, representing the U.N, paid Ranma a visit.

"Itís so hot today, as usual," said the suited rep.

"I guess youíre still feeling the summer. I canít really stand it myself. It makes everything so much harder." Ranma complained.

"Why donít you move to a taller ship? I canít believe youíre here, but I guess I know why." The rep said, looking over at the school bag by Ranmaís chair.

"My daughter, and I, donít really like the polluted air." Ranma said, his tone dismissive.

"You know, it was really hard finding you out here." the rep told him, handing him a letter.

"They donít have a doctor here. Iím all they have, and thatís better than nothing." Ranma said as he tore the envelope open. He removed the neatly folded letter, and looked over it briefly. "They want to send me to Antarctica? At a time like this?"

"Itís an offshore UN research team. Your help would be more beneficial there, I think, more so than staying here and posing as a doctor. Professor SaotomeÖ."

"Ex-professor," Ranma bit out, "Who recommended me? It doesnít sayÖ"



Ranma was relieved that he had left his daughter with Yui. She had been very understanding about his situation. She hadnít complied with the arranged marriage idea but she did agree to take care of Ranko. At any rate, Ranma believed that he was in good hands with Yui, and even Mousse. The two seemed inseparable when he left. He was so envious that Mousse had gotten to where he wanted to be. However, the latter years would prove him wrong, and watching the drifts of floating ice in the dying Antarctic Ocean, he wasnít sure if life would be better for anyone.

He now stood on the bridge of the aircraft carrier Explorer, named for one of the space shuttles, which were now considered obsolete. He looked out at the Antarctic Ocean, because that was all that was left of the continent, save for the chunks of ice floating limply in the red waters. Professor Ryoga Hibiki, his old friend and fellow colleague from the university, stood next to him. He was as tall as Ranma, and had his black hair combed back. The both of them wore heavy fur boots, and thick jackets. They had been given orders, by the U.N, to investigate the site.

"This use to be a continent of ice. The entire thing is gone." He nearly groaned.

"Professor Saotome, Hibiki." Called a third voice, making the two turning to face him.

"I donít believe it. Youíre alive?" Ran asked Gender incredulously. "I heard you were with the Katsuragi research expedition."

"Fortunately, I returned to Japan one day before the incident happened." Gendou said almost smugly. Ranma knew that Gendou was controlling his tone from sounding as smug as he usually spoke, although Ranma had no idea why. Gendou always seemed like he had his own agenda.

"Mr. Rokubungi, youíre a very lucky-" Ranma began.

"Excuse me," Gendou interrupted. "But Iíve changed my name." He told the old professor, handing him a small card.

"A post card? Not a business card?" Ranma snickered, taking the card. He looked at the little angel Yui had drawn on it, but it was the message that bothered him.

It said,

"We got married.

Yui and Gendou Ikari."

Ranma looked up at the other man, "Ikari? Gendou Ikari?" he almost seethed, and Gendou relished that angry look on Ranmaís face. At least, Gendou thought, he had what others wanted.

"My wife has been asking me to give that for long time. She still quite a fan of yours." Gendou said, in his most civil voice.

"Quite an honorÖConsidering." Ranma replied, trying to keep the bitterness out of his voice. What did Yui see in him? Well, at least she seemed to love Mousse as well, so maybe Gendou wasnít as influential as he thought. "So why isnít Yui on this expedition?"

"Oh, Yui wanted to come, but we have a child to consider, now." Gendou said smugly, trying to give an air of affection to his words.

{You just love to rub that in, donít you?} Ranma thought, and then, "Isnít Yui still looking after that boy, Hikaru?"

"Heís almost of age, and soon weíll send him off to boarding school." Gendou bit out. Ranma resisted smiling at that, but he knew heíd accomplished something.

"There are many ugly rumors about this organization you work for, SEELE or whatever itís called. I donít like the way it bullies the committee." Ranma commented as they climbed the metallic stairs that lead to his office.

"Iím afraid that itís necessary." Gendou replied smugly, "An organization canít have too many Moral dilemmas in this day and age."

"Second Impact may have changed many things, but if this expedition had been composed solely of SEELE personnel, there would have been trouble. Were the rest of us invited for political convenience?" Ranma asked bitterly, turning to face Gendou, who still had that smug look on his face. Gendou said nothing, he knew the round had gone to him.

Gendou had returned to his quarters soon afterward. Ranma was glad to be without his company, at least for the time being. Instead, he went down to the brig cells, where they had placed some of the artifacts recovered from what was left of the base, which floated in the poisoned water.

Explorer had gotten there in the first few days, and they had recovered the catatonic Misato Katsuragi, who now spent her days sitting in a wood chair in the brig with her knees drawn up to her, unmoving, and silently rocking.

Ranma and Ryoga looked in on the girl. Ryoga was looking at a clipboard he had gotten from the captainís quarters after signing a release.

"Who is she?" Ranma asked.

"The only survivor of the research team. Her name is Misato Katsuragi." Ryoga told him.

"Katsuragi? You mean Doctor Katsuragiís daughter?" Ranma asked incredulously.

"Yes, but according to the report, she hasnít said a word in two years." Ryoga informed him.

"How awful." Ranma commented

"She saw hell first hand. The damage to her body will be easy to mend. But the damage to her mind will take much more time." Ryoga added.

"Indeed." Ranma said as they went to his office. The two sat in the small office, looking over the articles, which they had recovered from the sunken base. They had found documents that had been placed in an airtight vault. Fortunately, it wasnít very hard to recover.

"The results of this investigation werenít very easy to analyze. This giant of light," Ranma said, holding up a picture of Adam, the giant that destroyed the Antarctic base two years before. "Is but one of many mysteries."

Shortly after the expeditionary team returned from Antarctica, the United Nations gave an official declaration that Second Impact had been caused by the crash of a massive meteorite strike on Antarctica. Others knew that Ranma, and Ryoga had suspected those stories were obvious fabrications. SEELE, and a man named Lorenz Kihl were behind the cover up. Ranma became obsessed with finding the truth behind Second Impact, even if his former student, Yui, was involved. He spent a year doing research on the project, of course giving time to his daughter as well.


Mousse was waiting for Ritsuko while he sat on the couch. Ranko was sitting next to him. She was older now, and a budding teen. She wore a white tee shirt, and pink overalls.

She had liked him since she saw him in her fatherís office that day. That was when she first met Yui, as well. He didnít talk much, and he always seemed to be brooding. She liked that about him, though. He wasnít a loud, proud jerk who tried to make everyone feel worse so he could make himself feel better. She also liked the way he spoke softly, yet always had a certain amount of discipline in his tone.

Sitting next to him made her nervous. She was rubbed her knees together, looking at him. She smiled quickly, then looked away again. She picked up one of the magazines on the coffee table, and put it back down.

"Are you okay?" Mousse asked.

"Yeah. Hikaru-san, what do you think of girls?"

"Is this a trick question?"


"Why do you ask, Ranko?"

"Well, you seem to be hanging around Ritsuko a lot."

"Sheís my best friend, besides Yui-san isnít too crazy about the guys."

"Do you think we could be friends?"

"Sure, I donít see why not."

"Great." Then she went back to rubbing her knees, and looking at him.

"Hey, I want to show you something, Ranko."

"Okay, sure."

He went into his room, and came back out with little black box. It looked big enough for a ring. Rankoís heart started to beat a little faster. He sat down next to her, and settled on the couch.

"Hikaru, you too?"

"Me too, what?" he asked, looking at her warily.

"Youíve been thinking about that too?" she pointed at the box.

"Of course, I worked really hard for this, you know."

"Yes." she mumbled, covering her face with her hand.

"Yes, what?" he wanted to know.

"Iíll marry you."

He blanched, nearly dropping the little box, but held it firmly, and wanted to know, "What are you talking about, Ranko?"

"You donít have a ring in there?"

"Well, yes. Itís a graduation ring, because Iím leaving Junior High Level, and moving onto high school-level at Clamp. I wasnít going to get one of these, but Yui-san insisted."

She frowned at that, "Oh, I see."

"Whatís the matter?"

"Nothing. I was just hoping we could be like a coupleÖeven if itís just pretend."

"Well, Iím not really thinking about that sort of thing."

"Give me a break. Iíve seen the way you look at Ritsuko."

"What? Ritsukoís older than I am, Ranko."

"That doesnít mean you like her even less. You look at her the way you look at Yui-san."

"What are you talking about, Ranko?"


"Hikaru, could you open the door? Itís pretty cold out here." Ritsuko yelled from outside, and Mousse was relieved to get up. He went to get the door. He didnít hear Ranko mutter, "Oh, she wants you to warm her up, then?"

Ritsuko came into the living, and sat down on the couch next to Ranko. Mousse just sat on the armchair, and handed the remote control to Ritsuko.

{You donít seem to mind giving HER anything.} Ranko pouted inwardly as she saw Mousse joke with Ritsuko. She hated the way Ritsuko laughed. She hated the way Ritsuko always seemed to make Mousse smile somehow.

"Hikaru, come down from there, and sit next to me." Ritsuko almost purred.

He chuckled, "Iím fine here, thanks."

She pulled him down on the couch, anyway. She managed to bring him down next to her. Unable to take anymore, Ranko stood up and said, "Iím going to bed."

"Goodnight, Ranko." Ritsuko said sweetly.

"GínightÖ" {you bitch.}Ranko finished mentally.

She heard Mousse and Ritsuko still laughing outside, in the living room. She wanted to go out there, and pound Mousse. Then, she realized that he wasnít with her or as close to her. She remembered seeing him that first time. He was still pretty thin at the time, not to mention worse for wear. What struck was how polite he was back then. Now, he seemed to have changed. She kept hearing how Ritsuko and Yui had opened him up.

However, Ranko wanted to be the one to help him open up. She wanted to bring out that side of him that seemed almost noble, and humble. Not Yui. Not Ritsuko. She fell asleep in the quest room. She lay on the floor, wishing she hadnít overreacted when he showed her his graduation ring. She wished she couldíve played along with Ritsuko little game. At least then, she would be joking with Mousse too.

She just wished Ritsuko would go home pretty soon. That usually wasnít the case, though, because Mousse would sleep on the couch, and offer his room to Ritsuko. {Why for her, Hikaru? Am I not good enough for you?}

She could still hear Ritsukoís laughter, and Mousse was muttering something else. That made Ritsuko laugh even harder. Then, they started talking quietly for a while, and Ranko took the pillow off her head so she could listen.

"Really? She thought you were proposing to her?"

"I donít know. Sheís okay, but just as a friend. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I do. Hikaru, you know that saying about liking yourself before anyone else can?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Well maybe, she beat you to it."

"Ritsuko, she thinks Iím sort of weird. I think sheís right."

"Did she say that to you?"

"Well, no."

"Hikaru, Do you like her?"


"Thatís all I expect from you, Hikaru. Besides, youíre a horrible liar."

"One of the many things Iím horrible at, Ritsuko."

"Oh, stop that. Now, tell me. Do you like her?"

He shook his head softly, and looked at Ritsuko as he did so.

She nodded in understanding, and put a hand on his shoulder.

Ranko, having seen all this, was clenching her fist, restraining herself from hitting the frail door. All she could think of Ritsuko was, {Bitch, bitch, that damned prissy, stuck up, know-it all BITCH!}

"Hikaru, Are you going to let her down easy?"

"Ritsuko, Iím not going to assume she likes me. Thatís being pretty bold, donít you think?"

"If you donít, Iíll tell her."

"Iíll do it. Whatís the worst that could happen?"

"She could gouge your eyes out."

{Iíll gouge yours out first, you snobby bitch.} Ranko thought.

"Iíll do it tomorrow, after school."

"I donít think that would be a very good Idea."

"Well, youíre the expert. Tell me, when should I talk to her?"

"Well, just leave it to me. Okay?"

"I have to do this myself, Ritsuko."

"I donít want her to be mad at you, Hikaru."

"Sheíll be even madder if you went as my messenger. Anyway, you canít always do everything for me."

"Wish I could."

"Then, Iíd never learn anything."

"Well, Iíll go ahead, and look at the classifieds for seeing-eye-dogÖjust in case she doesnít take it very well."

"That makes me feel so much better."

"Hikaru-chan, If I donít, who will?"


Ending Theme: Fly Me to the Moon.




Mousse: Yui-san, Ritsuko, watch out!

Yui: Hikaru, why did you do that?

Mousse: Youíre both much better than I am.

Yui: Donít talk like that! Hang on!

Gendou: I say, Let him dieÖYui, whatís this?

Yui (V.O.): Hikaruís glasses, the least I can do is keep them safe until he comes back to meÖuh, usÖ.

Gendou: Yui, why are you keeping these?

Yui: Give me those!

Gendou (V.O.): And so the little brat has won you over as wellÖ

Yui: Next on Phoenix Chronicles is An Expertís Guide to Running AwayÖ