Kamui Shirou [Third Volunteer]
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Kamui Shirou [Third Volunteer] [Dragon of Heaven]

Mousse’s best friend for the short time that Mousse knows him. He is just as troubled as Mousse, but not as shut in. He comes back into Mousse’s life later, only to face more pain. He wants the best for Mousse, who’s more like a brother to him. Upon parting, he finds that his path is also a clouded ones. Caught in a war between two of the ultimate psychic forces, Kamui makes a choice...but at the cost of the the people who matter most to him. He returns to Hakone, only to find that Mousse is now just as suicidal as he, and in with the desparate urge to save his last surviving friend, he is also caught in Mousse's personal war.