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Dark Phoenix Rising
1171 Aeon Lanack
Zor is born on Tirol
1256- 1490 A.L.
Quadrant exploration by the Tiresian technovoyager ship, Azstraph- the "Venture."
1520 A.L.
The Azstraph enters the Tzuptum system and inserts itself into orbit around Optera. Zor encounters the Flower of Life, makes contact with the Invid, and seduces the secrets of the Flower from the Queen Mother, the Regis.
1697 A.L.
The Azstraph returns to Tirol. Zor begins to experiment with the Flower specimens he has brought with him from Optera.
1755-1836 A.L.
Zor conjures Protoculture from the Flower and eventually falls victim to the Compulsion placed upon him by the Tiresian Council of Elders. Origin of the Cult of the Three-in-One and ascendancy of the Robotech Masters. Fall of the Royal Hall, as the period known as the Great Transition commences.
1920 A.L. -16 Aeon "Robotech"
Development of the spacefold drive. Creation of Tirol's clone population and neural reprogramming of the Zentreadi miner giants.
88 A.R.
The razing of Optera by the Zentraedi.
157-500 A.R.
Consolidation of the empire of the Robotech Masters. The Invid, after a burst of monocellular reproduction, declare war on the Robotech Masters.
566 A.R.
Zor's voyages deliver him to Haydon IV, where he has a profound encounter with th e planetoid's artificial sentience, the Awareness. Zor designs and builds the starship that will come to be called SDF-I, and backed by a group of loyal Zentraedi begins his "quiet rebellion" against the Masters Zentraedi commander in chief Dolza forms an uneasy alliance with Zor, who has by now become hopelessly addicted to the dried leaves of the Flower.
580-640 A.R.
Zor's clandestine seeding attempts take him to Peryton, Karbarra, Praxis, Garuda, and Spheris.
671 A.R.
Zor steals the single existent Protoculture matrix from Tiresia and conceals it within the spacefold drives of the SDF-I. The fortress, with its skeleton crew of loyal Zentraedi, is folded from Tirol's corner of the galaxy.

Aug, 1945:

Nuclear weapons used in actual combat.

Jul, 1969:

Neil Armstrong, in Apollo 11, is first man to walk on Moon.

April 9 1970

Ranma Saotome born Akane Tendo born.

April 29 1974

Rokubungi Gendou born


Ikari Yui born

Apr, 1981:

Maiden flight of Space Shuttle (Columbia).

June 17 1985

Ryouji Kaji born in this period

November 21 1987

Akagi Ritsuko born

January 19, 1988

Project Gabriel is proposed by Doctor Katsuragi

December 8 1988

Katsuragi Misato born

September 5, 1989

Achka Masaki is violated by Dr. Katsuragi, who has passed on the Lilith sample to her Physiology through intercourse. She conceives a child.

July 7, 1990

Hikaru Masaki is born. The Seele Council dubs him, Gabriel.

February 13 1991

Hyuuga Makoto born in this period

January 30, 1995

Seele hires Bounty hunter, Kenji Aito, to abduct Hikaru from his home, and orders that he is taken to a UN govt. Facility in China.En route, Aito stumbles onto one of the native villages, and is brutally murdered. Hikaru is spared, but is made a servant, and is subjected to mental and physical abuse. The villagers dub him "Mousse"

Feb 27, 1995:

An international Space Station, Liberty appears in low Earth orbit. Arguments of its

ownership and fear of its use as a strategic weapon cause fighting to break out world

wide. Seele Takes control of Clamp Academy, and declares it a federally commisioned

school, in the name of the United Nations.

May 5 1993

Aoba Shigeru born in this period

July 11 1996

Ibuki Maya born in this period

Dec, 1996:

First introduction of power armor in the US, Russian and Japanese forces.

Jan, 1998:

Experimental nuclear fusion reactor overcomes critical temperature point. World War III. No nuclear weapons are used, but several chemical and biological weapons are tested. WWIII continues until July 1999.

July 1999

Achika Masaki hires the Clamp Detectives to look for her son. They find him a month later, badly bruised, and malnutrition. They return to Japan with him. Once there, Seele manipulates the information so that Mousse believes his parents are dead. He is declared a state ward Mousse meets and befriends Kamui Shirou, Fuuma Monou, and his younger sister, Kotori Monou.

August 1999

Ranma Saotome teaches Ikari Yui at Kyoko University; meets Rokubungi Gendou. Yui Ikari takes in Mousse as her ward, and later introduces him to Ritsuko Akagi after having a falling out with the Clamp Detectives. Mousse is introduced to Ranma’s daughter, Ranko.



[Yui marries Gendou, takes "Ikari" as family name. Yui and Gendou join HUMAN

COMPLEMENTATION PROJECT.] Gendou and Hikaru meet, and immediately form

A rivalry.

January 2000

Mousse is accepted at Clamp Academy High School Level.

September 13 2000

The Second Impact Experiments in the Antarctic of the "reduction" of a foreign life form causes the accidental and sudden melting of the Antarctic ice fields. As a result 2 billion people are killed by the flooding of coastal regions all over the world. [Katsuragi Misato only? survivor of Antarctic base destruction. Rescued by returning Gendou and Ranma.]

September 14 2000

Nagisa Kaworu [physically 10] is released from stasis (Fifth Children)

September 15 2000

An armed conflict occurs at the border of India-Pakistan.

September 20 2000

Tokyo annihilated by new type of bomb, the N2.


Ayanami Rei born in this year (probably after Ikari Shinji)

Feburary 14 2001

"Peace Treaty of Valentine" ends disputes.

Feburary 18 2001

Horaki Hikari born

June 6 2001

Ikari Shinji born

September 12 2001

Aida Kensuke born

December 4 2001

Soryu Asuka Langley Zeppelin born

December 26 2001

Suzuhara Touji born




UN explains Second Impact as a meteorite collision. GEHIRN formed to study ramifications and effects of research leading up to and following Second Impact. Kouzou, Dr. Akagi Naoko join Gehirn. Gehirn builds a research facility in what is presumably Tokyo-3(?). Project E has now started. The research facility is a front for Gehrin and work begins in the Geo Front for what is to be

the future NERV headquarters. Dr. Akagi develops MAGI super-computer system. Yui for the first time shows Mousse the underground Facility


Mousse accompanies Ritsuko to the University of Tokyo 2,


Yui lost in S2 Engine accident, while Mousse and Shinji watch. After the Funeral, Mousse leaves the Ikari Residence.


Rei Ayanami introduced. Langley Soryu Asuka's mother commits suicide after unexplained incident. Asuka's father remarries.]


Katsuragi Misato and Akagi Ritsuko meet in Tokyo-2 at the cafeteria in Tokyo-2 University. Shortly after, Misato and Kaji meet and she cohabits with him.


UN Headquarters moves to Tokyo-2. Dr. Akagi finishes programming the logic processes for MAGI. Ritsuko joins Gehrin.

Misato and Kaji join Gehirn.


Dr. Akagi commits suicide after completion of Magi project. Gehirn dissolved, NERV created to continue


Gehirn's work, with new charter. Mousse meets Maya Ibuki at Clamp University Division.

[Ikari Shinji fostered out by his father.] Shinji Ikari is taken in by his aunt and uncle.


Maya Ibuki recieves a grant from NERV to complete her education. She leaves, asking Mousse to come with her. He refuses, and let’s her go. Mousse meets Rei Ayanami (aged to 20years) for the first time. Shinji is given to Mousse’s care.

January 12, 2014

Mousse takes Shinji and Rei to meet his family. Unknown to him, Rei is Gendou’s advocate, and is sending Ikari information on his family.

July 3, 2014

[Rei and Asuka trained as Evangelion pilots; Rei takes seven months to be fully synchronised.] Evangelion Unit One is completed.

March 21, 2015

Rei’s sychronization test with Unit Zero goes awry, when the unit refuses the pilot. A forced ejection leaves Rei severely injured.

May 1, 2015
Mousse receives a letter from Gendou with an ultimatum; He must go to NERV, and report for duty, or his family will be placed under Military custody.
May 17, 2015
Mousse arrives in Tokyo 3 to report for duty. He encounters the Third Angel, and is ordered to pilot Evangelion Unit One and go into combat.

May 18, 2015

The battle in Tokyo 3 occurs. The Third Angel self-destructs in an attempt to destroy Unit One. NERV R&D recovery teams salvage remains of angel for study.

Mousse awakens in the hospital. When released, Ritsuko offers for him to stay at her place, which he accepts. They rekindle their relationship once more. Gendou mentions that Rei will be able to pilot the evangelion again in 20 days.

June 5, 2015
Unit 00 prime is completed. Mousse is tested so that Gendou will be able to assign him the composite Unit. He is severely injured during the activation test after the Entry Plug is forcibly ejected.

Jun 6, 2015

Shinji turns 14 on this day, and Shinji is inducted into NERV as a Pilot for Unit One. He is ordered by his father to fight the 4th Angel. Gendou offers and ultimatum; if Shinji does not pilot, then an injured Mousse will be forced to battle. Shinji battles the 4th Angel in Unit One.

Misato claims that the angels gave them "only three weeks" between attacks, this time. 9 days is the shortest one could have and still claim to be "three weeks." Shinji attacks the Angel, and punctures its core, killing it. The Angel is left inactive, and is recovered by NERV R&D teams to study.

June 8, 2015

Having disobeyed ordered, Shinji is reprimanded by Misato.

June 9, 2015

Shinji’s first day at Clamp Academy in Tokyo 3. He is punched by an angry Touji Suzuhara, whose sister was injured in the first attacks by the Angels. Shinji runs away.

June 17, 2015

Misato claims that Shinji has missed 5 days of school. She strongly implies that the battle with the angel, and her reprimanding him are the cause of this. On his way home, he meets with Kensuke Aida. Shinji sleeps overnight in Kensuke's tent.

June 27, 2015

22 days after Mousse's accident. One day passes before Mousse's piloting test with Unit 00 prime. (Shinji, Ritsuko, and Misato eat, Ritsuko gives Shinji the card.)

June 28, 2015

Mousse’s synch test with Unit 00 Prime succeeds. The 5th Angel Approaches Tokyo 3, and Shinji is sent out in Unit One, and nearly Killed. After Shinji is sent to ICU, Misato begins to strategize for the angel’s attack.

June 29, 2015

Operation Yashima begins at midnight, meaning it actually occurs on the morning of June 30th. After being retrofitted, Unit 00 Prime is sent out to protect Unit One from the Angel’s attack. After Unit 00 Prime takes a direct blow from the Angel, Rei in Unit 00 is able to destroy the 5th. The three pilots are recovered by the EPRS (Entry Plug Recovery Squad)

July 4, 2015

On the first day, Misato visits Shinji's school. The Atlas Corporation announces the completion of the Jet Alone, which Is an imitation of the Eva Unit. A technical glitch, (having a Nuclear Reactor as the core) and sabotage cause it to lose control, and approach melt down. Misato and Mousse stop the JA from going to Meltdown.


July 6, 2015

Unit 02 leaves Sasebo port. Ryoji Kaji is given an assignment By Seele to protect Gabriel while Tabris nears completion.

July 7, 2015

While Misato leaves Tokyo 3 with Shinji, Kensuke, and Touji to meet the The Pacific Fleet, responsible for transport of Unit 02, and the transport of the Adam Sample, which is being left under the care of Kaji. Mousse celebrates his birthday with Ritsuko. The Pacific fleet is attacked by the 6th Angel, and is defeated by Asuka and Shinji both piloting Unit 02.

July 9, 2015

The Pacific fleet rendezvous with a NERV convoy, headed by Ritsuko. The Dual Symbiosis Theory is discovered.

July 11, 2015

The 7th Angel attacks, and is counter attacked by Unit 02, and Unit 00’ Prime. The angel is temporarily paralyzed, leaving Nerv to formulate an assault. NERV predicts the next attack will occur 6 days. Misato informs Asuka and Shinji that they will need to train for a synchronized attack. Shampoo arrives in Tokyo 3, and becomes friends with Asuka.

July 18, 2015

The 7th Angel recovers from injuries, and continues its advance on NERV HQ. It is defeated by Unit 02, and Unit 00’ Prime.

August 22, 2015

Asamayama Earthquake Researcher Institute has found an Angel's egg inside the volcano. Misato demands A-17 from Ikari Gendou to get the permit of capture Angel's egg. Asuka who wears an ugly plug suit, with her EVA (dressed in Type-D Equipment) is ordered to capture Angel's egg in the hot lava, but the angel awakes. By using the coolant, Asuka is able to expose the Awakened angel to the nitrogen feed, freezing it, and forcing it to shatter in the intense heat from the magma.

September 5, 2015

The electricity of Tokyo-3 has been cut off by someone, and Nerv is affected. Shinji, Rei and Asuka who have just finish their school cannot enter Nerv's Headquarter. The 9th Angel reaches the center of Tokyo-3 and uses his high concentration acid to dissolve the armour plates of Geo Front. Shinji, Rei and Asuka are facing big problems, and with only minutes of power in the Evas. Meanwhile, in Antarctica, Gendou and Ranma are able to recover the Lance of Longinus accompanied by the UN Fleet. Shampoo leaves for China to receive orders from Chinese NERV branch which are to eliminate "Project Gabriel" so that Third Impact will not happen.

October 15, 2015

Misato was saved by her father who she hated most in the Second Impact. After this, she changes her destination and enters Nerv to fight with Angels that had caused the Second Impact. By the time, a giant Angel who comes from outer space wants to destroy the whole Tokyo-3 with his giant body. Shinji, Asuka and Rei decide to work together and use their hands to stop this impact. Mousse is exposed to further synch tests with Unit One, his personal data is recorded for the Personality Transplant Operating System.

November 12, 2015

In order to increase the synchronization rate of the pilots, Asuka, Shinji and Rei have been ordered to do experiment by using their naked bodies to do contact with simulation bodies of EVA. During the experiment, the 11th Angel which has already infected the 87th wall of Sigma Unit, forms a intelligence circuit and starts hacking and reprogramming Magi System and nearly causes S.C.Magi setup self-destruction. Ritsuko is able to counteract, and destroy the angel virus. Kamui Shirou arrives in Tokyo 3 in search of Mousse. Shampoo becomes a close consort with Gendou Ikari, his first gift to her is part of Adam, which he gives to her when he sleeps with her.

December 5, 2015

Behind the Nerv , Adam Project and Human Instrumentality Program, there is a secret organization that controls Nerv not known by the world called "SEELE". Members of SEELE believe and follow the words of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The arrival of the Angels and the decisions of Ikari Gendou have already made the members of SEELE very angry. The main committee of SEELE decides to take part in Human Instrumentality Program. Mousse is ordered to impale the giant known as Lilith, which is being held on a cross in Terminal Dogma.

January 18, 2016

Misato, Ritsuko and Kaji have been invited to a wedding party. After the party, they all go to a pub to have some drink. Ritsuko warns Kaji not to investigate Marduk anymore before she leaves. Misato who is drunk has been sent back to her apartment by Kaji. On the way to Misato's apartment, Misato tells Kaji the reason why she left him eight years ago. Mousse visits Yui’s grave in the company of Gendou Ikari. After a brief discussion, they come to an uneasy peace.

February 25, 2016

Asuka becomes jealous of Shinji because Shinji's synchronization rate is the highest among all pilots. When Shinji starts to gain back his confidence to fight with Angels, he is nearly captured, however, Mousse throws Shinji aside, and is accidentally sucked into the Sea of Dirac formed by Leliel. Mousse feels very lonely and hungry inside the entry plug. At the last moment before the Life Support System of Plug Suit stops working, Mousse sees Yui Ikari.

March 10, 2016

The 2nd Headquarter of Nerv in Nevada, USA has completed EVA-04. In the activation experiment of EVA-04, a big explosion destroys both Nerv-2 and EVA-04. The new Dummy Plug, which has just been completed by Nerv is used in EVA-01. Ritsuko tells Gendou that the Anti-Christ Plug, which has Mousse’s personality, is nearly complete. Besides this, Nerv also begins to search for a new pilot to drive EVA-03 which will arrived in two weeks times. Kamui transfers into Clamp Academy.

March 19, 2016
Shampoo sneaks into Matsushiro, and sabotages Unit 03 by Releasing an Adam Spawn from her hand and into the beast.

March 18, 2016

Kamui Shirou has been selected as the pilot of EVA-03. During the activation experiment, the angel which has invaded EVA-03 for a long time wakes up. Asuka, Rei and Shinji have been ordered to destroy EVA-03. The three receive severe injuries, and Mousse is sent in Unit One. He declines to destroy it because he knows that there is a pilot inside it. Without any other methods, Maya is ordered to switch on the Dummy Plug System by Ikari Gendou to destroy EVA-03...

March 21, 2016

Mousse gives up whatever chance of communication with his stepfather. He decided to give up to be the pilot of EVA-01. At the same time, the 14th Angel arrived, Tokyo-3, EVA-02, EVA-00 and Nerv HQ are heavily damaged. Zeruel destroys the protection wall of Nerv and enter 1st Announcement room of Nerv. In order to save the members of Nerv, Mousse decided to board on EVA-01 again.

In the combat with Zeruel, EVA-01 is fully awakened and emerged the S^2 engine which is impossible to emerge automatically by EVA themselves. Mousse’s contact with Unit One fully awakens Yui Ikari. He reaches a synchronization rate of 400%. He is lost inside the entry plug and is absorbed into the body of EVA-01. The rescue of Mousse begins...

May 9, 2016

Mousse is released from Unit 01, along with Yui Ikari. After becoming fully updated on all events, she is reinstated as a science officer at NERV.

May 16, 2016

Asuka has been given the last chance because she fails many times to complete her mission. She feels very depressed and Shinji doesn't know how to console her. In the last battle of Asuka with the 15th Angel, she has been telepathy attack by an unknown visible light. In order to save Asuka from telepathy attack by Arael, Mousse is ordered by Gendou to retrieve the Lance against Yui’s wishes. Mousse uses "The Spear of Longinus" to attack Arael. Shampoo decides to pay a visit to Mousse’s family so that she can inform them of "Mousse’s Death" as ordered by Gendou.

May 25, 2016

Asuka is a vegtable now, and right when the 16th angel attacks. Rei and EVA-00 have been captured and penetrated by Armisael. Rei who finally realizes that she loves Mousse and decides to sacrifice herself and EVA-00 to protect Mousse from the invasion of Armisael(who attacks by assimalating). EVA-00 explodes, Rei becomes light and heat, that vanishes with Tokyo-3. Her last words were, in english, "I want to unite with Hikaru" or marry/hook up with. In this episode, the secret's of Rei are exposed by Ritsuko. She also reveals to Mousse that his birth was an experiment, after feeling that Yui only used her to leave Unit One.

June 1, 2016

Tokyo-3 vanishes, Shinji's has no friends left. Shinji feels depressed, and stays with Asuka whenever he’s not in school. Mousse tries to figure out where to go. He feels since he is a clone, he cannot return to his mother, and family. Then, there is a boy who admires Mousse very much. His name is Nagisa Kaworu. He is the new pilot that has come to replace Asuka who is mentally damaged. Also, Kaworu recognizes the presence of an angel within Mousse. He and Kaworu soon become good friends. But the truth is cruel, for they both are destined for tragedy. Seele orders Kaworu to invade Terminal Dogma, as well as force Mousse into using his abilities as an angel. When Kaworu invades terminal Dogma, Mousse is ordered to kill him. Kaworu refers to Mousse as "Gabriel" When Kaworu arrives in Terminal Dogma, he realizes that the entity is NOT Adam. It is in fact Lilith. He also realizes that Mousse was directly derived from this being. In a completely selfless act, Kaworu asks that Mousse destroy him to save Humanity. He says, "you need the future. It is what you were created for." With this, Mousse loses hope. Yui leaves him, deciding to return to Unit One for his sake. She asks Ritsuko to help her Oversynch with Eva Unit One. Also, she sends a letter to Misato telling her that Mousse is indeed her half brother.

July 7, 2016

The Seele Council become impatient, and start to invade the Magi With 5 other computers. When this Fails, Seele orders the JSSDF To attack NERV headquarters in a brutal assault, killing every soldier, and staffer alike. Asuka is transferred from the hospital to Unit 02, and launched along with Shinji in Unit 00 Prime. Both awaken, and counteract the exterior assault on NERV. Seele sends in the Mass Production Eva Units 5-13. Asuka and Shinji are able to hold them at bay until their onboard power supply is exhausted.

Meanwhile, Gendou leaves Ranma in charge of the bridge, and goes to find Rei. Once he finds her they proceed to Terminal Dogma. Misato finds her brother, and drags him to the nearest service elevator leading to the cage of EVA Unit One. After seeing him safely off, she dies in an explosion. Ritsuko is waiting for Gendou, and Rei in terminal Dogma. After Ritsuko’s plan to destroy the base fails, Shampoo comes out of the shadows, and shoots Ritsuko.

The situation outside grows grim when Asuka and Shinji are torn apart by the Eva series, and are finally killed. Yui, in Unit One, reacts, and forces Mousse to pilot. When he arrives outside, he sees his younger brother, and Asuka, dead. His utter despair and horror gives Eva Unit One the neuron feed to begin Third Impact. The Eva Series gathers around Unit One, and begin to form the sephorothic Tree. With the S^2 engines exposed, the first stage of the Impact occurs, freeing the Geofront from its place in the ground. Rei enacts the Third Impact with Kamui Shirou. They both use Lilith to become the Human Instrumentality Project. The souls are all ripped from their host bodies, and Seele finally reach the stage which they wish. Gendou is confronted by a phantom of Yui, his son, and Kaworu. He admits to his acts, tries to make excuses, and says his apologies to Shinji and to Mousse. Shampoo sees her grandmother, Mousse, and Asuka. She only states that she has No Regrets. Mousse within Lilith makes the decision to live his life on earth. A new covenant is made, and humans are allowed to stay on Earth, along with the gift to transcend their corporeal state. Mousse is left on earth with Shampoo, on the dying beach surrounded by stone crosses that were the Eva Series.

July 14, 2016

Immediately following the Third Impact, which would be, Mousse in a NERV medical facility in Matsushiro.

The Earth deserted, nearly, and several phoenixes still rising to the skies. Some souls went to the stars, and beyond, while others were unable to let go, and chose to stay on earth from bodies, that were horribly mangled, and obviously of no use to the soul anymore. Otherwise, the cities are just there...sitting emptily. A lot of people stay in their homes for a week, (the same week that Mousse is in the hospital).

July 18, 2016

When he awakens, he'll find the NERV crew with him. They go to the command center to assess damage, and see how much was lost. That's when they find that Kyoko, and a few others they might need help from, are now accessible. Kyoko is in the command center, making adjustments to the Matsushiro Magi with Maya.

July 20, 2016

Seele is gone, so, Mousse begins to toss ideas around, and starts to discuss taking a shuttle out to find other survivors, and Yui says that Reproducing the Evas is a definite possibility.

Commander Ikari is still "one of the missing". Actually, he's in China, waiting for Mousse, or Ranma, to take the reigns, and start reconstruction. He’s letting them do all the work during this time, Mousse trust Ranma completely because Ranma's the veteran here, but he's also taking on the responsibility on as a soldier. He'll leave the rest to Yui, and Ranma, feeling that he's done his part as a soldier, and is no longer needed...

August 17, 2016

For now, he's concerning himself with providing the surviving civilians with aid. On the way, he also has to go to the main governing houses of the Seven Nations (to see if they're still in tact, or if there's anyone to represent them. Someone who's also assessing the damage.)

September 13, 2016

In the US, he would find both of the governing persons alive, but one returns with Mousse and co to NERV, to provide damage report to see if UN can provide resources...

September 30, 2016

The same applies to the other nations, also doing the same. The committee is known, and Reconstruction Resources committee...they provide each of their countries with the needed resources...and later, once they've been able to get their countries to tally damages, and clean up the damage, the Seven Representatives go back to NERV to offer their services as public servants.


In the mean time, Mousse will send most of the Reconstruction to focus on Kyoto...including the University, as well as having the council try to push him to send resources to THEIR countries. He tells that that the remaining resources will be divided evenly among the nations.

He already has to answer to the council, and Ranma is not really helping him with this task. Even he's pushing Mousse to have the Evas ready for reconstruction...Ranma wants the command to weigh on Mousse for the time being, to further discourage the boy, and then Ranma can step in as the "competent commander who can handle everything"

Mousse is dealing with everything as a soldier. So, he's just stretching himself pretty thin during this time. Into the picture comes an old friend of Ranma's (Ukyou) who did evolve through the Impact. She was the girl Ranma would have married, if not for, she's still thinking about her own desires. Evolution has heightened her obsession with Ranma, and tracks him down to NERV. She finds that he's constantly admiring Yui.

Ukyou tries to fit in among the crew, much to everyone's displeasure...Mousse especially because she keeps protesting his every suggestion during council meetings in favor of Ranma's.

The committee trust Mousse a little more (they find him to be sincere, and easier to get rid of if it came right down to it.) his suggestions, and plans seem reasonable, logical, and attainable. In fact it was Mousse's suggestion that each city establish themselves as Town Government or the City State System. That way, each of the resources can be delivered, and distributed evenly, and the towns can come up with their own officers, and such so they can organize...(he didn't know that they'd later turn on each other the way they did)

Of course, this is before Mousse and Yui even consider's still takes some time for him to get used to her as his lover. So, he's sort of distant with her, but he does try to be with her. Ranma is aware of this, and keeps trying to wedge himself between the two. Ukyo sees that the only way to have Ranma all to himself is to try to become a part of NERV, which is why she would try to please him as much as she can. Hence, barking at every one of Mousse's decisions. She had actually warned of the factionalism that would result from the formation of City States...


Ranma doesn't care about her efforts. The more she makes Mousse sweat, the better, he's enjoying it. He couldn't care less about Ukyou. He just knows that she wants what he wants, and she's doing everything that she does to please him.

Like Ranma, though, she wants the respect of the NERV staff...she doesn't get the Staff's respect while she's undermining their rep. especially since she's a newcomer. They don't like Ranma much, either, but he's a given. He came with the job. Ukyou, though, is more of an antagonist, and isn't helping matters much.

Yui, of course, can't stand Ukyou..and the feeling is mutual since she sees Ranma fawning all over Yui. The point is that Ukyou is making him look bad with the council, which will discourage Mousse to take the command position that Yui's trying to groom him for.

Ukyou's the monkey wrench in Yui's work for Mousse to take command, which is why Ranma allows Ukyou to continue her protest. So, Ranma can easily step in the command, and not worry about Mousse being voted into command.

January 24, 2017

Mousse leaves for North America, to reestablish UN channels.

Ranma also convinces the council to push NERV into reconstructing the Evas (while Mousse is away at one of the city states)

March 30, 2017

When Mousse returns, the council is pushing him to build the Evas to prevent another possible Angel Invasion. Then another of the military says that they won't need the Eva or NERV. He makes a proposal for the Iron Maiden, which leaves Mousse at a tight place (either concur with the Reconstruction of EVAs, or relinquish Military power to US). He goes with the former, and says construction with Evas will begin in earnest.

When Ukyou tries to protest this, Ranma tells her to keep her thoughts to herself...(a show of force to feign that he's on Mousse's side). He's not, but he wants Mousse to think that he actually supports him. NERV command, in Ranma’s mind, belongs to him, so, Mousse's decision to take on reconstruction was more helpful to his future command.

April 11, 2017

Ranma tells him to come with him, and they go underneath Matsushiro. He tells Mousse that Eva had begun construction from the first day, NERV was just waiting for the Council to advocate its construction...

Mousse also finds out that his lover, Yui, was the one who proposed the immediate reconstruction of the Evas. All the materials and such had already been recovered, except for Unit One, which would be recovered later. It's hanging in space above the earth.

Mousse finds that he's been promoting what NERV was going to do, with or without Council approval. Mousse begins to throw himself into the project, and dedicates his own efforts to helping Yui with Eva, and NERV, since she's given him all the info...

Unit One is recovered a year later. Mousse is engaged to Yui by this time. He's in the park telling her that he didn't want Eva 01 to be recovered, and that the council seemed to have forgotten what had happened years before. Yui tells him to be careful with the council because they seemed to be following another agenda...

May 5, 2017

Mousse tells her that they wouldn't try to get rid of him with all his knowledge about Eva (having piloted one makes him an advisor, as well as head of the project. Also, the Council has given Mousse priority) but she tells him that they only did that because it was more convenient for them to choose him over Ranma, and they could try to get him out of the way at anytime.

Mousse tells her that if anything were to happen to him, SHE is to take charge of the entire project...and of course she offers her loving concern, and tells him that he doesn't have to retest Unit One. Ukyou heard from Ranma that Yui will be conducting the retest on Unit One...and so, since she's also done her research on Eva, she's sabotaged the plug, so that life support last no more than five hours. The test will be running for ten.

June 6, 2017

Instead, the Eva absorbs him, to save him from being killed. After all, part of Yui is still inside it so. Mousse disappears into the plug of Unit One, just as he did years earlier...

Ukyou had hoped that Yui was in the plug, but it was just as well. Now, her beloved Ranma could take the command seat. What she didn't expect was for Ranma to try to force a bond between himself and Yui.

June 12, 2017

Ranma even tells Yui that he'll make Yui a gift...and produces a clone of Mousse...a young one at that...(he really doesn't see the similarities between himself and Ikari) He begins to fill the clone with ideas, and such. Also, Ranma points out that perhaps he and Yui could try to raise him together. Yui accepts Ranma's gift, and takes an affection to the child, "Masaki Ten'ou" but she stays cold towards Ranma.

When Ranma finds that even the clone is more wanted than he is, he sends it to Ukyou, who talks bitterly about the obsessed woman, and once she's strangles the child, Ranma kills her (his excuse being that "Ukyou killed Yui's ward"

June 29, 2017

Mousse comes out of Unit One weeks later, and Yui has managed to get the govt. running...and Yui says the command is waiting for him. He tells her to keep it, and starts to work towards becoming a professor at Clamp.

July 7, 2017

Mousse finally marries Yui and celebrates his 27th Birthday. Yui takes Mousse’s family name as her own.

October 7, 2018

Mousse and Yui’s first child, Makoto, is born.

October 31, 2018

Mousse is just a prof at Clamp. Mousse never really had a chance to be a kid. He had a little perhaps, but he had to grow up fast. In a way, his teaching is a means for him to experience youth. Mousse meets Kozou Fuyutsuki after joining the teaching staff at Clamp. Fuyutsuki's about 30 by the time he meets the Yui and her husband...only he wouldn't mind running the gun for either.

December 1, 2018

Yui decides to bring in Mousse's old friend, Kozo Fuyutsuki, into NERV. He is the commander.. She was hoping that would convince Mousse to join NERV. Yui and Ritsuko are head of the technical dept Fuyutsuki takes an interest in Kyoko.

January 2019

Nerv, in the meantime, tries to take the reigns back into hand...Yui, Fuyutsuki, Ranma, Kaji, Misato, Ritsuko, run the council, giving orders to the reps from the five major nations, or what's left of them. UN takes the position of Martial Authority.

The Evas are there for the purpose of policing. The factions crop up out of these little bit communities. So, these are what one would call them Malcontents.) These are humans that had the inability to let go of Earth, they were also unable to let go of the petty rivalries and hatred that drove Earth to TI in the first place, which is all these petty factions of the seven nations grasping for control.

June 6, 2019

Mousse and Yui have twins, Rei, and Shinji. While Kyoko gives birth to Asuka.

July 2019

Now, there’s a whole bunch of Factions, separate entities that want a territory for themselves.(much like the former Soviet Union is now). NERV is trying to assess and relieve the situations, and then there are the Seven major Nations that only go to NERV for resources. However, they feel that in time, they could overthrow NERV, and take command of the whole operation. So, they secretly build their own version of EVA (Iron Maiden) in hopes of pulling off what the JSSDF had failed in doing.(Annex the base, and kill all NERV personnel.)

Yui is trying to convince Mousse to become an officer at NERV, and he keeps refusing. She would want him to be with her. She still thinks he has potential for command He does, he just doesn't want to do it. He's had his fill.

Yui just wants him to take responsibility for the 1% that stayed behind. That's the dilemma; Yui has to get her husband to take responsibility for the 1% of earth's remaining population. That is why she would want him to head NERV with her.

He wants to stay in his simple position as a professor, and he wants nothing to do with the council. However he has to do it, and even Yui points out that they did promise to try to make a heaven on earth, for their children...and for each other. She tells him that he has to take his place as Commander, and part of that means getting his hands dirty. He brought the would into it's current state of being and must see it to prosper

The other part of the council...(heads of countries. minus the NERV Staff) have their own agenda. They only say that the Evas must be on hand for a possible Third Invasion by Angels. So, NERV is taking that precaution seriiously. The council know what it wants with the Evas...and eventually no one will want Eva (due to a supposedly brutal reputation) and will gather in favor of Iron Maiden which is easily massed produced, and cost less to build..They want NERV to look bad so that they can take the reigns as the saviors of earth from "The brutal hand of Nerv" (Eva)

They've sent tried to send Mercs (with NERV uniforms) on several gunning missions. The council has managed to rouse enough anger against NERV with these ground troops sent into these piddley territories. In the name of NERV, the mercs get their own platoon, take over a territory. Later, UN sends their own officer to kill the merc, and the small platoon reclaiming each town in the name of "freedom." This makes the council come out looking like heroes.


The council tells Yui to just worry about getting the Evas back to operating status. She's trying to finish that. The only one who knows about it is Ranma, and for a time, he does think about telling Yui. Then he hears her talk to Ritsuko about bringing Mousse, her husband, in to take command. With that, he goes to the council and agrees to help their cause.

Mousse doesn't want any part of it one way or the other. He just thinks that his wife seems to be too committed to Eva. Also, he believes that mankind should let Eva go.

What he doesn't see is that NERV is only keeping its head above the water while trying to reorganize in the wake of the huge mess. 99% of the earth's population has now gone to the stars and beyond. So, there's still a lot of scared, confused people left behind. Also, they've actually de evolved into the state, which nearly destroyed everyone in the first place.


In the mean time, the council makes plans to take out the UN.

Third impact was supposed to wipe of everything and start anew. instead they evolved...and since it was mousse's Phoenix Energy that kept them going, he's now responsible for humanity's welfare. He was given the choice, and he chose to go on, and with him, everyone else lived on too...

It's too much for one to bear, but she's there for him, as she's always tried to be since he's arrived at NERV. His own life ended when he arrived, and his responsibility began..

September 1, 2022

Fuyutsuki marries Kyoko. After much argument, Mousse finally Returns to NERV as commander. Hakone is gone, and the actual headquarters will be in Kyoto, which is now Tokyo 4...


The Seven Major nations actually managing a coup de tat on NERV, with an insider's help. Ranma has a grudge on Yui's ward, becomes even more discontent when Yui tries to bring her husband in. Ranma thought that if he returned, then naturally, he would take the command seat with Ikari gone. Once again, though, Yui has brought her "hope" into it.

Ranma tells the council, "I'll help you take charge, but you must leave the operation to me...after NERV is gone...and the boy is no longer a threat."

The bridge staff keep complaining about a glitch in the security system..

So, Fuyutsuki finds about Ranma's ties with the council, and tells Yui to prepare the Evas for Transport, just in case.

At this point, going ahead and staging a coup (of course, acting like this was a complete surprise) tries to lead everyone of the NERV Staff out of the base...once again. The UN councilette strikes...and takes the base.

The Council allows Ranma to escape with the NERV main staff. All, except Mousse, leave. He is in engineering at the time. Yui was still making adjustments on Unit 01, and he was trying to finish it. He's in engineering with the staff, and some new kids are on the bridge...fresh, but loyal to Ritsuko and Yui. They sacrifice themselves to clear a path for a few convoys to take the other three units...

July 31, 2024

Evas were still at Matsushiro, getting refitted, and awaiting reactivation. Actually, the other two would probably be moved. However, Eva One would be in its cage till the very last minute because it's still unpredictable. Mousse would be in the cage trying to get it activated using a "dummy plug" type device, and get it to prepare for transport. Of course, it won't work.

As it turns out...the bridge is taken over, and everyone there dies. The main crew is already gone, with the traitor on board the same escape transport. The base is going through hostile take over. Some of the UN's coup MERCs bust into the Eva cage. Mousse has no choice but to crawl into the plug, and hide until they are gone. He didn't expect Unit One to react to him, especially after such a long time.

Again, Eva digs into his mind, and pulls out his worst emotions, which he thought he had buried. Eva uses that to reactivate itself. It just needed its host pilot. So, it goes beserk, and tears out of Matsushiro only to face the UN's Iron Maiden. Unit One makes short work of the Four Iron Maidens. Fuyutsuki with Makoto Hyuuga is waiting for Mousse to slide into the mountings on the transport, and they leave. Fuyutsuki says that it was all planned, and he knows who the traitor is.

Nerv has just faced its first major defeat, and the world has been snatched from Mousse and Yui's helping hands. Yui tells Shigeru to head east, to the US, and once there, to Nevada, which was claimed lost, due to the S2 accident. When they get there, it's in shambles, but it's there. The advantage to their position is that everyone thinks the base was destroyed. So, the Evas are placed underground, within the facilities. They are now, outlaws.

Mousse, Hyuuga and Fuyutsuki are still on the run. Mousse tells Hyuuga,

"head the US."


"Yui's there. go"

August 2025

Unlike the first group, Mousse and the other two can't go straight to Nevada. They're on a ragged path, and if they are seen in the skies, they'll be shot down. So, they're going through the backwoods, and desert territories, to get to NERV second base. They start to figure out some sort of plan to get to the committee and expose them.

That's near impossible since the Coup has been using NERV's name to sponsor massacres. The point is to prove that they are not the criminals or mercenaries that the Council made them out to be...this time. They have to use Evas to take out the next few outposts to get to the American Governing center. So, now NERV has been reduced to conducting guerilla tactics to get their point across.

January 2026

NERV, to some of these backlanders, is a group of Sadistic SOBs. The council also wants them dead, so they can take the Evas. They have Ranma, who knows about the Evas, and who knows how to create a clone that would be accepted by the Eva.

Ranma's position possibly being concealed for some time, meaning that he would be in concealment during the Time that Mousse is absent. He tries to have everyone assume that Mousse is dead and tries to take command of Nevada. He also hopes to possibly discredit Fuyutsuki at the same time. He thought that Fuyutsuki's claim would not hold much weight since Fuyutsuki is newer to the staff. However, Yui is the one who pulled him in, so he tries to get her paranoid with him

While with them, Ranma is planning to plant the seeds of doubt, and turn them against each other. Since they are on the run, tension is weighing on them all. So, he's trying to get them to all doubt each other. More than anything, he's trying to get Yui to turn against Mousse. He points out that out his reluctance to command was because he didn't believe in Yui's work, nor did he care enough to support her, which is why everyone was in their current state. He also points out that Mousse would in time become like Ikari was...

While everyone's having their doubts, he takes samples of Unit 01, and other genetic material he might need from NERV. He’s getting some of the materiel he can't get at Hakone. Once Mousse does arrive, it's a constant struggle to take command because Ranma is trying to make him seem incompetent as a commander. Even when Fuyutsuki points out that Ranma is a straight out Traitor. Ranma is able to laugh it off, and pointing out that he's been with NERV since the beginning.

The whole time, Ranma is sending info to Shampoo at the captured Matsushiro base. Also, he's also telling her to get his R&D boys to get some things from the Hakone base. Eventually, Ranma makes a big move on Yui, and tells her that he's going to attempt piloting Unit One, "Since Mousse will probably have his hands tied on the bridge, taking command."

Also, Shampoo has some of the people go to the China NERV, and get the Data that would allow them to install the S2 engine without incident. Unknown to them is that the data might not he needed. Of course, Shampoo is also acting as she thinks Ikari would act. So in that sense, she's smarter than Ranma. She does love the commander enough to carry out the execution of "the thorn in Ikari's side." She's not doing it for Ranma, in that sense, she's also using him...not only that, she would love the commander enough to keep him concealed.


Mousse and the others arrive. Then Yui points out to Mousse that if he had take command sooner, none of it would've happened. She tells him that wanted him to take his rightful place. At this point Mousse accepts command Responsibility, and Takes command. It’s a little late, but he does, nonetheless. He takes the bridge, with Fuyutsuki, holding the down the fort, and Yui works to get the Evas to work.

Ranma would be trying to keep Fuyutsuki under the gun, and raising doubts about him, but I think in this case, the Clamp boys would be watching him...

June 6, 2033

Meanwhile, Shinji, unaware of the tear in his parents' relationship leads a life as a normal school kid. Here, there would be more focus on Shinji, and Asuka and the others. So, Shinji meets this nice girl, who also happens to be a spy. The one who calls him on it is Yui (instead of Gendou) because she's more aware of what's going on, politics wise. Yui, being in Eva understands a Whole Lot More than Mousse does.

Shinji is 14. He's a recruit trainee, under Ritsuko's training as an engineer...(All Evas pilots would have to learn engineering so they could maintain and upgrade them) These are not your normal giant robots, which is why they would be in direct training under Ritsuko, or, basically...all of the Eva pilots are chosen from a young age, and trained from the first..

Also, the Clamp Detectives also evolved, so they maintain their youthful image and heightened knowledge (as does everyone who accepted Mousse's grasp in TI.) They would be at Nevada to serve as Mousse's NERV Intelligence Officers. Also, They would be investigating Ranma because Fuyutsuki talked to them about Ran.


Since Ranma has a direct vendetta against Mousse, naturally, his big brothers would be worried..they investigate, him, and place surveilance equipment in his office. The commader has to know of course. He's too cautious to let this go on with out his knowing. Mousse knows about Ranma, he just can't banish him without sufficient cause, or proof. If he tried, it would seem more like a witch-hunt, and Mousse has enough problems without everyone being paranoid, and at each others' throats.

Ranma's made it so that banishing him would result in making Mousse look like he's just banishing his enemies. In fact, he still wants to make Mousse look bad, and if something were to happen to the vice-commander, the other Staff wouldn’t feel any safer about their position.

Mousse could still have him killed, but Mousse is trying to be a "fair" commander. They would be a little edgy about the fact that if they protest, they'll be sent to guard a nice little outpost in the middle of nowhere. Mousse had just banished Ranma with no question, wouldn't the staff feel safe about their position at NERV. Basically, he wants his staff to feel secure with him...and that he wouldn't just send them out to the middle of nowhere if they made any tiny protest.


The Clamp boys get a recording of one of Ranma's many conversations with Shampoo. That's how Mousse and the others find out about the active Hakone base. Once Mousse exposes him, he can have Ranma banished, and the proof...and when they're about to take him out to get executed, Ranma makes a run for the cage, and gets into his clone, which was in hiding up to that point.

Mousse takes Unit One out, and has a first battle with Ranma, ripping him up pretty badly, and sending him staggering to Hakone. Once there, Ranma will have all the resources for the composite Impact.

Ikari is still alive. Eva01 was the Lilith Dummy that he the others saw their loved ones. He did evolve. Even when he says, "I'm sorry." he doesn't really mean it...or, he probably means that he's sorry he didn't get more done.

Ikari would be in China and send support Units to Nevada, and help Ranma escape to Hakone. He still has a use for Nevada base, and its personnel, and he has a use for Mousse, later. When the Evas start to reproduce at an alarming rate..

Mousse doesn't know that Ikari is still alive, but he does know that Shampoo is, so, he goes ahead, and begins to contact Germany and Mass. so they can prepare for an counter attack against Japanese forces. Of course, the attack never comes, but all three bases are prepared nonetheless.

Ranma, meanwhile, returns to Matsushiro, and thanks Shampoo for sending in the assist. For the moment, she accepts credit. Shampoo would be keeping the Commander's presence a secret during the time she's serving Ranma. She tells him the progress on gathering the materials from Hakone, on placing them below in the facilities of Matsushiro.

There is also the matter of Ranko's sudden reappearance...I'll just have her living in one of the restructure bit communities, until her father calls on her. Then she finds out exactly what he wants.


Then, Ranma reports to the Council, and tells them that they are about ready to begin production on Evas for the council, having data for activation, and genetic data which will allow him to control them. He doesn't tell them that though. he's planning to off the council himself once he kills Mousse.

The RanmaType Eva series look like the Eva series 5-13 except, they're all black. They're all sleeker, and their shoulders are stunted. the back would be able to reveal, and retracted metallic spikes. It will still have the wings, but the inside of them will be white...the head will remain formless. All of them have shape-shifting arms, able to make them shift into the Lance of Longinus

There is one thing that Ranma forgot also, His daughter's loyalties aren't completely for him. In fact, Ranko would be the one who would steal a sample of Adam, and take it to NERV.


She will still be distrusted, but nonetheless, she has an important piece of the puzzle that Ranma forgot about. Without it, he wouldn't be able to enact his CI, and Shampoo wouldn't be able to follow her because she knows that Mousse would have her destroyed with no chance of reforming.

With this in mind, she steals the Salvaged Adam sample, and Gendou allows her to escape with it. Ikari knows what the Tech dept is capable of,

Ikari expects it to work to his advantage at a later time, because he knows that he'll do away with Ranma, and muscle his way into Mousse's command through "forced diplomacy" (combining forces to eliminate a common threat, and all that)


Once Ritsuko gets the Sample, it will grow into Kaworu, with whom Adam last had his ties. So, Kaworu would be there to regulate the behavior, of the S2 equipped Eva. The Kaworu Dummy Plugs were supposed to do. With this data, Ritsuko would be able to satisfy the Eva's need for unstable pilots, and possibly be able to gain pilots by the dozen. It would be a safeguard for pilots, so they would be able to actually have a well trained set of pilots that won't "lose it" in battle. The only ones that have to be piloted by the "Special children" would be able to pilot the core Units (01, 02, 04, 00')

What of the ethics of doing this? Satisfying the Eva's need with Kaworu, leaving the pilot to maneuver in battle, and not worry about the Eva shutting down on them if they get too angry. Also, with the Kaworu adjusted entry plug, the pilot wouldn't have their mind attack by the Eva, itself.

They could coordinate the attacks, and perform them, while the Angel Plug makes all the connections with the Eva...

Gendou knows that once the Evas are adjusted with the Kaworu Plug, he can get anyone he wants to pilot the Evas..

What about Kaworu? Won't he want to carry out the will of the angels? Yes, the Angel, Kaworu knows that Composite Impact would destroy everything. He also knows that Ikari wasn't dumb enough to have only one of the Adam samples. He is Adam, and he's helping the humans to save themselves.

Would he be defying God yet again? He's not an angel looking for Adam. If he prevents the composite Impact, he wouldn't be defying God. Lilith was redeemed in God's eyes, through Mousse. Mousse brought everyone back to earth, to live their lives, preventing the forced entry into Heaven. Mousse was born from Lilith. Lilith suffered, through Mousse, and through him, also made the choice of helping mankind evolve. As I said before, prevented Kihl's and Gendou's forced entry into heaven.

Also, Adam was sent to prevent Ranma's false entry to Godhood. By trying to negate all that Mousse has done, Ranma is going against God's will, which is why someone has to get to Ranma's Terminal Dogma, and destroy it. If not, it will mean the end of everything.

The Composite Impact isn't possible. Actually. Ikari's pretty sure that Unit 01 will win. Ranma knows nothing of this. He thought he was being clever. He didn't count on Shampoo's loyalty to the Commander. He only got Shampoo's help because of their mutual hatred. He's just been decieved by the Commander again. The first time was right after Second Impact when Gendou gave Ranma the option to join or die...and now, the very last moment. He sees that Mousse hadn't become like Ikari, that he just played the surrogate commander, and loses everything. All that planning had only helped Ikari get started up again.

There should be NO FOURTH IMPACT. Mankind was redeemed (somewhat) through the third, and now, the choice was given to Mousse. He has to take charge. Adam was sent to prevent Ranma's false entry to Godhood. Ikari has Matsushiro, and after awhile, he'll want to abandon Hakone, trying to have all the cloning facilities and such removed, because Hakone would become like a huge nest.

Ikari would think that Ranma's an idiot, because there he knows that the current state is the ultimate form. He's just waiting for Ranma to make a wrong move, so that he can take control. Afterwards, he will take control of NERV, and once he gets with Mousse's facilitiies, he will try to muscle his way into command.


Mousse and company attack the NERV base at Hakone, with him piloting Eva Unit One.

Ranma fights Mousse in his own version of Eva One, while using all his "special techniques" Mousse charges, through all that with one of the lances, and pierces the core.. It's straight out joust type run, and since Mousse isn't using any projectile, or energy blast, Ranma can't reflect it... or use any of this techniques which would simply have him absorb the energy, and throw it back at Mousse..

Ranma gets stabbed. It's a simple death. When the Unit starts to go to melt down, and before his Unit blows up, Ranma is dying at Mousse's hands, he'll look into the com, and he'll see Shampoo standing by Gendou Ikari, smirking...While Gendou says, "You were of some use, but no more.".she would be by Gendou's side as he brushes off the seat, and takes it, folding his hands, and asking for a status report.

Ironically, Ranma gets what he wants...he gets to be Gendou's toy soldier, only at the very end.. indeed..and to add insult to injury, he loses to Mousse.. somehow convinced that he was Gendou's ultimate opponent.. afterward, it's a matter of Mousse having to deal with the rest of the Eva series, which is in confusion, and Yui had sent back up to keep Mousse covered, while he battled the Eva series, and then she tells them all to retreat after Ranma is gone... The War began began Gendou's NERV, and Mousse's own NERV" and the war is with Evas,.an impending War between Mousse and Gendou..both Evolved, and both fully Command Capable..

In the midst of this are a load of Evas in Gendou's hands, while Mousse has the few OG prototypes..Mousse has the US, and Germany Branches..while Gendou has the Matsushiro, and Hakone base...which means that Gendou has the upper hand...certainly with Gendou's Command vision, Mousse's forces are in for a really close fight..

Yui recalled Mousse because she didn't want him to deal with the Eva series...

Ikari would probably contact Mousse, and TELL him to assist in the problem.."We have a problem. If you do not offer your assistance, all of you will die." so, Mousse has to swallow his pride, and assist Ikari in getting rid of the, they've had to put aside the differences and work together. Ikari still has some hold over him, he can still intimidate him, but Ikari knows if it came down to it, Mousse wouldn't hesitate in killing him..all the time, Mousse would only ask that they keep their own men in their own base..he wouldn't allow Ikari's men at US or Germany bases, nor would he send his men there.just a make sure Ikari doesn't send spies..

Ikari would have the clone of Unit 01, and four other clones of it, but he's managed to break their bond from their main nest group..using his own essence and given part of his own genetic material while they were being produced..Ikari would be smart enough to wipe out that programming, and replace it with his, in essence, he could control them...since he evolved, he can do this..not only that, he has the Phoenix's heightened senses, and, even if Mousse wanted to, it would be hard to kill Ikari..once again, Ikari has the upper hand..even if Mousse is cooperative...eventually, it comes to the point where Mousse would come to the point where should the Evas fail to take out the main nest, Mousse would have to call for evacuation....or maintain the city underground, and keep a geofront which each base, while the Evas would rule the surface...the New Geofronts, while NERV fights to regain control of the surface..Ikari and Mousse are now in a constant command struggle, and Gendou let's him keep Yui, and Shinji...since she seems to want nothing to do with him..and that makes him more of a hardass on Mousse.Ikari does suggest however that if he wants to wipe out the EvaSpawn, the best way would be for Mousse to go to the nest, and join with Ranma's composite Lilith.which would surely end all of Evas, but Mousse as well..of course, Mousse refusesand tries to find other ways, (Ikari knows it was absurd to suggest it, but he wants Mousse to know that he hasn't changed his opinion of him.)


The "Bombing the Nest Scenario" would be similar to "Aliens" type scenario...Gendou telling Mousse to go in with a corps of Eva pilots.: not the core Evas, but a group of the cloned ones..each of the pilots would be a trained soldier....(now made possible through the Kaworu Symbiosis System) ..the hired pilots would be willing to execute the operation, especially since the surface has been taken over by them....the hired pilots would be willing to execute the operation, especially since the surface has been taken over by them..Mousse is going because it's an immediate problem, and he's more a veteran than most of them...Remember that this Shinji, Asuka, and Rei were reborn into the new world, and have been trained...bred to be pilots, but they would not have the mental instability which had qualified them in the first place..of course, with the Plug, it's unnecessary to have that instability...but they're fresh recruits at this point..also, prototype pilots Do hold some rank...but would be sent in the Composite Clones, anyway..Mousse is addressing the problem as Field Commander, while Ikari is the Tactical Commander..begin to plan for the strategy on Hakone..go in...with a belt of N2 mines..(about 8 per Unit) and take out Ranma's Lilith which is responsible for the breeding...and destroy it, also, each Eva is capable of holding 2 other plugs besides the pilot plug...(for rescue and retrieval operations)so, if worse comes to worse, Mousse could order at least 3 of the men to abandon their Evas, and set in for Self-Destruction, and catch a ride with one of the other Units.the newer Evas are a little more thick bodied than the prototypes as for the rest of the flock, they team would only need to take a long swipe at the core, and throw a mne into the breach...once the Eva spawn regenarates, it will have trapped the mine in its body, and be wiped out by the explosion seconds later.Ikari was clever enough to bring the lance with him, and gave it to Nevada to, now alll the Evas are armed with a copy of the's mostly a matter of getting rid of the breeder, and picking off the rest of them. with the EvaSpawn taken care of. there would only be the task of reconstruction, with Mousse overseing everything.

Why establish that relationship between the two when they naturally want to kill each other? They don't have a choice, as Ikari pointed out..

Also, Ikari keeps him alive to satisfy the population, he could give a crap less, but Mousse is there to settle the social unrest..Ikari has his desired position, and puts Mousse in the position of political head, (Which Mousse hates with a passion)Yui also knows that if Mousse were just a professor, Ikari would waste no time in killing him, and getting Fuyutsuki to take the political this point, Mousse serves as a buffer for Ikari's command...and the staff can't be replaced that easily...he wouldn't want the "bleeding hearts" in his base...and right now, he's willing to just make do with what he has..besides, the Staff seems to be producing a lot more now...

Also, Ikari sends a selected pilot of his (not Shampoo) to cover Mousse's tail on the field...: still has a use for him, and he doesn't want the staff to start protesting should anything happen to him...he could have the staff easily replaced.but at this point, Mousse serves as a buffer for Ikari's command...and the staff can't be replaced that easily...he wouldn't want the "bleeding hearts" in his base...and right now, he's willing to just make do with what he has..besides, the Staff seems to be producing a lot more now...why would he want to get rid of them? also, the people on the "outside" descendents of the 1% that stayed behind are a bunch of "yokels" to him...he has no use for such people..


Mousse is given the position of Commander in Chief of all UN forces, and leaves Military Command to Gendou...Mousse will have the huge task of rebuilding, and settling all the factions to the point where they all have an Alliance..Gendou is the military head while Mousse is the political head, while the UN which is responsible for the populace, and internal affairs...stuff that Gendou wouldn't want to deal with..

They're in a stalemate...but Gendou has his command back, and only needs to concern himself with NERV whille Mousse has to deal with population settlement, and Economic restructure, and all that rot, with Yui by his side..and Gendou only has to deal with Defense matters...and, Mousse has to come to a grudging Understanding with Gendou...he finally didn't run away..

At any rate,.while Ikari tells him that NERV is the Federal Militia, each "state will be able to govern themselves, but are a part of the larger whole...which means that they cannont have their own military" it means that they can run themselves, but they would all be under the protection of NERV ...

Mousse allows the states to remain with Civil defense, though, to keep the City State from rebelling against the Union...also, certain NERV officers are sent to these towns as Mayors..Civil Defense is there to police the immediate District, but they wouldn't have the fire power to attack NERV, which is why the officers are ensure that the people are abiding by the old social standards left by the previous government...and making some adjustments..

Mousse is the firm hand of the government, while Ikari is the fist..of course, Ikari was against Mousse's decision to give these citystates ANY form of a military...but at this point, it's more of a courtesy that Mousse does allow themat any rate, there's the fact that the old town officials had assisted Mousse's earlier Guerrila trail...because they wanted the councillete out of their town..oh, so, they worked with Mousse to take out the Council appointed District chiefs..Mousse is offering them a civil defense force to make them feel secure..they're like the Coast Guard...official soldiers, but not really..

The only one who would hate the current arrangement is Shampoo..she would probably try to kill Mousse once and for all..which is why the Clamp Detectives would act as his "Royal Guard" the commander doesn't worry since Mousse has to handle the rest of the load, so keeping him alive would be more useful.. he sees the Clamp boys as necessarry...also, he would be try to dissuade Shampoo from her plan...

Ikari for once is content with his postion..taking charge of the military while Mousse takes on the "social bullshit" as ikari would call it..The Commander's true agenda is to keep control..he's doing that..through Mousse...So, you have Mousse as the Proclaimed King, with Ikari acting as the shadow...just as he was in the old world...

Ikari has an entire world at his command...what would he want now? Yui. that's what he wants..: the only thing he would suggest is where? doesn't matter.


Ikari Initiates a Space Program..but such a project would take up a lot of time, and would involve Mousse to be everywhere gathering resources.

The space ship construction is just a dummy project .this way, Mousse can be Away a, the entire world would be arranged like a large city.


Gendou takes Fuyutsuki as his own assistant, and arranges it so that Ranko is assigned to Mousse..the point to this is to have Yui lose faith in Mousse little by little...constantly away, and dealing with the Space Program (which is really a dummy project while Gendou takes over the little divisions that Mousse controls) Should the construction succeed, the ship's mission is to survey the planets of Mars-Pluto to see if it's possble to inhabit them...then, to go beyond that, and Annex whatever planets that are inhabitable. Gendou would send a whole crew of people loyal to him.......and has sent Evas if necessary..with the KaworuPlug, he can get just about anybody..

Gendou sends Shampoo, who encourages Ranko to "go after the man [she] loves" Gendou is using Ranko to break their bond and if Yui lost faith in Mousse, she wouldn't be backing him up within the council..

Gendou doesn't really think about the's something piddley that Shampoo can take care of while he looks for her replacement too.meaning that he no longer has a use for her, either...and he figures that if Shampoo fails, either Yui or Mousse would have her killed...

Gendou is getting stronger, and stronger within the NERV council, to the point where Mousse's command is being slowly reduced.finally, Mousse is ordered to take the ship out for a test run... With Gendou having informed the public of this, Mousse can't refuse...


There is the launching festivities to crestening of the ship, and Shampoo pushes Ranko towards Mousse, drunk out of her mind, and talking like she's known Mousse for years (etc.) the point is that Yui sees this...and tries to distance herself from Mousse, thereafter.

Some don't think that Yui is the type to get angry simply because a drunken Ranko can't control herself. However,Gendou does point out that Mousse is away a lot, and Ranko is his assistant...she's already wary with that..True, Gendou is the one who sends Mousse out on these errands, but Yui's thinking about the immediate effects of Mousse's position on their marriage..

While some may think that she did want him to join. she just has to trust him and deal with it. Gendou is just trying to belittle Mousse in Yui's eyes...subtlely. true,..she did ask him to join, and she should be stronger than that, but she's also blaming herself for the current situation..

With this in mind. Gendou would try to gain the control he once had over her. by being the one that's there...understanding to her ..after all, that's how he got into Gehirn in the first place..this isn't to get the command...he has that, already..

In the meantime, Mousse has to worry about his seat within the command, and his position as an, he doesn't have time to address his personal issues..

He has to worry about losing priority as a commander..if it came right down to it, eventually...Gendou would send Mousse on all these errands, and take control of each division, little by little.. until Mousse is no longer valid...

Gendou assigns Shampoo as part of the Annexation team.his original plan was to have her kill Mousse, and take over as commander of the crew..So the Ship is about to launch, but the ship has a malfunction...(thanks to Shampoo, and a bunch of mercs she hired to sabotage the ship) she got all gung-ho, and figured they could always construct a new ship..or just salvage the current one..and Mousse would be dead, and out of the now, the ship has to stay on earth for another year, and be reworked, and repaired...the other plan would have been simpler, but she just wanted to make sure..oh just kill him already! so she would say

So, the ship is left on earth for further repair...and Mousse is still on earth..once again, trying to get the resources for the ship, and Gendou would be most displeased with her..he thinks that if it comes right down to it, he'll just use her as a shield when Mousse comes gunning for him..because she fails to understand why he needs Mousse for his plans.

Ranko finds Shampoo, and Gendou arguing when Mousse sends her to report their situation, and she finds out that the Space Program was a dummy project...when Ranko tries to leave, Shampoo comes out of the office, and shoves past her..and Ranko makes her report, and updates Ikari on everything...and Ikari just lets her live so her presence can feed Yui's doubts..

When Ranko returns to the ship, for debriefing, she tells Mousse about what she heard...and what she knows about the members of the crew that work for Ikari..she suggest that they just leave...without telling anyone, (fearing for his life now that Ikari is assuming control of NERV once more, and using Mousse as his toy soldier)


Mousse refuses to leave, and tells to crew to cease repairs to the ship for a few months..attend to the problem from his, having the Clamp Boys look around, and find those loyal to him...Ikari's crew will be executed....: leaving only a few alive so that they can give him information..he starts to increase security, and pulls Ikari's men out of his fray, so that he can have them testify against Ikari in a court martial.exposing Gendou's purpose for the Space Program, and his intentions of Regicide. (Mousse could be called a king..Ikari would be what you call a Czar..)

Mousse know Ikari will not stand for a court marshal, , but it will be way for Mousse to regroup his own crew, and remove Gendou from power, forcefully if need be...and at Nevada headquarters, Gendou finds out about this because he had put a surveillance bug on Ranko..

Of course, he'll let Mousse return to Nevada, and make his accusations, but he doesn have Shampoo forcefully take Yui to Matsushiro, which is HIS main base...He has Shampoo do that. he doesn't panic at the news of being exposed..he could always finish Mousse off, and then release his pilot files to the press, blaming "pysychotic paranoia" for Mousse's attempted attack..if Mousse were to attack or accuse Gendou, The Commander can have him labeled as a paranoid psychotic, (confident that he'll kill Mousse)

So, he's really not worried about Mousse returning to Nevada with all these accusations...Ikari's been able to discredit Mousse up to now..however Gendou wants Mousse on HIS turf when he kills him...

Also, as for Shampoo, Gendou orders Shampoo to take Yui to Matsushiro, but to say she's acting of her own volition..not only that, he tells Shampoo that Mousse will come looking for her, so the best way to hurt him, would be to rough Yui up some before he arrives..Shampoo gladly obliges...(also, that would give Mousse more of a reason to just finish off Shampoo, and she would be out of Gendou's hair) and then Gendou would kill him, and lay out the story that Mousse was just some nutball, and have him forgotten..and take command..also, if Gendou were to assist in Shampoo's death, he thinks Yui would look to him as a "savior"...which is what he be the one that Yui Worships..

when Mousse returns to Nevada, he gives Maya the information he found out, and all the info that his "big brothers" found on the dummy space program..when Mousse returns to Nevada, he gives Maya the information he found out, and all the info that his "big brothers" found on the dummy space program..

also, he's told that Gendou left only moments after, "to pursue Dr. Ikari's abductor" of course Mousse knows that's BS, and takes an Eva to Matsushiro..Ranko follows him in a shuttle with the Clamp Boys...Mousse arrives at Matsushiro, and uses Eva 01 to wipe out all the defenses, and rips through Matsushiro to get to the command center..he has Unit One rip an entrance for him, and leaves Unit One in kneeling position...Sword Tenchi in hand, and ripping through any security guard that gets in his way..(just winging them actually.) of course, Ranko and the boys are taking care of the ones he misses..and keep on playing Shadow till they encounter a large group of guards, the boys tell Ranko to go on, and they'll join her shortly..

Mousse arrives at the Command center, and sees Yui lying on the Magi, restrained..and Shampoo comes out of the shadows, welcoming him..Mousse tells her to step aside, and demands to know where Ikari is..Shampoo just gets into the fight, using an energy weapon of her own.

Ranko comes in, and tells Mousse to find Ikari...while she fights Shampoo...Shampoo obliges, and Ranko begins to use everything her father taught her, but like her father, she overestimates her own abilities.and Shampoo finishes her quickly...and while she's dying she tells Mousse to tell her he loves her, even if he doesn't mean it..he does, and when Shampoo goes over to attack the distracted Mousse. The Clamp boys come in, fully prepared to defend their younger brother. Shampoo kills them all, and then goes over to kick Ranko's body. Mousse, grieving the loss of his childhood friends, stabs her. Shampoo staggers back, and finds that Ikari is with her…she begs for his help...Gendou finishes her.

Finally, Mousse has to face the commander in a final fight with energy swords because since Mousse does have that energy, Gendou also evolved with it...that, and alll of Mousse's knowlege, and concentraiton that would allow the sword to be activated...Gendou has a thick black energy from his, with a blood red trim, and Mousse has his own which a blue..

While Shampoo lay on the floor, dead, Ikari would pick that time to point out to Mousse that there is no difference between them anymore..taunting him, to make Mousse lose concentration...because Mousse would rather die than admit that he's just like Ikari..but he is.Ikari tells him that he'd be more than glad to oblige..he has to come to terms with it, and try to move past it...if he can kill's always been between those two...from the very beginning..finally..

Ikari taunts Mousse, by saying he'll give Shinji a true education on how to use power. Gendou says that he'll enjoy "reclaiming the life that [Mousse] took from [Gendou]."

Mousse kills Ikari and claims Yui, and the command. Ranko and the Clamp Boys get a Military Burial, and as their body are lowered into the ground, small birds of fire form above their coffins, and fly to the night skies. Mousse says good-bye to the last of his childhood. He says goodbye to Ranko, and to his older brothers, who really did love him. Then, he joins his wife as they return home.



  1. Mousse takes on Nicholas Hayes as an assistant that he had confided in, and teaches everything to him so that Hayes would be able to fill in for him when the time comes.

Lisa Hayes born in Japan.

Oct, 2068

Lisa Hayes has been living for half a year in Australia. She becomes friends with Karl Riber living nearby.

Lynn Minmei born in Yokohama, Japan.

May, 2070

Lisa Hayes mother enters a hospital due to illness and later passes away.

The council votes in favor of electing Hayes, Mousse's former assistant, as commander of UN Forces and he ends up being nothing but a puppet, which is what they wanted.. they couldn't control Mousse because HE had formed the council in the first place and organized everything for them..

the council wanted someone who did what Mousse did, but someone they could manage..he had formed the council in hopes of forming a sort of partnership..and coop govt. and he became disgruntled when they found a way to remove him. but he thought that Hayes would do some good, (faith in a student) Hayes disappointed him..Hayes is groomed to take the command position as a gruff, stiff collar, white wig like the rest of the council.

July, 2075
A colossal meteorite impacts with Earth, coming to rest on Macross Island. Investigation reveals that it is an alien spacecraft. It is codenamed ASS-1 (Alien StarShip-1). Public announcements are that an asteroid 3 km in diameter, composed of great quantities of metal, impacted with the Earth. Due to the great destructive damage, abnormal weather, and starvation caused in all parts of America, Russia, Europe, and the world by the shock waves accompanying the fall of the ASS-1, the event is dubbed Fourth Impact. The existence of aliens is treated as top secret until the confusion is brought under control. What begins as an emergency meeting between the heads of the US and Russia becomes an assembly of all nations.

Mousse is enjoying his time off, and then Hayes comes one day, with a request from the UN to take a research team, and look at the SDF-1 which landed in the pacific..Yui goes with him..they come out, but Yui doesn't really think any of it is all that NERV still stays with it's standard systems, while everyone else uses Robotechnology from the alien ship, and then they put Mousse in charge of reconstruction. Rick Hunter is taken in by Mousse and Yui after recovery of survivors is complete. Mousse enrolls Rick at the Clamp Academy, with every possible sort of class in politics and military training.

Aug, 2075

UN Investigating Teams organized. Precise, accurate, minute investigation of ASS-1 begins. Macross Island designated UN sphere of jurisdiction.

Dec, 2075:

According to first report of the study of ASS-1, it is discovered that the alien spacecraft is a warship, and its crew are fully five times the size of human beings. In preparation for alien warfare, a project is begun to unite the Earth into one nation.

Mar, 2076

OTEC (OverTEChnology), a research organization analyzing the alien technology, established through joint Japanese-US-Russian-German-English-French collaboration.

Apr, 2076

Development of weapons systems for use in combat against the giants begins.

Jun, 2076

Aliens' existence formally announced (excepting the fact of their size, which is kept top secret). Following this, framing plan for United Earth Government officially proclaimed.

Jul, 2076

Outbreak of dispute in People's Republic of Kuwait, in the Middle East. The disputes and rebellions/civil wars frequently occurring hereafter in various parts of the world, coupled with World War III, eventually came to be known (somewhat inaccurately) as the Global Civil War or United Nations Wars.
Oct, 2076
Construction of the gigantic, permanent, Apollo Lunar Base begins in the Sea of Tranquility.
Jan, 2077
United Earth Government inaugurated. Founding Prime Minister, Harlan J. Niven. United Earth Forces established. Yui Ikari declares it as still part of the UN. Rick becomes disgruntled with his stepfather's work, and leaves to join Roy Fokker in aerobatic training at a flying circus.
Feb, 2077
Repair and remodeling of ASS-1 for use as main battleship of United Earth Forces begins, with OTEC as heart of project. ASS-1 renamed SDF-1 (Space Defense Fortress-1). Estimated date of launch: May, 2081

Mar, 2077

Successful development of new materials by OTEC.

May, 2077

Construction of giant space manufacturing station begins at L-5, in Lunar orbit.

July, 2077

Construction of permanent base on Mars begins. Civilians begin to immigrate to Macross Island, to work on repair of SDF-1.

Aug, 2077

Theory of SDF-1's thermonuclear Reflex system explained. Reflex Engines still a mystery.

Sep, 2077

The "Destroid System," ground-combat anti-giant weaponry, begins trial production. Robotech Defense Force formed.

Nov, 2077

Theory of firing system for SDF-1's main cannon explained.

Feb, 2078

Tentative plan introduced for variable all-purpose combat system for use against the giants. Production on Evangelion Unit 5 types is approved.

Mar, 2078

Grand Cannon Theory finished.

Apr, 2078

Lisa Hayes enters a military junior academy. Yui Ikari is placed in Charge of the United Nations Institute.

May, 2078

Building of United Earth Military Anti-Stellar-Warfare Headquarters begins, in Alaska. On the same site, Grand Cannon No. 1 is constructed.

July, 2078

First Battle for Macross Island fought against the Anti-United Nations Army.

Nov, 2078

Critical temperature exceeded on Earth-made thermonuclear Reflex plant, at OTEC.

Apr, 2079

Construction of Armored Series of space carriers begins, as well as space destroyers, at the L-5 manufacturing station.

Nov, 2079

In a factory beneath Apollo Lunar Base, using feedback from repair work on SDF-1, construction begins on SDF-2, a stellar space battleship purely of Earth origin.

Jan, 2080

Thermonuclear Reflex bomb finished, by OTEC. Apollo Moon Base becomes operational.

Feb, 2080

Thermonuclear Reflex bomb successfully tested on Lunar surface.

Mar, 2080

Construction on Grand Cannon No. 2 begins in the Australian Autonomous Region.

Sep, 2080

Super miniaturized thermonuclear Reflex plant finished by OTEC. Reflex Theory understanding minimal but sufficient to adapt systems on SDF-1 to Terran weaponry and mechanism

Oct, 2080

Grand Cannon No. 3 planned in South America, in the Brazil Autonomous Region.

Nov, 2080

Deterioration of world economy lead to drastic delays on, caused by increases in defense expenses for, the SDF-1 Restoration Project.

Dec, 2080

First use of Reflex explosion, during Grand Cannon construction work.

Jan, 2081

Rioting breaks out in Kazakhstan, Central Asia Autonomous Region. The Second Battle for Macross Island is fought.

Mar, 2081

The Orvelt Class of Type-1 Space Destroyers is commissioned. Only four of this vessel are built, to be replaced by the far less trouble-ridden Lancer I Space Destroyer.

Apr, 2081

Harlan J. Niven, Founding Prime Minister of the United Earth Government, is assassinated. His successor is Robert A. Rhysling.

Jul, 2081

Frequent occurrences of guerilla warfare all over America.

Aug, 2081

First A.R.M.D. Platform enters service. Immediately, 4 more are ordered constructed.

Sep, 2081

The third Orvelt Class of Type-1 Space Destroyer, Tsiolkovsky, is hijacked by the Anti-United Nations Army.

United Nations Forces destroy the Anti-United Nations Army's captured Space Destroyer Tsiolkovsky, via an attack with Reflex weaponry by Captain Masaki's Space Destroyer, Goddard. (First use of Reflex weaponry in actual combat.)

Nov, 2081

In a retaliatory attack, the Anti-United Nations Army destroys the United Forces' Grand Cannon No. 2 during construction in Australia. Efforts moved to Grand Cannon No. 3 in Brazil.

Dec, 2081

The Supersize Semi-Submersible Aircraft Carrier Prometheus, CVS-101 (later designated simply as "assault carrier"), is commissioned, for Robotic Technology Mechanism use.

Jan, 2082

First recorded usage of the words "Robotech Mecha" as an abbreviation of Robotic Technology Mechanism.

Mar, 2082

Grand Cannon No. 4 planned in the Lunar North Polar Region.

Apr, 2082

The Supersize Assault Landing Warship Daedalus, SLV-111, is commissioned. 12 more Supersize vessels are ordered.

May, 2082

Outbreak of the Third Battle for Macross Island.

Jun, 2082

Decision made to formally introduce the MBR-04 series of Destroids (Excaliber, Spartan, Raidar-X). Mass production begins.

Sep, 2082

Lisa Hayes lives in the United Nations Military Officers' Academy housing as the Global Civil War nears its end.

Oct, 2082

In the Central Russia Administrative Region, the Anti-United Nations Army uses tactical nuclear weapons. Leningrad's annihilation is an announcement that using thermonuclear Reflex weaponry on the Earth's surface in a retaliatory strike is possible.

Nov, 2082

Battle for Macross Island ends.

Jan, 2083

Global Civil War concludes. Training Center for crew of SDF-1 established on Macross Island.

Feb, 2083

The VF-X1, prototype of the variable-combat machines, begins flight testing. Roy Fokker is test pilot.

Mar, 2083

Stationing of Destroids aboard the SLV-111 Daedalus begins.

May, 2083

Grand Cannon No. 5 planned in the Victorian Autonomous Region, Africa.

Jun, 2083

Testing of the VF-X-1's usefulness in space begins.

Nov, 2083

Decision made to formally introduce the VF-X-1. Mass production of the VF-1 series Veritech begins.

Mar, 2084

Anti-United Nations Army hijacks a Lancer I Space Destroyer (UES Helene), and threatens to destroy Mars Base Sara. The UES Lancer is sent after them, but is destroyed. Helene then attacks the Mars Base evacuation fleet, killing everyone aboard (including Lisa Hayes fiancee, Carl Riber). The UES Agamemnon is ordered to destroy the Helene, and succeeds. Karl Riber accepts evolution, and attempts to return to earth.

Jul, 2084

Space Carrier ARMD-2 commissioned.

Aug, 2084

VF-1 series begins deployment for actual combat. (However, usage is limited to aircraft configuration only, for reasons of internal security.)

Oct, 2084

ARMD-3 and ARMD-10 commissioned. ARMD-10 is a new design, specialized (unlike the others) for Veritechs.

Feb, 2085

Launching ceremonies for SDF-1 Battle Fortress. Mousse is elected captain of the ship, which is ordered to launch immediately. A Zentraedi fleet, commanded by Breetai, arrives in Sol System. Breetai commands 100,000 ships. SDF's Main Reflex Cannon automatically fires.

Outbreak of First Robotech War between Earth and the Zentraedi. ARMD-01, -02, -03, and -10, as well as two Type-1 and four Type-3 Space Destroyers, are destroyed in the initial battles.

SDF is forced off the planet, and makes serious mistake in Fold navigation, arriving near Pluto. Zentraedi follow. Lynn Minmei is taken in by Yui Ikari, and enrolls her into the Clamp Academy aboard SDF-1. Karl Riber returns to earth, and reports to NERV, telling them that the council had been planning to oust Mousse all along. NERV acknowledges him, and sends him to NERV Nevada base.

Mar, 2085

ARMD carrier production begins anew. ARMD-3 commissioned. City completed within SDF-1. Rick Hunter enlists in RDF against Mousse's wishes.

May, 2085

ARMD-4 and ARMD-5 commissioned.

Aug, 2085

ARMD-6 commissioned. Ritsuko and Yui develop and AT Field Emulator to protect the ship.

Sep, 2085

Breetai calls up Khyron's Botoru Batallion.

Oct, 2085

SDF-1 engages in Battle of Mars Base. ARMD-7 commissioned. SDF shipboard TV station begins broadcasting. Rick Hunter is promoted and given command of Vermillion Squadron.

Nov, 2085

Lisa Hayes, Rick Hunter, Maximillian Sterling and Ben Dixon become prisoners of the Zentraedi. The first contact between Terran and Zentraedi takes place.

Breetai given command of the Imperial Adoclas fleet. Breetai now commands over 1 million warships.

Lynn Minmei becomes Miss Macross.

SDF returns to Earth, landing in Atlantic Ocean.

Meeting with UEDC's government leaders in Alaska. Yui returns to NERV HQ in Matsushiro and decides to continue her research.

After being stranded in space for like over 2 years,

Mousse's reports falls on deaf ears. Admiral Hayes and the council order the SDF-1 back into space..

Miriya's Quadronno Battalion brought in.

Roy Fokker is killed by Miriya's Quadronno's. Makoto joins the RDF.

Dec, 2085

City of Toronto, in the Ontario Autonomous Region in North America, is annihilated when SDF' omnidirectional barrier overloads.

SDF, under orders to sortie away from Earth, once again leaves Earth's atmosphere.

Ben Dixon dies.

Jan, 2086

ARMD-8 commissioned.

The film Zhao Bai Lung (Little White Dragon) premieres, starring Minmei and Kyle.

Zentraedi begin seeking refuge aboard the SDF.

Grand Cannon No. 1 completed in Alaska.

The stellar wedding of the Terran Maxmillian Sterling and the Zentraedi Miriya Parino is broadcast.

Feb, 2086

A peace agreement is reached between SDF and Breetai's Adoclas fleet.Dolza's Main Fleet (4.8 million warships) arrives in Sol System, leaving Tirol virtually undefended.

Grand Cannon #1 fired at Main Fleet, marginal results. Zentraedi fire all reflex cannons at Earth, destroying 70% of the planets surface.

Dolza's fleet annihilated through Operation "Lynn Minmei". Surface battle begins.

SDF-1, very battle worn, manages a shaky landing in a crater near the Grand Cannon #1.

Lisa Hayes is promoted to Captain, Rick Hunter is promoted to Major.

Mar, 2086
First Robotech War ends. Atmospheric purification operation executed.
Postlude to First Robotech War

Apr, 2086

New United Government established. Education and transforming of Zentraedi into Micronians begins.

May, 2086

Reconstruction of New Macross City well underway. Restoration of Nature project begins.

Jun, 2086

Construction begins anew on SDF-2 at New Macross - transferred from Apollo Lunar Base. At the same time, patrols of Sol System begin, using Super Valkyries based at Apollo Base.

Nov, 2086

UEG appropriates funds for the development of new classes of Veritechs and Destroids.

Dec, 2086

Repairs to Breetai's ship are completed, and it is recommissioned as the main ship of the New United Forces. Percentage of Zentraedi converted to Micronians exceeds 50%. Southern Cross formed as local militia in South America.

Mar, 2087

First mixed-breed birth, to Max and Miriya Sterling. Southern Cross begins developing their own mecha and weapon designs.

Aug, 2087

Rioting by Zentraedi the world over begins occurring. Patrols begin for sake of maintaining public law and order. Part of Skull squadron sent to South America to train the pilots there on new combat routines. Max Sterling commanding

Sep, 2087

Study of plan for project for voyage to Robotech Masters' home-world begins.

Oct, 2087

Armed resistance by Zentraedi breaks out. Skull squadron recalled from South America. Operation to seize Robotech Factory Satellite begins.

Nov, 2087

Robotech Factory Satellite arrives at Earth. Robotech Factory Satellite breaks-down. Attack on New Detroit. Khyron's group goes into action. The Lynn Minmei hostage operation.

Dec, 2087

Khyron captures a small Protoculture Matrix. SDF-2 transferred to Macross Lake, to receive SDF-1's Reflex Furnaces

Late December 2087

Shortly after his successful raid on New Macross Khyron decides to destroy the SDF-I while on route to leave Earth and rejoin the Robotech Masters. During the assault Khyron's ship is severely damaged. He locks the navigation computer and rams both SDF's- I and 2. However, the AT Field Emulator Yui designs for the SDF protects it, and Khyron ends up grinding his ship into an energy field. The survivors of the tragedy continue to rebuild. While most of the crew is saved from the ship, Mousse orders the SDF-1 to be decommissioned, and is given a proper burial.

February 2088

The threat of unknown radiation from the alien ship commanded by Khyron and the unsalvaged remains of Khyron’s SDF class ship, forces the site of the final battle to be declared off limits. Limited resources forced the majority of Khyron and Azonia's Zentraedi army to remain behind in the South American Sector when their leaders made their deadly, last assault. Leaderless, the Zentraedi army has splintered into hundreds of tiny factions. Fighting between these factions is heavy, new leaders fight their way to dominance. Violence in and around the South American Sector is at its worst.

March 2088

The sight of New Macross is declared a historic landmark.

July 2088

The United Earth Government reemerges. Several nations, including the E.B.S.I.S., claim autonomy and refuse to join the U.E.G. Zentraedi internal conflicts have subsided as new leaders take control. However, organized Zentraedi assaults on human cities and outposts have increased dramatically. The South American Sector is clearly the source of most of these acts of aggression. The UEG request that the heads of NERV go with SDF-3 on its journey to Tirol.

August 2088

Max and Miriya Sterling are given command of the R.D.F. in the South American Sector. It is their job to contain the Zentraedi. The perimeters of the Zentraedi Control Zone are defined.

October 2088

The Argentine Quadrant is established as an international buffer zone to help combat the Zentraedi.

December 2088

Skull Squadron Commanded by Captain Maximillian Sterling recaptures the unfinished, South American Grand Cannon from the Malcontent group "Khyron's Fist" in a decisive battle. Construction begins to turn the site of the incomplete Grand Cannon into the R.D.F. military headquarters in the sector.

February 2089

The Army of the Southern Cross is formally established. The United Earth Government is moved to Monument city. The city becomes the unofficial capital of Earth.

March 2089

After the tedious task of salvaging the SDF's-I and 2 Construction of the SDF-3 begins onboard the Robotech Factory Satellite orbiting Earth.

May 2089

The Zentraedi Malcontent groups increase in hostility. They declare the Arkansas Protectorate an independent nation.

June 2089 - 2092

Battles take place between the Zentraedi Malcontents and the R.D.F. The Zentraedi are eventually put down and peace returns to the Earth. Yui and Mousse have another daughter, Marlene.

Fantoma System

689 A.R.

The Invid Regent completes his conquest of the Fantoma System and lays waste to Tirol in hopes of finding the Flower of life and destroying the Robotech Masters. Invid power currently controls Fantoma, Karbarra, Praxis, Garuda, Haydon IV, Spheris, and Peryton.



Construction of the SDF-3 is complete. Mecha compliment and other weapon systems are loaded on board. Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes are wed aboard the factory satellite. Mousse, Yui, and their children, along with the rest of the main NERV staff is assigned to the SDF-3, and the REF. Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant are put under the care of General Rolf Emerson and his wife Laura. The SDF-3 launches on schedule unfortunately Lynn Minmei and Janice Em are caught in the space fold.

696 A.R. - 2102

Sickened by the Regent's blood lust, the Regis leaves Optera for Praxis to carry on her Genesis Pit experiments. The Robotech Expeditionary Force arrives in Fantomaspace and engages the Invid; the fortress's spacefold generators are damaged. (The R.E.F. is unaware the fold has taken five Earth-years and believes the date to be 2020.) T.R. Edwards and his Ghost Squadron capture the living computer the Regent has left behind in Tiresia's Royal Hall. Tiresians Cabell and Rem inform the Plenipotentiary Council that the Robotech Masters are on their way to Earth. The Zentraedi contingent of the R.E.F. agree to be returned to full size so that they con mine Fantoma for monopole ore to fuel a new fleet of warships. The Sentinels ship Farrago approaches SDF-3 seeking assistance in battling the Invid and liberating the worlds of the Valivare system. The Masakis, Eva Pilots, Hunters, Grants, Sterlings, and others join the Sentinels campaign to destroy the Invid and leave Fantomaspace on the Farrgo. Mousse takes charge of the Sentinels. Ritsuko is left on Tirol in charge of EVA research and development, along with Maya, Kaji, and Misato. On Earth, Senator Wyatt "Patty" Moran and the apparent of the Army of the Southern Cross consolidate their power and take control of the Supreme Council. Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant grow up under the care of the Emersons.

2103 –

Karbarra is liberated. Tesla and Burak the Perytonian form a curious partnership. The Farrago is destroyed when it folds into orbit of Praxis. The G.M.U (Ground Mobile Unit.) Survives entry of Praxis' atmosphere and is stranded on the surface shortly after the Regis left for Haydon IV. T.R. Edwards holds secret talks with the Regent and begins a personal campaign to capture Lynn-Minmei. Colonel Jonathan Wolf, Shinji Masaki Ikari, Asuka Langley, Lieutenant Janice Em, Haydonite Sarna, Burak, and the Invid scientist Tesla return to Tirol. Tesla murders the simulagent of the Regent thinking it to be the real Regent. T.R. Edwards begins to hold sway over the R.E.F.'s Plenipotentiary Council. Colonel Wolff is accused of murder and piracy. Control of the Fantoma mining operations passes to Edwards. Wolff, Janice, Sarna, Burak, and Tesla steal the new prototype cruiser and lead a rescue mission to Praxis. Baldan the Spherisan dies and Praxis explodes. Teal begins to "shape" Baldan II from his crystal. Garuda is liberated, Rick and Lisa Hunter, Yui Ikari, Rem, and Karen Penn suffer the nearly fatal effects of the planets atmosphere. The Zentreadi leave Tirol orbit with the monopole ore needed for the fleet's ships. NERV steals the newest prototype of an Evangelion, which Yui has not been able to test well. The EVA's plug system tends to drive the pilot to berserker rages.

2105 –

The Sentinels arrive on Haydon IV shortly after the Regis's departure and "surrender" themselves to the occupying Invid Troops. Rem learns that he is actually a clone of Zor. Janice Em reveals herself to be an android. The Regiss looks through Yui Ikari's mind, and is able to see the process of the Human Instrumentality Project, as well as vital information on Evangelion which allows her to refashion her children so that her Race will evolve into its ultimate form. She leaves soonafter. Sarna is killed during the battle for the planet. The enigmatic Haydon becomes a source of interest to Lang and others. A prototype ship under the command of Major Carpenter leaves Tirol for Earth. Edwards loses his grip on the Council after troops sent out to hunt down the Zentraedi side with them instead. Wolff, Breetai, and Grant return to Tirol and clear the Sentinels of all charges. Haydon IV and spheris are liberated. Tesla leaves the Ark Angel for Optera to have it out with the Regent. Aurora is born to Miriya Sterling on Haydon IV. Edwards and the Ghost Squadron leave for Optera taking with them Lynn-Minmei and the awakened Invid living computer. Colonel Wolff gives pursuit but must stop short. The missing and supposedly dead Lynn-Kyle dies. Jonathan Wolff leaves for Earth to check up on Carpenter.


Edwards arrives in orbit of Optera chases off Tesla's attack fleet. The Zentraedi fleet arrive in orbit of Optera and commence an attack. Commander Breetai commits suicide to kill the Invid Regent. Exedore arrives on Haydon IV with the Council's peace proposal for the Regent. The Sentinels make their move against Peryton. Tesla and Burak sacrifice their lives to end the planet's curse. The Ark Angel folds for Optera and engage the Invid. General Thomas Riley Edwards is killed by Lynn Minmei with use of an EVA stolen from the NERV labs on Tirol. Arla-non the leader of the Praxin people, and Teal the Spherisan die.


Dr. Lang makes a series of shattering discoveries about the spacefold generators his teams have used in Carpenter and Wolff's ships. Exedore makes a startling discovery involving Zor and the historical Haydon. The battered Ark Angel begins a slow return to Tirol. Breetai's son Drannian, is born to the Zentraedi Kazianna Hesh.


Roy Hunter is born in Tiresia. The R.E.F. and Karbarrans begin work on the main fleet ships. Lang's Robotech teams perfect an integrated system of body armor and reconfigurable cycles known as Cyclones. Mousse leaves Tirol aboard an experimental space cruiser, his only cargo being Evangelion Unit One. The ship itself is outfitted with his experimental rendition of Fold Drives. The trip from Tirol to Earth takes one year. He arrives at Moon Base Alluce, and takes command of the base, preparing it for Combat with the Robotech Masters' arriving fleet.


Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant graduate from the Academy, and are assigned to the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps, which includes Corporal Sean Phillips, Sergeant Angelo Dante, and Private Louis Nichols. The Robotech Masters after a 20 year journey arrive in Earthspace, and the Second Robotech War begins. Moon Base Alluce is attacked, and in a last stand, Mousse is taken captive by the Robotech Masters. Major Carpenter's ship returns from Tirol and is destroyed. The Masters create a similar pilot Stimulus system to the Anti-Christ Plug, and implement its use for all bioroids. Zor Prime is introduced into the 15th A.T.A.C. as a spy for the Robotech Masters.


The End of the Second Robotech War. Zor Prime decides to join with NERV once the war with the Robotech Masters ends. Mousse's attempt at destroying the Masters' flagship results in the loosing of the Flower of Life from the Protoculture matrix concealed within the spacefold drives of the buried SDF-I; spores cover the planet, and the Flower takes root, alerting the Regis's sensor nebula. The Invid "disappear" from Tirol's corner of the galaxy. It is assumed that the Regis has begun her move against Earth. The Mars attack wing leaves Tirol for Earth about this same time Lazlo Zand dies after attempting to assimilate with an EVA clone which he had created in hopes of over synchronizing with the Evangelion so that he may have the full power given to Humans after Evolution. The Evangelion is created from Mousse’s DNA. Zand hopes to have the same power of Commander Masaki. Colonel Jonathan Wolff's ship returns to Earth. An anti-Invid underground is established before the Regis arrives. Mousse, along with Dana Sterling commandeer Wolff's ship after the drives are retrofitted with a device perfected by former 15th A.T.A.C. whiz kid Louie Nichols. Zor Prime also agrees to go back to Tirol with Mousse and Dana. Optera is fully seeded with the Flowers of Life and given over to the homeless Praxians, who rename the planet New Praxis. The Flowers become the crop for a new Protoculture matrix created by Rem, who has managed to tap some of his progenitor's-Zor's-memories. Max, Miriya, and Aurora Sterling arrive on Tirol from Haydon IV.


The Invid Regis arrives on Earth. Her newly hatched army of soldiers and mecha destroys the depleted remains of Earth's defenses. Hives and farms are set up worldwide, and some Terran captives are forced to work in labor camps, harvesting Flowers and processing nutrient for use in the Regis's terror weapons and battlecraft. Regis also uses her own Rendition of Evangelions, with the Mass Production design. Mousse, Zor Prime, Dana Sterling, Bowie Grant, Sean Phillips, Angelo Dante, Musica, Allegra, and many of the Masters clone population arrive at Tirol. The Shadow Fighters and neutron "S" missiles are developed by the R.E.F. for use in the assault against Earth. Nearly instantaneous spacefold becomes a reality for the main-fleet ships. Dana marries Zor Prime who becomes an apprentice to Yui Ikari, and Ritsuko Akagi on the principles of EVA science. Mousse agrees to lead the next assault on Earth, against Yui's wishes. Of course, he also does this because his daughter has been assigned to Mars Division.


Arrival and defeat of the Mars Attack Group sent by the R.E.F. Mousse, in the company of Commander Scott Bernard and his ragtag band of freedom fighters- Rook Bartley, Rand O'Keefe, Yellow Lancer, William "Lunk" Benovich, and Annie Labelle- begin a journey toward the Regis's central hive complex, known as Reflex Point. Marlene, Sera, and Corg are birthed by the Regis. Both are assigned to a newer version of an invid designed Eva.

The Jupiter attack wing arrives in Earthspace. Photojournalist Sue Graham dies on Earth during an Invid raid. The R.E.F. main fleet is folded for Earth. The Regis enacts her own version of the Instrumentality Project. She, and her children take leave of the planet in the form of a phoenix of mindstuff, annihilating nearly 3/4 of the Returning R.E.F. ships in the process. and ending the Third Robotech War. On Haydon IV, Veidt and Exedore are present at the reawakening of the planet's artificial sentience, the Awareness. (Max and his family are also on-planet. Cabell is on Tirol.) The SDF-3 fails to emerge from spacefold in Earthspace. The Ark Angel begins a search for the missing battle fortress.

Space Colonies are established for the purpose of human expansion into space.

The SDF-3 escapes from New Space. Earth's defense fleet is rebuilt. Mousse forms the United Earth's Sphere Alliance in order to bring together the nations of earth ruined in the wake of the Invid Catastrophe.

To lobby the Earth's nations for autonomy, the space colonists chose a man named Heero Yuy as their representative. The charismatic Yuy united the colonies, and his message of demilitarization and non-violence was well-received by the people of Earth. Mousse signs a treaty with the colonies to give each power of state. The SDF-4 is complete. The REF crew leave earth on a ten year voyage.

The Council becomes impatient with Mousse, and decide to annex the various city states which have been established throughout the Earth, one of which is the Sank Kingdom. One of Mousse's most giving supporters, Milliard Peacecraft is killed in the battle to annex the territory.

Mousse's act of recalling reinforcement troops is labeled by the council as an act of High Treason. He is labeled a Traitor, and his execution is ordered. Yui, fully knowing the Council's intentions orders the MP to report that Mousse was killed while resisting arrest and trying to evade execution. The Ikari Family and NERV retreat into the NERV US base in Nevada.

The "United Earth Sphere Alliance" becomes committed to bringing about peace through force of arms. In the name of peace and justice, the Alliance seizes control of the colonies.



But when Yuy was assassinated in the year AC 175, the colonists' hopes were crushed and the colonies thrown into turmoil. Mousse leaves the Nevada Base in order to establish some sort of arrangement of a cooperative Resistance to the Alliance. Mousse designs the Eva Unit 14, Unit 15, and instructs Yui to construct them only if in dire necessity. He also designs Unit 16, and Unit 17 with the Dummy Plug type system.

Under the pretext of restoring order to the colonies, the Alliance staged a second military intervention, using humanoid fighting machines called mobile suits to crush all opposition. The colonies were placed under martial law, and all communication and cooperation between colonies was prohibited. Even terrestrial nations sympathetic to Heero Yuy's philosophies, like Europe's pacifist Sanc Kingdom, were crushed by the Alliance's overwhelming force.

Behind the scenes, the Alliance is being manipulated by the Romefeller Foundation, the powerful industrial combine that develops and manufactures its mobile suits. The Alliance's elite mobile suit corps, the "Specials," is trained and staffed by the Romefeller Foundation. In fact, the Specials are nothing but a front for OZ, a Romefeller subsidiary which has been recast as a secret society. Answerable only to the Romefeller Foundation, OZ has infiltrated the highest levels of the Alliance military.



It's the year AC (After Colony) 195. Over the past century, humanity has established a number of space colonies, giant wheel-shaped constructs that are home to millions of people. These colonies are grouped in clusters at the five Lagrange points, areas of relative stability in Earth orbit.

After two decades of oppression, a network of rebels based in the space colonies decides to strike back at OZ and its puppet Alliance. Resistance groups at each of the five colony clusters work independently on their part of Operation Meteor, each retaining the services of one of the scientists who helped create the first mobile suits. Using the super-strong armor material Gundanium, the scientists construct advanced mobile suits called "Gundams," entrust them to five highly-trained, resourceful young pilots, and dispatch them to Earth to wage guerilla war against the Alliance.

Of the five Gundam pilots, the L5 colony cluster's Chang Wufei, L4's Quatre Raberba Winner, L3's Trowa Barton and L2's Duo Maxwell reach Earth without incident. Mousse leaves the colony in Unit One, in company of L1's Gundam pilot, a grim youth codenamed Heero Yuy after the martyred colonial leader. Their convoy is intercepted by Specials ace pilot Zechs Merquis. Before Mousse is forced to temporarily ditch his Evangelion at sea, he instructs Heero to carry on the operation without him, and they'll rendezvous in three days time at the most remote hanger at the airport. Staggering ashore, Mousse encounters Relena Darlian, daughter of the Alliance's foreign minister. Heero promises to kill her to conceal his identity, but it soon becomes clear he can't bring himself to carry out the threat due to his loyalty to Dorlan, one of Mousse’s supporters within the Colonies' council.

Terrified of the unstoppable Gundams, the Alliance generals send Relena's father to open negotations with the space colonies. Specials leader Treize Khushrenada is determined to thwart these peace overtures, and dispatches his trusted aide Lady Une to sabotage the diplomatic mission. Relena's father is assassinated by Lady Une and, with his dying breath, reveals Relena's true identity - she is Relena Peacecraft, princess of the Sanc Kingdom that was crushed by the Alliance thirteen years ago. What she doesn't yet know is that her long-lost brother Milliardo is in fact Specials ace Zechs Merquise.

The Alliance generals meet and decide to make peace with the colonies. When the Gundam pilots attack the meeting, cunning Treize evacuates the peace-minded generals in an OZ shuttle, making them irresistible targets. Mousse observes Treiz's actions, and OZ's take over. His target is no longer the Alliance Council, but the leaders of Oz. In a dreadful miscalculation, Mousse destroys the shuttle with the Alliance Pacifists.With the Alliance's leaders slain, OZ discards the "Specials" moniker and seizes power under its own name, launching Operation Daybreak to wipe out all resistance from the Alliance's terrestrial forces. The coup serves a more private purpose for Zechs, the erstwhile Milliardo Peacecraft, as he avenges his father's death by slaying the Alliance general who conquered the Sanc Kingdom.

With Earth under its complete control, OZ readies for the conquest of the space colonies. For this purpose the Romefeller Foundation has developed unmanned, computer-controlled mobile suits called "mobile dolls," faster and more lethal than any human pilot. Ordered to prevent these new weapons from being sent into space, the Gundam pilots find they've been lured into a trap when Lady Une orders them to surrender or witness the destruction of defenseless space colonies. Breaking off a duel with Zechs, Mousse having no intention to betray his new supporters within the Colonies, defiantly self-destructs his Evangelion Clone and buys enough time for Treize to overrule Lady Une's unsportsmanlike plan. The mobile dolls are delivered on schedule, as Trowa carries Heero's battered body to safety.

Compelled by honor, Zechs rebuilds Mousse's ruined EVA, then tracks down the wandering former Evangelion pilot, now Commander, and challenges him to a rematch at a remote Antarctic base. Zechs' activities do not escape the attention of the Romefeller Foundation, which dispatches a small army to the Antarctic to eliminate the rogue ace. Heero arrives in his Gundam, and with reinforcements, another Evangelion. He rendezvous with Mousse's team. Holding off the Foundation's hit squad, Zechs allows Heero and Trowa to escape.

The five Gundam pilots hijack shuttles and launch into space to defend their home colonies. But OZ uses its dreaded mobile dolls against the Alliance occupation forces, rather than the colonies themselves. After twenty years of the Alliance's tyranny, the colonies are easily persuaded to welcome OZ as a liberator. Submitting to OZ's benevolent guidance, the colonies begin arming themselves - thus funneling more money into the Romefeller Foundation's coffers - and brand the Gundam pilots who fought on the their behalf as troublemakers and subversives. Also, they label the Former Alliance Commander as a liability, and are given orders by OZ to eliminate him if they can find him.

Manifesting an unexpected split personality, Lady Une becomes OZ's saintly emissary to the colonies. In her more familiar persona, she orders the capture of the five scientists who created the Gundams, and has them brought to OZ's lunar base to develop new mobile suits under her supervision. Infiltrating OZ's ranks, Trowa and Kaworu are teamed up with the captured Heero; and Mousse. These four are put to work as test pilots to gather data on the new mobile suits, and the recently built Evangelion Unit 14, and Unit 15. With this, Mousse finds that his wife has been captured.

In their first combat foray, the four intercept Zechs Merquise as he launches into Earth orbit. Claiming to be an ambassador from the non-existent Sanc Kingdom, Zechs has come to make a goodwill tour of the space colonies and urge them to reject OZ's militarism. While he begins his diplomatic tour, Duo and Wufei, along with Eva Pilots Shinji, Asuka, and Kamui also attempt to attack OZ's lunar base and are captured in turn. All this is according to the plan of the five scientists, who have gathered all but one of their Gundam pilots while secretly using OZ's resources to rebuild Duo's and Wufei's ravaged Gundams. But one Gundam pilot remains unaccounted for...

Quatre has returned to his family's factory asteroid, in company of Makoto Masaki, Mousse and Yui's eldest son. Here, he sees his pacifist father's civilian employees pledge their allegiance to OZ, killing father Winner in the process. Temporarily unhinged by this traumatic experience, Quatre digs up the blueprints of the ancestor of all the Gundams - the never-completed, hideously destructive Wing Gundam Zero - and begins a one-man war against OZ. But the Wing Gundam Zero's brainwave control system turns out to have mind-warping side-effects. Makoto similarly taps into NERV's computers and finds the Design for Evangelion Unit 16, which Mousse had designed, and codenamed THANATOS. He had not completed the design due to the mind altering effects of the Plug System. Sliding into madness under the "Zero System"'s influence, Quatre extrapolates his father's pacifism into a mandate to punish the colonies for subscribing to OZ's militarism. Makoto is simply reeling on his anger against the Council, and then the colonies for their betrayal set against his father.

Lady Une dispatches Heero, Mousse and Trowa, and Kaworu to stop Quatre's and Makoto's rampage. In the course of the battle, Trowa sacrifices himself to save Heero; Quatre is shocked back into sanity, and returns with Heero to OZ's lunar base. But while they were away, the political situation has taken a turn for the bizarre.

To protest the Romefeller Foundation's plans - in particular, its increasing use of mobile dolls, which he considers dishonorable - Treize resigns his position as OZ's leader. OZ promptly splits into two factions, one loyal to the Foundation and another following Treize. The Romefeller faction takes over OZ's lunar base. Lady Une is shot, but not before saving Duo, Wufei, Kamui, Asuka, Shinji and the five scientists, along with Yui Ikari, from termination at the Romefeller faction's hands. Quatre is disabled by Heero and Kaworu. The five pilots and former commander, finding themselves caught in the middle of OZ's civil war, abandon the madness-inducing Wing Gundam Zero along with the Thanatos, and flee to Earth.

In order to eliminate the Treize faction, the Romefeller Foundation launches Operation Nova, a massive invasion of Earth using new mobile dolls based on the work of the five scientists. Zechs attempts to intercept the Foundation's forces, but he is just one man against legions.

On Earth, Mousse, Heero, Kaworu, and Quatre find their way to the Sanc Kingdom, resurrected under the leadership of Relena Peacecraft and dedicated to the principle of total pacifism. Accepting Relena's invitation, they soon find themselves busy fending off the Romefeller Foundation's incursions. They must also contend with the devious and conflict-loving Dorothy Catalonia, an "exchange student" from the Romefeller Foundation. Ostensibly there to study Relena's pacifist philosophies, Dorothy is actually the eyes and ears of her grandfather Duke Dermail, leader of the Romefeller Foundation.

The Foundation concludes Operation Nova with a massive assault on Treize's headquarters in Luxembourg. After ordering Heero to stay in the Sanc Kingdom with his son, Mousse arrives at Luxembourg just as Treize's forces collapse, and the former OZ leader gives him a dubious gift - the mysterious Gundam Epyon, equipped with its own Zero System. Also, Treize reveals that Yui had gone ahead and realized Mousse's design for the Evangelion Unit 17, codenamed Cerebus. Meanwhile, in space, the Romefeller faction attempts to lure Zechs to his death by using the Wing Gundam Zero as bait. The trap fails, instead giving the rebel ace a sorely-needed hardware upgrade. Mousse gives Heero the Epyon, which Treize had thought would be suited for the young Gundam Pilot.

With the Treize faction defeated, the Romefeller Foundation turns its attention to the pacifistic Sanc Kingdom. Heero, Quatre and the other defenders fight fiercely, but Relena surrenders rather than see her kingdom turned to rubble. Heero, driven to a berserker frenzy by the Gundam Epyon's Zero System, fights on until Zechs arrives from space, too late to save his family's kingdom from a second conquest. Zechs also has the Thanatos in tow, which recognizes the Cerebus as its enemy and initiates the Anti-Christ Program, attacking Mousse within. Mousse manages to shut it down, as Zechs and Heero duel each other until they collapse, trade Gundams, then gather their Zero System-addled wits and fight their way to freedom. Mousse conceals the Cerebus in one of the ruined compounds, and takes the Thanatos as his own. He also leaves Unit One concealed.

Now a captive of the Romefeller Foundation, Relena receives a surprising offer from Duke Dermail. To legitimize its conquest, the Foundation plans to declare the establishment of the "World Nation," and Queen Relena Peacecraft would make an excellent figurehead. Relena accepts, and then readies her address to the Romefeller Foundation's members. Amazingly, her appeal to the assembled executives - that, with total power now in their hands, they can afford to be magnanimous and strive for peace, justice and enlightened coexistence between Earth and the space colonies - is enthusiastically accepted. The Romefeller Foundation's members pledge to reject Dermail's empire-building and become good guys. They also opt to find the Former NERV Commander to reinstate him as an officer.

Just as the Romefeller Foundation dedicates itself to peace and justice, a new faction enters the fray. Masterminded by the wizened, enigmatic Quinze - the man behind Operation Meteor - rebellious OZ members and colonial resistance fighters form a militia group called "White Fang," dedicated to total independence for the space colonies. In short order White Fang occupies the lunar base, captures its mobile doll production facilities, and seizes the Foundation's ultimate weapon, the nearly-complete space fortress Libra.

Just as the Romefeller Foundation sought a figurehead, so too does White Fang. Quinze recruits Zechs Merquise as White Fang's token leader, and he proves to be just as difficult to control as his sister. In a worldwide broadcast, Zechs declares that, since Earth and the space colonies can never peacefully coexist, he will destroy Earth. As Zechs declares his intentions, the Romefeller Foundation's hapless Duke Dermail, attempting to reassert his leadership by personally leading an offensive to recapture Libra, is vaporized by White Fang's forces.

With the magnitude of the White Fang threat now apparent, the Romefeller Foundation's members are panic-stricken. Taking advantage of their abject terror, Treize stages a coup d'etat and seizes control of the World Nation. The deposed Relena leaves for space with the intention of talking some sense into her brother. Dorothy follows suit, with quite the opposite intention.

While all this frantic realignment is going on, Quatre and the Sanc Kingdom's other defenders have returned to space. They discover that Trowa is still alive, albeit temporarily amnesiac, and convince Duo to join their ranks.

Wufei, meanwhile, has seen his home colony destroyed and launched into a suicidal rampage. In the depths of his despair he encounters Heero, and the mind-warping effects of the Wing Gundam Zero's control system actually serve to straighten out his tormented mind and reveal the solution to the current crisis: Both Treize and Zechs must be eliminated for the sake of world peace. Soon all five Gundam pilots are gathered at the space fortress Peacemillion, ready to intervene in the escalating conflict.

As Treize begins fighting back against White Fang, Zechs employs his ultimate weapon, blasting Earth with Libra's powerful main gun despite Relena's attempted intervention. The Gundam Team, and Evangelions attempt to fight their way through White Fang's legions of mobile dolls to Libra itself, but Zechs holds them back by adapting the Gundam Epyon's Zero System into a remote control system through which Dorothy can coordinate mass quantities of mobile dolls.

Treize gathers the entire forces of the World Nation for an all-out assault on Libra. Before sending his soldiers to their doom, he attempts to resolve the situation by challenging Zechs to a one-on-one duel, but the no longer honor-obsessed Zechs responds by blasting him with Libra's main gun. Though Treize is prepared to let Zechs kill him, the comatose Lady Une awakens just in time to race to the scene and shove Treize out of the way of the lethal beam. With no other option, Treize orders the World Nation into a hopeless battle against White Fang's hordes of mobile dolls.

As the battle rages, the Gundam Team's allies physically ram Libra with the space fortress Peacemillion. The collision destroys Libra's main gun, but since its engines are still intact, Zechs orders Quinze to set Libra in motion toward Earth and thus create an impact large enough to render the planet uninhabitable. Breaking into the damaged Libra, the Gundam Team destroy the mobile doll control system and locate the five scientists.

Treize, having accepted evolution, is killed in mortal combat with Wufei, whereupon Lady Une promptly declares the surrender of the World Nation. But though the war is over, Zechs is still determined to carry out his threat to destroy Earth, and Libra's descent continues.

Now Zechs has one last loose end to attend to - his long-delayed showdown with Heero. The two rivals fight on and on throughout Libra's crumbling innards, while Lady Une has their pointless duel broadcast worldwide as a case study in the futility of war and hatred.

The five scientists attempt to use Peacemillion's engines to reverse Libra's course. Quinze, appearing too late to stop them, disappears along with the scientists in the explosion of Peacemillion's engines. Though the gambit is successful, a large fragment of Libra snaps off and continues its inexorable descent. While Treize and Heero battle to the Finish Mousse attempts the stop the descent of the falling Space station.

Dealing a crippling blow to Zechs' Gundam Epyon, Heero goes to help Mousse, and proceeds to the main engine of the remaining Libra fragment but discovers he's used up all his ammunition. Mousse decides to have Unit One in self-destruct in a desperate attempt to destroy the engine, Zechs appears and takes it out for him, promising they'll meet again as he's enveloped by the blast. As the falling hulk enters Earth's atmosphere, Mousse uses Unit One to prevent their fall by creating an AT Field, and even deriving energy from the EVAs Own protective field. He orders Heero to use is cannon. Heero blows away the remaining debris. After he recovers the Wing Gundam Zero's mighty rifle and demolishes the last fragment of Libra with one final, desperate shot. He recovers the limp Unit One, which still holds the unconcious Commander, barely alive. Towing Unit One, Heero staggers back to earth. His last comment refers to Mousse's ideals actually representing the meaning of pacifism. "Anyone can talk of peace, but it takes a true pacifist to act on his belief, and try to educate the small minds at work…by fighting them. Commander, it seems you've redeemed yourself in the eyes of your people…Then again, you never needed redemption, just rest."

With Zechs and Treize out of the picture, peace is indeed at hand. Representatives of the space colonies make peace with the World Nation, establishing the Earth Sphere Unified Nation. Mousse is reinstated as a Commander, but he leaves the command to Fuyutsuki, and makes a return to the Clamp Academy as a professor. Relena and Lady Une, who take their places in the new world order and devote their energies to serving humanity, while the Gundam pilots quietly retire... for now.


At the climax of the Eve Wars, on December 24 of the year AC 195, the armies of the World Nation and White Fang met in a ferocious battle. World Nation leader Treize Khushrenada was slain, White Fang leader Zechs Merquise disappeared, and Earth was saved from destruction by the intervention of the five Gundam pilots. Having witnessed the consequences of war and hatred, the people of Earth and the space colonies put aside their differences and together founded a new world government.

Under this newly-formed Earth Sphere Unified Nation, a year has passed in peace.

The government and the populace have disarmed themselves, and almost every remaining mobile suit has been destroyed. Deciding to follow suit, Gundam pilots Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, and Quatre Raberba Winner place their mighty mobile suits inside an asteroid and send them on a one-way voyage into the sun. But even as they bid their Gundams farewell, a new conflict is drawing near.

Relena Darlian, now deputy foreign minister of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation, is abducted during a diplomatic visit to the colony X-18999 at Lagrange point 3. Her captor is the sinister child Mariemaia Khushrenada, heir to the Barton Foundation's business empire and daughter of the late World Nation leader. Mariemaia plans to follow in her father's conquering footsteps, and hopes that the former Queen Relena will serve her as a propaganda tool.

Meanwhile, X-18999 and the Barton Foundation that controls it are attracting the attention of the former Gundam pilots. Trowa, visiting the colony with his traveling circus, stumbles upon the Barton Foundation's suspicious activities. Heero and Duo note Relena's disappearance and set out to investigate, dispatching Quatre to retrieve the sun-bound Gundams. And their former allies Lucrezia Noin and Sally Po, now agents of the government's Preventer intelligence agency, have deduced that X-18999 is the site of covert mobile suit manufacturing.

Trowa already knows who is behind Mariemaia's planned rebellion - her scheming grandfather Dekim, patriarch of the Barton Foundation. Though Dekim helped plan Operation Meteor, in which the space colonies struck back against the tyrannical Alliance by dispatching five Gundams to wreak havoc on Earth, his goal was to seize power rather than to avenge the oppressed colonists. Now Trowa attempts to assassinate Dekim and stop his latest scheme, but his attack is foiled by an unexpected enemy... the fifth Gundam pilot, Chang Wufei.

It is discovered that Dekim Barton intended to exploit Operation Meteor to place his own family in control of Earth. His son Trowa was to pilot one of the Gundams, and his granddaughter Mariemaia would one day inherit the reins of power. Realizing this, the other rebels slew the real Trowa Barton, and a nameless underling assumed his name and replaced him as a Gundam pilot. This imposter is the youth we know today as Trowa.

Heero and Duo arrive at X-18999, fighting their way past the colony's defenses with some help from Noin and Sally, only to be intercepted by both Wufei and an apparently-traitorous Trowa. Their hijacked mobile suits destroyed, Heero and Duo escape into the colony's interior on foot. Meanwhile, Mariemaia issues her declaration of war against the Earth Sphere Unified Nation. Listening to Mariemaia's words with dread, Preventer chief Lady Une then receives an unexpected visitor - Zechs Merquise, who has returned from oblivion to sign up as a Preventer agent. Zechs volunteers to go back to Earth, and convince Mousse to take command once more.

At X-18999, Heero and Duo watch as Mariemaia and Relena depart the colony. Meanwhile, at the asteroid MO-III in Earth orbit, Dekim readies his mobile suit legions for a full-scale planetary invasion. Suddenly, a lone mobile suit appears, piloted by none other than Zechs. Armed with a devastating mega cannon, Zechs targets MO-III and prepares to destroy it, but Dekim counters by threatening to carry out the true Operation Meteor and drop X-18999 onto Earth.

Now, almost two years later, the true scope of Operation Meteor is revealed. The original intention was to bombard Earth with falling space colonies, then use the Gundams to seize control of the ravaged planet. Rejecting this genocidal scheme, the five Gundam pilots absconded with their mobile suits to wage a more traditional guerilla war against the Alliance.

At X-18999, Heero, Duo, and Trowa team up to disable the colony drop program, while Sally frees Trowa's circus troop and the other civilian hostages. With Dekim's threat nullified, Zechs is at last free to destroy MO-III, but it's too late. Dekim has held him at bay long enough to launch all of his forces, and Mariemaia's armies are even now descending onto the government capital in Brussels.

Through a dangerous and difficult manuever, Quatre has managed to turn around the sun-bound asteroid and bring the Gundams back to Earth. Heero retrieves his Wing Gundam Zero and then confronts Wufei, whose bitterness at being a leftover warrior in a world without war has led him to side with Mariemaia. The two Gundams battle their way through re-entry, until Heero, tired of the endless fighting, breaks off the fight and plunges into the sea. Zechs goes delivers a communique to NERV HQ on the situation, and urgently demands the support of the Evangelion Units.

Meanwhile, Mariemaia's mobile suits have seized control of Brussels, and she, Dekim, and Relena retreat to a fortified bunker. Zechs and Noin take on the hundreds of enemy mobile suits, and even when Duo, Trowa, and Quatre appear with their Gundams, our valiant heroes find themselves hopelessly outnumbered. Unit One makes a drop nearby, Mousse at its helm. Moments later, the rest of the Evangelion Units make their drop as well. Mousse takes command of local forces, and coordinates an attack that destroys most of the enemy mobile suits.

Mariemaia and Dekim prod Relena to ask the defenders to lay down their arms, but she instead exhorts the civilian population to rise up and struggle for peace themselves. And then, above the bunker, Heero's battered Wing Gundam Zero appears...

Again and again, Heero fires on the bunker, until at last its barrier is broken. As his last shot strikes home, Lady Une dashes into the bunker's control room and shoves Relena and Mariemaia out of harm's way. Outside, the tide of battle has turned; Wufei has relented and rejoined his comrades, and the people themselves, responding to Relena's challenge, march en masse to the shattered bunker to stand up for the cause of peace. Mousse calls for reinforcements for the local NERV base in Germany to secure the territory.

Dekim calls Mariemaia to his side, but Relena stops the child and tries to reason with her. Dekim shoots at the meddling Relena, but it's Mariemaia who takes the bullet, whereupon the villainous Dekim is promptly plugged by one of his own underlings. Heero staggers into the ruined bunker and pulls a gun on the wounded Mariemaia; finding his gun empty, he sighs that he doesn't have to kill anyone anymore, and passes out himself. Mousse enters the bunker with a swarm of NERV Military Police, taking the head. He recovers the battered Heero, and leaves the command to Lady Une as he leaves.

Mariemaia's soldiers surrender, and their weapons and uniforms are burned. In turn, the Gundam pilots give their Units to NERV for safe keeping. Evangelions and Gundams, Even Zechs’ Epion are left in the buried, and abandoned Geofront at Hakone. At last true peace is at hand, because the people have seized it for themselves rather than allowing others to fight their battles and decide their fates for them.

Lady Une takes the recovering Mariemaia to visit Treize's grave. Wufei and Zechs join the Preventer intelligence agency, working side by side with Noin and Sally to keep the peace. Duo returns to his salvage business, Trowa rejoins his circus, and Quatre helps complete the construction of the X-18999 colony. Relena resumes her state functions. And Heero vanishes into the crowd until he is needed again. Misato and Kaji marry.

Heero, Duo, Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei are registered at Clamp Academy. Zechs transfers to NERV, and Mousse leaves the command to him, Finally able to return to his beloved teaching, and a quiet life with his Yui. Shinji and Asuka marry. Kaworu becomes Zechs’ second at the Matshiro base while Fuyutsuki takes also resumes his teaching at Clamp Academy.

A monument is erected in honor of those who were lost: Among the names. Ranko Saotome, The Clamp Academy Detectives, Roy Fokker, Captain Gloval, Breetai, and Sue Graham…among others.