Shinji Ikari
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Shinji Ikari [3rd Child]

He is the son of Gendou and Yui Ikari. He hated his father, and loved his mother, who died when he was very young. He does, however, consider Mousse more as actual family than he does Gendou. He doesn’t like Ranko at all, but he cares for Rei, and knows that
Mousse was happier around Yui as well. He tries to urge Mousse to stay with Rei because he feels more comfortable around the two when they are together. To Shinji, they represent his ideal family. He is called to NERV, by Gendo, when Mousse is injured in
an accident while activating Eva Unit 00Prime. Later, Shinji is assigned to pilot Unit00 Prime, but he can sortie in Unit 01 when necessary.

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