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Phoenix Chronicles Episode Five: Here I Go Again, On My Own."


Mousse sat in the library. It had been after midterms, so he had a huge headache

which made him feel like his head was literally spinning. He supposed he shouldnít have pushed himself as hard as he did. Maybe it was because he was trying to get over Yui, and that made his headache worse. For some reason, he couldnít even remember her face, her voice. He couldnít even remember that day at the beach. It was as if leaving put a veil over his mind, and all the pleasant memories, and the painful ones alike, were blocked out. He decided to put his head down.

"Are you alright?" asked a girl, standing over him.

"Go away." He muttered.

"Excuse me, but Iím trying to help." The girl snapped.

He had a huge headache, and arguing was the last thing on his mind, he was going to start with complaining about how bad his week had been, and began, "Well, I didnít ask for-" he looked up at her, and stayed quiet for a moment. That, he figured, was the smartest thing heíd done all week.

She was about 5í2, and she had short brown hair, and her eyes were dark brown, and she was slender. She wore a large white sweater, a black skirt, and some small black boots.

"You didnít ask for what?" she demanded.

"No, Iím sorry. Iíve just had a bad week. I didnít mean to take it out on you." he told her, bowing his head several times, though he wore a smile each time he did.

"I just saw you there, and I thought you were hurt or something." She replied, and he could see she was starting to smile.

"No, donít worry." He told her, "Youíre lucky you didnít find me during finals week, then youíd really wish you had let me sleep." And he smiled when he saw her giggle at that, and stood up to talk to her.

"Iím Maya Ibuki, pleased to meet you." she bowed slightly.

"Iím Hikaru Teníou." He returned it, smiling as he did so.

"Thatís an interesting name." She commented.

"Do you know what it means?" he asked a bit nervously.

"I think itís Ďthe light that rules the skies.í Or something like that." She answered, putting her index to her chin.

"Or something like that," Mousse replied modestly, then his head flared, making him sit down again.

"Are you okay?" she asked, grabbing his arm.

"Iíll live. I just need to get back to my apartment." He said, rubbing his temples.

"Let me help."

"You can. See?" he said standing up. Then he went on, " Iíll walk on my own. And all you have to do is turn that pretty smile of yours my way, and thatíll be my fuel to keep going."

That made her blush, and he reached up to tap her shoulder, saying, "All you have to do, now, is give me some room to stand up."


"No, no. Donít be sorry."

"That fuel you were talking about."

"What? Your encouraging smile?"

"Does that apply to movies, and restaurants, as well?" she teased.

"That dependsÖ"

"On what?"

"How much youíre willing to spend."

"You jerk."

"Just kidding." He said dodging her slap, "You can pay for half."

"What?" she demanded, raising her hand higher into the air.

He put his arm around her, and said, "Howís about we go to a party my friend is throwing?"

"Iíll think about it."

"Okay, then. How about a movie? Friday night."

"Do I get to pick the movie?" she asked.


"Theyíre going to do a vintage classic at the Impact Theatre."


"I think itís called, ĎI Know What You Did Last Summer.í Or something."

"Well, okay." Mousse had to strain a smile this time.

"Or if youíre in the mood, we can watch the other feature."

"Whatís that?" Mousse wanted to know.

"Oh, Ď9&1/2 Weeksí." She purred.

"My headís all better now." He said.

"Okay, so why donít we go make our own movie?" she told him.

"That sounds fine to me." He said.

Ritsuko wrote to her mother of her upcoming trip, her last letter before seeing her

mother again. She wrote,

Dear Mother,

Congratulations on the completion of your theorems for the Magi. I have good news, as well. Itís decided that I will officially join Gehirn.. Iíll start working on Project E as early next month.

She rode on the train back to Kyoto, which had been renamed Tokyo 3, and she supposed it was a homecoming of sorts, but Yui and Mousse wouldnít be there to welcome her. It made her feel empty knowing that they wouldnít be waiting for her, but she knew that Mousse had no reason to stay with Gendou after Yui died. Mousse didnít mind suffering, but he didnít put himself through it because he enjoyed it.

She sat and looked at the buildings flashing by her, and thought, {Did I miss all

this?} Then she remembered that she had gone to the University of Tokyo 2 with Mousseís company, which made it a very fun trip. She criticized Misato, but she didnít feel like she was any better when she thought about that train-trip. That was one of the only times she felt like a kid. For some reason, she felt like she was so much older when she was around Misato. Maybe it was because she felt like she always had to look after Misato. Although, on a number of occasions, Misato proved she could take care of herself. Misato also joined Gehirn, and Ritsuko had watched her during training. The blonde was very impressed with that girl who had been catatonic eight years before. It was just amazing to see how Misato had adjusted so well to everything.

She arrived at Tokyo 3, but didnít report to Gehirn headquarters until the next morning. She began to wander how big the place was, wandering through corridor after corridor. She was beginning to think sheíd never be able to find anyone else, and sheíd wander the place for years and never find her mother. She began to get nervous, and almost jumped when she heard one of the guards call to her.

"Who are you?" he snapped, pointing a gun toward her. She wondered if security had increased because what happened to Yui.

"Iím Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, technological development section. Hereís my ID." She handed him her card, which had her picture with her new blonde hair. She wondered how her mom would react, since she hadnít seen it yet. The guard presented a mini-scanning device out of his belt, it looked like those sliding machines of long-ago which were used in banks and supermarkets. He slid her card through it, and her information appeared on the small screen that had been built into the device.

{I wonder if he gets cable on that.} she thought, and then quickly pushed it aside she started to react. Then, she explained, "I came to see how the new command center installation was coming along, but I got lost."

He handed her the ID card, and barked, "The Commander and Dr. Akagi will see you in the command center, maíam." Then, he offered a brief solute, and turned to lead her. After what she felt was an hour, they arrived at a steel door. She was beginning to think the guard didnít know his way around either. "Two wandering souls." She muttered.

"Excuse me, maíam?" he asked over his shoulder.

"Nothing." She told him. She thought about what she had just said, and again she wished for something familiar. She wished for Mousse, but he wouldnít come back on a bet. She wasnít sure if he even gambled. Then, she went past the guard, and into the command center.

Naoko stood in front of Gendou, who sat in one of the chairs that would belong to one of the Enlisted. Rating Technicians. He wore glasses now, as he had when Yui had disappeared.

"Are you alright?" she asked him now.

"Yes, I have no regrets concerning my work." He replied.

"Youíre lying. You still canít forget about Yui, can you?" she snapped, and when she said Yuiís name, Gendou could hear the hate in her voice, and that made him smile.

She had mistaken that smile for love, and put her arms on his shoulders. "But thatís fine with me. " She moaned, as she bent down to kiss him, and as she did, his eyes remained open as he looked at her mockingly. {Old hag, you must really think I actually care about you.} he thought, watching the skin around her eyes crease, and the smell of her sickened him. It was one of those idiotic perfume the youngsters used nowadays, "Passion," and sweat.

As the two watched, Ritsuko looked on, and felt ashamed of her mother. It took her aback some, so she waited until more people arrive at the command center. Then, she made her entrance.

"Hello, Ritsuko," Naoko said, hugging her daughter. "Welcome back."

"Hello, mother." She strained a smile, then she turned to face Gendou, "Hello, Commander."

"Why Ritsuko, weíve known each other for some time, now. You may call me Gendou if you wish." He told her, through one his clever smiles.

"It would be lack of respect, Commander, and after all, I just arrived." She replied in a controlled voice.

{Clever girl.} he thought. He thought perhaps she would be of some use as well, maybe even more useful than her mother, and that made him think of the look Naoko had at the mention of Yuiís name. This only convinced him that he had get the older Akagi to hurry and finish the Magi, and after that much was done, he would do away with her.

Mousse helped Nokoru get back to his apartment after the last party. He supposed that Nokoru would have a huge hangover, considering all the chugging contests his friend volunteered for. At least he was light, so Mousse was able to carry him on his back.

"We told you not to chug all that, you moron." Suo muttered.

"Yes, father. As usual, youíre always right." Nokoru muttered.

"Is he going to be alright?" asked Maya.

"Yeah, sure." Mousse told her.

"Yeah, sure he will," Suo added, "by next week he might even be able to stand up."

"Weíre supposed to be helping him, Suo. Weíre not supposed to make him feel worse." Mousse said defensively.

Then Mousse looked his current girlfriend and gave her an assuring smile. She was wearing a gray sweater he had given her, and Mousse took this as a good sign Also, she wore the same black skirt she had when they first met in the library.

"Iíll help you take him, if you like, Hikaru-kun." Maya volunteered.

Mousse shook his head slowly, and smiled back at her. "Donít worry so much."

"Will he be alright?" She asked again, looking at Suo. He didnít say a word.

"Yeah. He just needs to sleep it off." Mousse told her.

"Hikaru-kun," Akira said, "Weíll take care of him. I mean, you and Maya have other plans, right?"

Suo and Akira took Nokoru, each of them putting one arm over their shoulder, and then began to walk.

"But you guys." Mousse protested.

"Look, Nokoru can be a total idiot sometimes," Suo began.

"Suo!" Mousse snapped.

"But that doesnít mean have to miss a date over it." Suo finished.

"But, Suo-" Mousse said.

The detective let Akira hold Nokoru, while he went over to Mousse. Then, he grabbed his friendís neck in a headlock, and told Maya, "Excuse us." And then he put his over his mouth to whisper something to Mousse.

"Look, do you like her?"

"Well, yeah."

"Well, then. Go get her."


"Look, even Nokoru would tell you to take this chance. Sheís a great girl. And weíre glad to see that you set yourself up real well. In fact, weíre all proud of you, Hikaru-kun. We want you to be okay, especially after all the shit youíve been through. Now go!" With that, he let go of Mousse and shoved him towards Maya.

"Well, letís get going." Mousse told her.

"And your friend?" Maya asked.

"The guys said theyíd take care of him." Mousse told her, still looking at the guys, over his shoulder as he walked away with Maya. She looked back with him, and they were hauling Nokoru away.

When she turned away, Nokoru was standing upright, and the three of them waved at the couple, and Mousse couldnít help laughing a bit.

"Bye, bye." Akira shouted.

"Have fun." Suo added.

"Donít stay out too late!" Nokoru shouted, and Suo elbowed him to be quiet. She looked back quickly, and saw them hauling Nokoru back to their office, and then she faced Mousse, who looked back at her.

"Something wrong?" he asked softly.

"Not at all." She whispered.

"You know, for the first time in a long time, I actually believe that." He told her, facing the setting sun.


Mousse sat in the closed café, waiting for Maya. He had helped the manager, and had tutored her during the past two semesters, so she gave him a copy of her key for the café, and he would go in there when he would talk with Maya. It was one way to guarantee that they wouldnít be interrupted. He was reading a brochure she had given him. It read, "The Future Is Now with GEHIRN," He couldnít help feel some uneasiness, and more so when he read a listing of the staff, especially when he read the name, "Gendou Ikari," and that perturbed him to no end, but he couldnít remember why. He didnít even know how she could have gotten the pamphlet he now held. He had also received one, and threw it away soon afterward, but he did get the letter from Ritsuko that came with him. It read,

Dear Hikaru-kun,

I have joined Gehirn, and I am now in line for the head of the technological department. I wish you could come here, too, but I know how you feel about this place. Hikaru, can you try to come? At least once? I mean, youíre one of the best friends I have. The only friend, actually. I just wish you could see the amazing things weíve done here. You wouldnít even recognize it. Iíll understand if you donít want to come, but at least keep in touch.




"Hikaru-kun," Maya said, as she waved at him from the entrance. "Iím sorry Iím late."

"Itís alright." He told her.

"So what do you think?" she asked motioning to the brochure.

"I donít like it." He admitted, immediately regretting it when he saw the hurt and angry look on her face.

"Why not?" she wanted to know. "They have a great technology division, and you know how much I love computers!" she argued.

"Yes, I know that, but thereís something I donít quite trust. Itís all too suspicious." He said, his voice going cool.

"But itís what I want!" she told him.

"Maya, Iím not telling you whether or not you should go. However, if you do go, I canít go with you." he said calmly.

"Youíre not?" she asked softly.

"Iím sorry."

"Look, Hikaru-kun, you are extremely intelligent. I mean all the professors love you. Youíd probably get in with a high rank." She reasoned for him.

"Maya, itís not what I want." He told her.

"Why not?" she wanted to know.

"I told you. I have my doubts about that place."

"But Hikaru-kun, itís what Iíve always wanted." She pleaded.

"Like I said, Iím not stopping you. Iím not forbidding you, and even if I did, would you listen to me?"

"Well, I-" she found she couldnít answer. She realized she was going to sacrifice her personal life once she said good-bye to him. It wasnít fair.

He stood up, and kissed her. "Look. Iíll go with you to the train station, and Iíll see you off. But I canít go there. I just have a really bad feeling about that place, Maya, and I donít think you belong there, either."

She pushed him away, "Who are you to tell me where I belong? You donít even know where you belong!" she sneered. She saw he was taken a back, and then he reached out to hold her.

"I donít want to lose you." he said.

"Then, come with me," she sobbed into his shoulder.

"I canít. I canít go there. I just hope that you understand one day, Maya."

"Please, come with me. I donít want to lose you, either" she pleaded.

"Iím not asking you to choose. If you feel this is right for you, then do it. But, I canít go there. Itís that place, those people. I canít go with you. Iím sorry." He tried to hold her, but she pushed him away, and Ritsukoís letter fell from his sweater pocket. She picked it up, and looked at it.

"You should be," she sobbed shoving the letter into his chest, then she grabbed her bag, and left the café. Mousse stood by the booth they sat in whenever they came here. He sat down next to the gray sweater he had given her, and put his head down. His headache had returned, making his head spin. Even when the restaurant opened, he felt nauseous, and this time, no one approached him, or asked if they could help. He didnít expect anybody to do so either. He was used to being alone.

Gendou stood with a young girl over a thick glass plate, which showed the Geo front. She looked like Yui in many ways, save for the blue hair, and the crimson eyes, which were intense, and not nearly as lively as Yuiís brown eyes had been. The girl was a product of bio-genetic engineering, created from the several blood samples he had of Yui. It was Gendouís desire, to see Yui again, that spurred him to create the little girl that now stood next to him. She wore a simple casual red dress with shoulder straps, a pink shirt underneath, and a pair of red shoes.

"Öand this is Gehirn Headquarters." Gendou told her.

Naoko and Ritsuko approached the would be father and daughter pair, both of them ready for work after having gone to breakfast in the mess hall. "Good Morning, Commander. Did you bring your child today?" she asked. Then, she took a closer look, and amended, "Oh, wait. I couldíve sworn that you had a son."

"Oh, no. This isnít Shinji. Iíve decided to take care of an acquaintanceís child. Her name is Rei Ayanami." Gendou told them.

"Hello, Rei, Iím Ritsuko," the younger Akagi said cheerfully.

Naoko took a closer look, and thought, {She resembles someone.} Then she thought about the picture of Yui carrying Shinji on her back. She had a quick glance before Gendou tossed it into the fire. {Yes, itís Yui.} she thought angrily.

Naoko had gone through the hospitals for the local areas, and checked the data banks that went back to even ten years, and found no record for such a person. "All the records containing Rei Ayanami have been deleted? Theyíre all blank. Whatís going on?"

Mousse saw Maya at the train station. It took all the courage he had to go there, but he just didnít want to let her go. He went into a gift shop nearby, and had picked up a cushion with a two cats drawn on it. He saw Maya, now. She was crying, and holding a one suitcase, though just that one seemed too heavy for her to carry.


"Go away."

"No, listen to me. I want to be with you, and the reason why I canít go there is because I lost someone that I loved very much, in that place. Now, I know it seems like Iím running away, and maybe I am. But I do know that Iíve grown to love you, and I wonít forget you."

"Hikaru, I-"

"Listen to me!"

She nodded.

"Here," he gave her the cushion he had bought. It was soft and cute, like her, and most of all, it was durable. "Donít forget me."

"I wonít." she whispered, and then she moved to kiss him one last time. Then, she said good-bye, boarded the train, and she was out of his life.

On the train, she saw him wave at her, and she waved back with a smile, holding the pillow up to the window. As soon as the train started going fast enough, she held the pillow close to her. Then she started to cry, and cry. She couldnít help it. She cried until she felt like she was going to burst. She got sleepy, and leaned back to sleep on the seat, and as she fell asleep, she whispered, "Goodnight, Hikaru. I love you."

(The Completion of the Super Computer Magi.)

"Magi Casper," Naoko dubbed the first of the three large drives that sat in the control center platform below. She was alone in the control center, on the highest platform with only her daughter.

"Magi Balthazar," she dubbed the second, and the third she dubbed, "Magi Melchior." She looked over the three drives proudly, and went on to say, "The Magi are the three aspects of myself. They are myself as a scientist, myself as a mother, and myself as a woman. The three aspects that combine to make one whole."

"The three faces of mother, and all thatís left is to turn the power on." Ritsuko said, sharing her motherís pride. Her mother nodded, and then she started to gather her things. "Iíll be leaving early today. Misato just got back."

"Oh, Iíd heard that sheíd joined Gehirn, in Germany if I recall." The older Akagi mentioned.

"Yes, sheís with the third branch." Ritsuko told her.

"So, sheís going be having a long distance relationship." Her mother guessed.

"It didnít work out." Ritsuko said knowingly.

"Your friends broke up? But they always seemed like such a perfect couple." Naoko said, a bit shocked.

"The interaction of men of women isnít very logical." Ritsuko said, trying not to sound bitter. She had received a response from Mousse a few days ago. He had told her he couldnít come Gehirn for many reasons, not including Ritsuko, herself. She couldnít help feeling disappointed, though.

"Youíre always so cool, and analytical about these things. Arenít you afraid you might lose your chance at happiness?" Naoko asked, sitting down. She was prodding Ritsuko to talk about her relationship with Yuiís ward.

"First, I have to find a definition for happiness. Itís been a while since I went out." Ritsuko said, leaving, knowing what her mother wanted, but not able to bring herself to talk to her about those things. The only person she could speak with about those things was dead.

"Have a good one." Naoko told her, giving up.

"See ya," Ritsuko waved at her mother one last time, went out the steel hatch, and never saw her again.

Naoko sat there, looking proudly over the drives she had finished She heard the hatch slide open, again. When she looked over at the door, she saw Rei standing there, looking at her.

"Did you need me for something, Rei?"

"I lost my way, Doctor."

"Is that so? Well, do you want to with me, then?" Naoko asked gently.

"No, thanks." The girl told her flatly.

"But how are you going to get home all by yourself?" Naoko asked trying to maintain her smile.

"Thatís not your business, old hag."

"Old hag?" the doctor repeated.

"I can find my way home by myself, old hag."

Naoko felt like she had just been slapped, but she recovered quickly, and gave the little girl a menacing look. "You shouldnít call people an Old hag, Rei."

"But you are an Old Hag, arenít you." The girl replied, starting to smile.

"Youíre making me very angry, Rei. Iíll have to tell Commander Ikari about this, you little brat."

"The commander is the one who calls you that."

Now, the older Akagi finally understood. She had been used, all this time, when she thought Gendou actually felt some love for her.

Rei could see she had affected the scientist, but stepped closer, and went on, "He says, ĎThat old hag is annoying. That old hag is of no use anymore.í"

Naoko heard the words, and now, in this moment of revelation, she could see herself kissing Gendou, moaning lovingly, and him only sitting there with an indifferent look on his face. No. It was hate she saw in his face. She could only see his hateful face, and hear those words over and over.

When she looked to Rei, she could hear those words spew from her mouth,

"That old hag is annoying. That old hag is of no use anymore."

"That old hag is annoying. That old hag is of no use anymore."

"That old hag is annoying. That old hag is of no use anymore."

Then, she looked at the little girl closer, and saw the face of Yui Ikari, laughing at her, and chanting. Laughing and laughing, and then she heard Gendouís cold laugh join Yuiís. She reached out and grabbed at Yuiís neck, thinking, {Why canít you just Die?}

She squeezed little Reiís neck with both hands, wringing and throttling the little girl, crying angrily as she did so, and seething, "You little Bitch! Youíre replaceable, too! Did you know that, Rei?! You can be as easily replaced as me!"

When Naoko looked down, again, she saw Reiís little hands go limp, and she realized what she had just done. That part of her, that was a mother, felt betrayed for what she had done to a child that very well might have been her own. She cried uncontrollably as she dropped the little corpse, that only seemed to ooze onto the floor. Then, she stepped onto the chair, and onto the console. After that, she only saw the Casper drive coming up to meet her as she fell to her death.

SEELE had no choice but to dissolve Gehirn. In its place, a new organization, known as NERV was formed. All of the personnel from Gehirn transferred to NERV, except of course for Dr. Naoko Akagi. After the incident, the coroner had managed to salvage her brain, and before it died, they were able to place it within the core of the drive called Casper, as per the order of Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, who became the new head of the technological division.

Gendou, who hadnít been discouraged at all by this, sent a clone of Rei that was physically nineteen years of age to the Clamp Academy, University division where she would maintain surveillance on Mousse for the next few years, and eventually convince him to return to NERV.

Rei was sitting on the steps of the library when she saw Mousse sitting by the tree, reading a book, and it looked like he didn't want to be bothered, but she wanted to talk to him. So she took the initiative and sat down next to him.


"What is it?"

"I just noticed you were by yourself here."

"I like being alone."

"You don't know what alone is.," she said.

"And what do you know about it?" He almost snapped.

"I know enough, and I know when a person hurts from being alone, because I hurt

like that too." She told him analytically.

"Are you hurting now?" he asked her.

"It doesnít matter. At least you have a choice." She told him.

"A choice?"

"Yes...Oh, by the way my name is Rei Ayanami."

" Iím Hikaru Teníou, but you can call me Mousse."

"Pleased to meet you." she told him

"You think?" his voiced dripped of sarcasm.

"No. I know."

"That was a joke."

"I don't understand."

"Nevermind, Want some of my lunch. It's lamb. I made it."

"I dislike meat." She saw Mousse look down, embarrassed,

"But, I suppose I could try some." She grabbed the little utensils, cut a piece of

lamb, and Mousse looked at the deep concentration on her face as she ate the lamb.

"Hmmm, This is delicious. You made this?"


"Aren't you staying with the Clamp Detectives?" she asked suddenly.

"Yes, I do. Howíd you know?"

"Thereís a poster of the four of you together, on that tree behind you."

He looked at the poster, which was very old, and that made him feel nostalgic for those days. He wished he could be there, again, with Yui, and Ritsuko. He was still brooding over Maya, but if being alone taught him anything, it was that he couldnít be caught brooding on the watch. He still had a sense of hopelessness that wouldnít leave him alone, and the best way he could think to get rid of that was to try to stay active.

They talked for hours after that and Mousse walked her home. There was something so familiar about Rei Ayanami that reminded him of Yui, but he tried to dismiss that. It only brought back painful memories to think of that.

After a while, they grew to enjoy each otherís company, but they were strangers that couldnít even understand themselves, let alone each other.

"Hikaru-kun, where do you go to enjoy yourself?"

"I donít really think about entertainment anymore." He told her.

"Why not?"

"Because I only did that with a friend of mine." He admitted.

"Where is your friend, now?"

"She left. She had to make a choice between her career, and myself. She chose her career."

"Are you angry at her?" Rei asked.

"NoÖPeople make their own decisions in life, and I canít debate, or begrudge her choices. Anyway, she wanted me to go with her, and I refused."

"Why did you refuse?" Rei wanted to know.

"Because it wasnít right for me to go." He snapped.

Rei didnít even flinch, she asked, "Why wasnít it right for you?"

"Because I didnít feel that was the right place for me." He told her.

"You couldíve compromised, and stayed that person you cared about." Rei reasoned.

"I couldnít think at that time." He grated.

"You couldnít, or didnít want to?" asked the part of Rei that was Yui. She could not believe that Mousse had missed his chance to stay with someone who cared about him, because of his stubbornness.

"Oh, damn. Looks like we reached your place. Huh?" he said, looking at address on the piece of paper sheíd given him.

"You shouldnít give up on someone you care about because it frightens you to go to different places." She said, as he walked her to the door.

"Iíll take that into consideration." He told her, and left.

Rei heard her cell phone ring, and pressed the RECEIVE button.


"Rei, what is your status?" Gendou asked.

"Iíve made contact with Gabriel. We have established a relationship, I think." Rei replied, her voice flat and emotionless.

"That was well done, Rei." He told her, and then ordered, "Be sure to keep me informed."

"Yes sir."





Mousse: In the next episode I meet new friends.

Mamoru: How goes it?

Young Akane: I canít show these grades to my father.

Mousse: What are you up to, now? You tomboy.

Young Akane: Hey, who are you to call me a tomboy?

Mousse: Someone a lot smarter than you. Thatís for sure.

Young Akane: And what do you mean by that?

Mousse: A 30 point GPA, how pathetic.

Rei: Sheís not worth your time, Hikaru.

Young Akane: And who the hell are you?

Rei: Thatís not your business, tomboy.

Young Akane: Hey!

Mousse: Next episode, I help to save a cat from being hit by car, and get more trouble than that catís worth.

Artemis: Hey, you jerk Iím doing you a favor.

Luna: Next episode is "Enter Sailor Magnus."