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Disclaimer: This is a multi-crossover with Ranma ½’s Mousse in Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, Tenchi Muyo, Clamp Campus Detectives, El Hazard, Evangelion, and many more in the future, please send comments to

All characters belong to their respective owners. However, Midnight Blade,

Ten’ou Hikaru, and the formula for his life events is my idea. If you do not like Mousse to be assertive, and feel that he doesn’t have what it takes, don’t bother reading this. If you are a Mousse fan, read on and enjoy.

Opening Theme: Thesis of A Cruel Angel

The Phoenix Chronicles Episode one:An Angel Is Born!

In 1989, a prince was born. Yosho knew this as his son-in-law, Nobuyuki, held the child which Achika had recently given birth to. The two of them walked down the Masaki Shrine’s one hundred steps.

"Well, fortunately," Nobuyuki was saying now, "the baby’s fine, and the doctors say that Achika may be able to leave the hospital within a week."

"Is that so?" Yosho said.

"The company has finally agreed to let me design a house for them. I suppose they are finally recognizing my talents." Nobuyuki told him, sheepishly, as Yosho sat on the wooden patio, just outside the house.

"You don’t say, is that so?"

"You know, dad," Nobuyuki said casually, since he did get along quite well with Yosho, "I’ve been thinking about rebuilding this house one of these days."

"Is that so?"

"My next big project will be to build the ‘dream house’ Achika, and I have always wanted." Nobuyuki said the last words with love, and that made him look down at his son, who sleep as he held him. "And look at him, sleeping like an angel."

Then Nobuyuki turned to his father-in-law, and said, "By the way, dad, I still haven’t been able to think of a name for the baby. Got any ideas?"

"Hmmm, let me think," Yosho said, putting his hand to his chin, "I name the baby ‘Hikaru’…" he hung a scroll on the door, and on it was written the Kanji Character for light.

Hikaru, who would one day be named "Mousse," sat in the yard behind his house, and was looking at the bushel of leafy carrot heads which blew in the cold winter air that breezed into the pantry. He closed the door to the pantry, and ran around the yard. He loved playing in the yard. Despite the cold, he only wore a work shirt, and didn't really need a jacket. Ever since he was born, there was always some inner-warmth he felt, which made jackets or sweaters unnecessary. For now, his energy and playfulness kept him warm. Since he was still waiting for the school year to start, he would help his grandfather at the shrine, or he would help with the planting. He didn't mind working, or planting the newest crops on the small farm. He just enjoyed making things grow. In fact, He would look forward to the summer, when he would start preparing the ground for planting. It was still January, after all, so the ground was still hard.

He saw a shadow pass quickly through the yard. Then the shadow came closer to him, becoming bigger and bigger. The creature looked like the shadow of a Wolf-like thing. So in that moment he named it Shadow Wolf, trivial as it seemed considering his current situation. This one was fully capable of ripping him apart, and he knew it. Shadow Wolf opened its mouth, exposing its needle-sharp teeth, stained a scarlet red on the top row, its lower set was covered in a sickly maroon. The creature was about six feet tall, and now it was charging right at him swiftly, but he was just a little faster. He took off his work shirt, and rolled it into a rat-tail, using it to whip at the thing. He slashed at the Wolf three or four times, aiming for the red eyes but careful not let the shirt catch in the thing's mouth. He managed to get three good swipes at its left eye, but only succeeded in angering it further. He swiped at it once more, but it caught the shirt with its' teeth and ripped it out of his hands. He had to let go, and the momentum of force was what pushed Shadow Wolf back, buying Hikaru a little more time. He used this time to reach for a silver hand rake, and held it in front of him, but it had taken longer than he thought. And now he could feel Shadow Wolf’s hot breath against his neck, he could see its yellow teeth, which looked white from afar, but now had that yellow tinge and that smell of rotted meat. He held his stomach together, though. Now, Shadow Wolf was upon him, he looked into its red eyes, his own face in a snarl. This was what represented what he fought against. This was the predator he knew he would stand against all his life. The injustice he so disliked. It was the predator on Peter and the Wolf. He could hear that French horn in his head, low and menacing. He refused to let that thing have its way, so before the blackness of its fur, which stank of hell, smothered him, he gouged at its eye with the hand rake. Shadow Wolf swiped its left claw at him, the other held its bleeding eye, and he was not seen or heard from for a long time. No matter how bad that he had been he managed to keep from blacking out, but he closed his eyes to convince it otherwise. With one eye, it easily believed he was unconscious. Shadow Wolf laid the boy down. Then, Mousse saw he turned around to face the image of a woman with long red hair, yellow eyes, and blue painted lips, and atop her head, she wore a stone crown.

"Did you find him?" She asked.

"Yes, Queen Beryl, I've found the boy." it growled in response.

"Good, our hole in real space is in China. I want you to bring him to The Dark

Kingdom where he will receive training, and when he is of age, he will truly be the Prince of Darkness."

"My Queen, this boy is the traitor reincarnate! And I should kill him, for what he did to my eye."

"I see. It seems he still has the instincts of a warrior. It is of no Consequence, just

take him to China, and your task will be complete."

"Yes, my Queen..."

"China," Mousse whispered.

He saw Shadow Wolf lift his snout to howl, and it wailed long and to Mousse's displeasure as he heard that sound booming in his ears. CAN'T ANYONE HEAR IT? He wondered. It continued to howl until a large bird, CONDOR, Mousse thought. Shadow Wolf looked at him again. This time it hit Mousse until it was sure he was unconscious.

When he opened his eyes, Mousse sat in a strange carriage. He drew aside the curtain to his left, and watched as the clouds flew past him. He looked down at where he was sitting, and he knew it was the condor he saw land in his front yard. "Who are you?" he asked Shadow Wolf. It only looked back at him, its eye glowing a flaming red. The other had the hand rake stuck in its eye, and it was still 'bleeding' some sort of black, inky liquid. He grabbed at it. He ripped it out of his eye, making it howl, and stuck his rake into the things back, crying out at the same time. Then pulled the rake out of its back. It screamed one last time, its nails digging into the body of the large condor under them, then began to fall until it faded into nothing. The hand rake falling onto the condor's back. He took the reins, and felt cold, realizing he only had his tee shirt. He remembered he had used his work shirt to try to ward that thing off. It was obvious that plan hadn't worked. But now he had the upper hand, and he sat on the large condor, at the reins no less, which served as his transportation China. He could see it coming into view. Then, he saw a man, several feet below, but still standing in mid-air. He had straight green hair, combed back, and he wore a dull gray uniform with a black trim. The man raised his hand to the air, formed a ball of red energy in his palm, then he shot it at the bird. It was the last thing Mousse saw before he closed his eyes, and waited for the end.

Even as he fell, he could hear the voices in his head, and he recognized the woman's voice as the one he heard before. Also, now that he had his eyes closed, he could see through her eyes.

"Who fired that blast?!" Beryl fumed, her yellow eyes creasing as her long mane of red hair floated in the air.

"I did, my Queen. Certainly, a traitor such as he deserves no mercy." replied an arrogant General named Quinzite. He had a proud smirk on his face, until he looked up to see her eyes, which blazed white.

"Fool, now he is lost to us!" She seethed; striking him with a crimson blast that wiped him completely from existence.

Then he felt his fall slow, the cold wind wasn't biting him as hard. What he could feel was two arms, one under his back, and one under his knees. He opened his eyes to see another man, also dressed in a gray uniform, with a blue trim, except, this man wore a cape, and had long shoulder length blond hair. For some reason, Mousse knew his name.

"Malachite?" Mousse whispered.

"Rest easy, Damien-sama, let me concentrate on getting you to the ground safely."

When they reached the ground, Malachite put Mousse down, and said, "I shall return, wait here." Mousse waited, and moments later, Malachite presented him with a roast pork feast.

Malachite laughed heartily as Mousse bit into the large piece of meat. "That should tide you over for a few days, until you return to us." Malachite, however, did not want Queen Beryl to find him. Mousse was still an innocent child, one that Malachite had would have considered a younger brother. He did not want Beryl to taint him

Then, he vanished before Mousse had a chance to ask him any questions.

"Hikaru?" Achika called gently. She came out to the back yard. She was a modern Japanese woman, so she wore jeans, and a thick jacket, as opposed to a kimono and sandals. She was fully prepared to join him in the playing. He was gone, but she did see Hikaru's little work-shirt, torn to shreds and covered with fresh blood, lying on the ground. "Hikaru!" she cried, in anguish, as she got on her knees next to his shirt. Then, the snow began to fall.



Mousse: Why am I here?

Cologne: Because you’re good for nothing else.

Mousse: That damn old hag treats me like a damn slave. Her, and her whole damned tribe do. Will I ever get back home, and see my parents again.

Nokoru: That’s what your mom hired us for.

Mousse: Who are you?

Shampoo: Just tell them what next episode is stupid boy.

Mousse: Hey, I don’t need you to tell me that. Next on Phoenix Chronicles is Childhood In A Prison Camp.

Cologne: You should be so lucky we took you in ungrateful brat.