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Teníou Hikaru, and the formula for his life events is my idea. If you do not like Mousse to be assertive, and feel that he doesnít have what it takes, donít bother reading this. If you are a Mousse fan, read on and enjoy.

Chapter One: 2021 Mousse Returns to Earth by Darien Cross

Mousse had finally returned from Jurai. He was slender, tall, at about 5'9, and his hair was a thick black. He had a little brother, Tenchi, who was born two years after he was, and Mousse loved his brother dearly, and would be willing to protect him at any cost. He had. In fact, many times since they reunited. Mousse was a gentleman who couldn't stand to see anyone getting hurt, not when he could do something about it. Mousse gained a fierce sense of protection for those more vulnerable than he was.

Mousse climbed a hundred steps or so to the shrine. He just wanted to see it again. He looked at the Masaki Shrine. It still seemed large, even after all these years, it still seemed huge to him. He walked up to the building and felt the huge gold posts, which held the blue tiled roof. He looked up to see the sign under the round arch under it.

When he was three years old, he saw a colony of ants on the steps of this very shrine. One of the kids from the city came and stepped on them, Mousse had chased the kid away, and that night he cried for the ants. Tenchi, feeling some of his brother's pain, also cried with him. Achika, his mom, had come into their room, and sang to both of them until they fell asleep. Now, he was the Emperor Jurai. It was hard for him to believe because he never thought he would come this far. With all he had gone through in his child- hood, he believed he would die before he ever found true happiness.

He had left his duties as Emperor to Yosho, his grandfather. To be truthful, he hated the royal treatment because he didn't like being fussed over. He found it stifling. He was used to doing everything himself. He supposed he missed his life as the schoolboy who never had enough to do. It's what kept him going all those years. He looked at crisp, coarse, White Mountain tops, the tall green trees, and took it all in. He smelled the minty air, which was just as fresh as Jurai's. That's one of the things he did like about Jurai. But the Earth was still as beautiful, as Jurai, as it was when he had left five years before. Was it that he missed just the Earth?


SOONER, he thought, TO MAKE UP FOR THE TIME I LOST. He looked at the bushel of carrots gathered in the pantry.


(Flashback 1995)

Mousse, only they called him Hikaru back then, sat in the yard behind his house, and was looking at the bushel of leafy carrot heads which blew in the cold winter air that breezed into the pantry. He closed the door to the pantry, and ran around the yard. He loved playing in the yard. Despite the cold, he only wore a work shirt, and didn't really need a jacket. Ever since he was born, there was always some inner-warmth he felt, which made jackets or sweaters unnecessary. For now, his energy and playfulness kept him warm. Since he was still waiting for the school year to start, he would help his grandfather at the shrine, or he would help with the planting. He didn't mind working, or planting the newest crops on the small farm. He just enjoyed making things grow. In fact, He would look forward to the summer, when he would start preparing the ground for planting. It was still January, after all, so the ground was still hard.

He saw a shadow pass quickly through the yard. Then the shadow came closer to him, becoming bigger and bigger. It looked like the shadow of a Wolf-like thing. So in that moment, as trivial as it seemed, he named it Shadow Wolf. This one was fully capable of ripping him apart, and he knew it. It opened its mouth, exposing its needle-sharp teeth, stained a scarlet red on the top row, his lower set was covered in a sickly maroon. It was about six feet tall, and now it was charging right at him. It was fast, but he was just a little faster. He took off his work shirt, and rolled it into a rat-tail, using it to whip at the thing. He slashed at it three or four times, aiming for the red eyes but careful not let the shirt catch in the thing's mouth. He managed to get three good swipes at its left eye, but only succeeded in angering it further. He swiped at it once more, but it caught the shirt with its' teeth and ripped it out of his hands. He had to let go, and the momentum of force was what pushed Shadow Wolf back, buying Hikaru a little more time. He used this time to reach for a silver hand rake, and held it in front of him, but it had taken longer than he thought. And now he could feel its hot breath against his neck, he could see its yellow teeth, which looked white from afar, but now had that yellow tinge and that smell of rotted meat. He held his stomach together, though. Now, Shadow Wolf was upon him, he looked into its red eyes, his own face in a snarl. This was what represented what he fought against. This was the predator he knew he would stand against all his life. The injustice he so disliked. It was the predator on Peter and the Wolf. He could hear that French horn in his head, low and menacing. He refused to let that thing have its way, so before the blackness of its fur, which stank of hell, smothered him, he gouged at its eye with the hand rake. Shadow Wolf swiped its left claw at him, the other held its bleeding eye, and he was not seen or heard from for a long time. No matter how bad that he had been he managed to keep from blacking out, but he closed his eyes to convince it otherwise. With one eye, it easily believed he was unconscious. Shadow Wolf laid the boy down. Then, Mousse saw he turned around to face the image of a woman with long red hair, yellow eyes, and blue painted lips, and atop her head, she wore a stone crown.

"Did you find him?" She asked.

"Yes, Queen Beryl, I've found the boy." it growled in response. "Good, our hole in real space is in China. I want you to bring him to

The Dark Kingdom where he will receive training, and when he is of age, he will truly be the Prince of Darkness."

"My Queen, this boy is the traitor reincarnate! And I should kill him, for what he did to my eye."

"I see. It seems he still has the instincts of a warrior. It is of no

Consequence, just take him to China, and your task will be complete."

"Yes, my Queen..."

"China," Mousse whispered.

He saw Shadow Wolf lift his snout to howl, and it wailed long and to Mousse's displeasure as he heard that sound booming in his ears. CAN'T ANYONE HEAR IT? He wondered. It continued to howl until a large bird, CONDOR, Mousse thought. Shadow Wolf looked at him again. This time it hit Mousse until it was sure he was unconscious.

When he opened his eyes, Mousse sat in a strange carriage. He drew aside the curtain to his left, and watched as the clouds flew past him. He looked down at where he was sitting, and he knew it was the condor he saw land in his front yard. "Who are you?" he asked Shadow Wolf. It only looked back at him, its eye glowing a flaming red. The other had the hand rake stuck in its eye, and it was still 'bleeding' some sort of black, inky liquid. He grabbed at it. He ripped it out of his eye, making it howl, and stuck his rake into the things back, crying out at the same time. Then pulled the rake out of its back. It screamed one last time, its nails digging into the body of the large condor under them, and then it faded into nothing. The hand rake falling onto the condor's back. He took the reins, and felt cold, realizing he only had his tee shirt. He remembered he had used his work shirt to try to ward that thing off. It was obvious that plan hadn't worked. But now he had the upper hand, and he sat on the large condor, at the reins no less, which served as his transportation China. He could see it coming into view. Then, he saw a man, several feet below, but still standing in mid-air. He had straight green hair, combed back, and he wore a dull gray uniform with a black trim. The man raised his hand to the air, formed a ball of red energy in his palm, then he shot it at the bird. It was the last thing Mousse saw before he closed his eyes, and waited for the end.

Even as he fell, he could hear the voices in his head, and he recognized the woman's voice as the one he heard before. Also, now that he had his eyes closed, he could see through her eyes.

"Who fired that blast?!" Beryl fumed.

"I did, my Queen. Certainly, a traitor such as he deserves no mercy." replied an arrogant General named Quinzite. He had a proud smirk on his face, until he looked up to see her eyes, which blazed white.

"Fool, now he is lost to us!" She seethed; striking him with a crimson blast that wiped him completely from existence.

Then he felt his fall slow, the cold wind wasn't biting him as hard. What he could feel was two arms, one under his back, and one under his knees. He opened his eyes to see another man, also dressed in a gray uniform, with a blue trim, except, this man wore a cape, and had long shoulder length blond hair. For some reason, Mousse knew his name.

"Malachite?" Mousse whispered.

"Rest easy, Damien-sama, let me concentrate on getting you to the ground safely."

When they reached the ground, Malachite put Mousse down, and said, "I shall return, wait here." Mousse waited, and moments later, Malachite presented him with a roast pork dinner. Then, he vanished before Mousse had a chance to ask him any questions.


(Now 2021)

Mousse walked down the steps, and decided to join everyone at the house, but he wasn't in any rush. He wanted to savor every moment here.

He had talked to Achika, and told her he'd arrive around this time. She said everyone would be waiting for him but there was no one here. His little brother, Tenchi, was still in the house, and Mousse supposed that everyone was at the house, so he went over.

Achika was still youthful, despite the amount of pain and pressure she had gone through, tall at 5'7. Her long black hair rested on her shoulders. She now looked out the window panel by the door at the foyer. Her son had indeed grown. She wished there were more she could have done for him. Since he was ripped away from her so suddenly, she didnít have a chance to really be there for him. Seeing him climb down those stairs, she saw herself on that day, climbing those stairs to go find him.


(Flashback 1995)


"Hikaru?" Achika called gently. She came out to the back yard. She was a modern Japanese woman, so she wore jeans, and a thick jacket, as opposed to a kimono and sandals. She was fully prepared to join him in the playing. He was gone, but she did see Hikaru's little work-shirt, torn to shreds and covered with fresh blood, lying on the ground. "Hikaru!" she cried, in anguish, as she got on her knees next to his shirt. Then, the snow began to fall.



He could see the large, white, house with the red roof, patterned with Spanish tiles. His father had designed the house. It had been their dream house. He smelled the country air as he walked on the leaves as they broke under him. He walked toward it.

As he did so he felt like there was something missing. There was no chaos, as there usually was. Ryouko and Aeka would have been blowing the house up by now. However, everything was surprisingly calm.

He walked up the patio steps and knocked on the door.

"Can I help you?" said a young woman with silvery blue hair. She had to look up to see his face, and when she did, it came to her.

"Hikaru, is that really you? It's been too long...Oh, come in. Your father, mother, and brother invited me to dinner!" she gushed, hugging him tightly.

"Rei, it's good to see you again. You've grown some. I guess I have been away too long.

"Yes, you have. Why didnít you come back sooner? Iíve missed you so much these past five years." She whispered, holding him.

"I'm sorry Rei, but ever since accepted the position as the Emperor Jurai, I had so much to do. Not only that, I also have to sign all the orders, and bills, and all that rigmarole. It got to me, and it occurred to me that I wasn't cut out for command. I knew that I had to be where I could make a difference."

She drew back; her face looked at him, scoldingly, yet sympathetic. "And so, Youíve come to risk your life again..."

"Rei, don't start...I'm not doing this because I want adventure in my life. That's such an absurd reason."

"You said it, Not I." then she softened, and took his arm. "Let's not fight, Hikaru-chan. you've returned. I want to be happy. As far as the danger to the earth, there is none, so I'm glad you decided to take time off. Now, come with me."


"Please," she implored, holding his arm tighter. "Come in, now. And let's not argue."

"Okay." he agreed, letting her pull him in to the front door. He let her. He wished he had met Rei in Junior High instead of High school. Before he met her, everything had gone so wrong. Rei had been the first light in his life. He pushed those thoughts aside, listening to what Rei was saying, "Also, Your cousin, Ranma has come too."

"Ranma's here? And I take it that Akane is with him." he replied, somewhat sadly.

"She came to the house because she heard you were returning today. She has no interest in that egotistical jerk. And believe me, I'm not interested either. He's already made several passes at me, all of which have failed."

"Rei...He is family, you know."

"This is the same cousin that wanted to be Emperor, urging that he deserved it more than you did. The one who wanted to take everything you have, simply because he didn't want you to have it. He makes me sick. How can you call that jerk family after all he's done to you?"

"Rei, -"

"And the fact that he started being nice to Akane only after he realized she was starting to like you, makes it look like he only wanted to keep Akane by his side as if she were some kind of trophy. I mean he even made a pass at her when you two were getting married, at the wedding no less, while her father was walking her down the aisle. I am sorry but I wish he just went away. He keeps trying to hurt you, and sometimes he succeeds in that so well he makes want to-"

"Rei, stop it. I've learned to deal with him. Anyway, I dealt with worse. I grew up with Gendo, and Cologne, and every day they pretty much told me I would amount to nothing. It bothered me back then, Rei, and sometimes I wondered why I kept going. Until Nokoru and the guys found me, and then I found my mother again, I was lost. But Akane helped me, Haruka and Michiru helped me, Seiya and the others-"

"Those Star Lights almost took you away from us!"

"You helped me...So, I feel strong and confident, and if I do happen to fall, I know that I can depend on you. So whatever Ranma does to me is rather insignificant. I think I can forgive him..."

"Forgive him? He's tried to take away whatever happiness you have by any means possible. That jerk tried to get Akane to sleep with him while you were gone, do you know that? He has other girls lining up to go out with him, why doesn't he pick one of them?"

"Because he's a taker." said a female voice.

"On no, It's you. What do you want Shampoo?"

"Rei's right, why do you put with that crap?"

"You should talk, you did the same thing."

"Yes, and you put up with it. Why?"

"Why agonize over what happened years ago. You and your Grandmother were probably pissed because you lost your little slave."

"No.I knew there was something about you, but I just couldn't quite figure it out. I sensed an almost regal presence about you. I was sure-" "You didn't care either. You're just as bad as Ranma because you helped him go against Hikaru!" Rei seethed.

"Mousse still went on, and what business of yours is this, anyway?"

"Call him 'Hikaru' dammit! That's his name!"

Mousse put a hand on her shoulder, and Rei calmed down a little. However he could see that Rei wanted to do away with Shampoo then and there. Another figure came out of the shadows, and this time it was a girl with long dark brown hair. Also, there was a giant stainless-steel spatula on her back.

"Ukyou, Ranma's inside if you're looking for him."

"I didn't come to speak with Ranma."

"What? Okay, then who do you want to speak to?"

"You, actually."

"Don't worry. I have no intention of hurting Ranma."

"I do." Rei said.

"Ranma's tried to get Akane back, you know."

"So I've been told." Mousse replied flatly.

"He's actually gone to your apartment, and played sick so that Akane would take him in."

"Did it work?"

"I made sure it didn't."

"To protect Ranma's reputation."

"You jackass, I did it to save your Marriage!"

"Why? I don't think I ever did you any favors. Did I?"

"Yes, you did. You saved my life once or twice."

"I don't do it to get something back. I do it because I can't stand to see someone getting hurt, not when I can do something about it."

"See," Ukyou pointed out. "Thatís the kind of person you are. You help people. I just thought I could return the favor. Thatís all." Then she looked aside, perplexed.

"I also can't stand to see someone getting hurt." Ranma chimed in. Rei wanted to charge right at him.

"Mousse, I don't see why you want to turn everyone against me. What have I ever done you?"

"You bastard," Rei seethed, her crimson eyes creased as she coldly regarded him.

"Why do you hate me?" Ranma asked Rei in a hollow gentle voice. Then, he made the mistake of smirking.

Rei was about to charge right at him again when yet another girl came to the entrance, and ran to Mousse. It was Akane.

"Hikaru-chan, I've missed you so much. You're home. I'm so glad." Mousse held her. Rei watched them, wishing he would hold her like that. She didn't know how what to feel; her love was focused and when Mousse looked to her, she smiled. That was until Ranma grabbed Akane's shoulder, and tried to pull her off. She wouldn't let go. He gave Mousse a snarl, and went back to the dining room.

Rei took one of Mousse's arms and pulled him into the dining room. When they entered, he saw a huge western style table. At this table sat all the friends Mousse ever had.

"Welcome home!" They shouted in unison.

He also saw a huge meal prepared in his honor. Achika smiled at him and offered him a seat. As Mousse sat at the table, he noticed Shampoo staring at him. ITíS HARD TO BELIEVE SHE WOULD EVER COME TO MY DEFENSE. Even when they first met, she was pretty mean to him. WHAT WAS THE FIRST THING SHE EVER SAID TO ME?



"Wake up.... I say wake up stupid boy!" he heard a girl's voice say. He opened his eyes and saw a girl with long lavender hair that went way past her shoulders. She was probably as young as Tenchi, and she was certainly shorter than Hikaru himself. He hated her, and liked her at the same time. Part of Hikaru thought she would grow up to be very pretty someday. The other part of him thought she would grow up to be a very big headache, and was urging he leave as soon as possible.

"What did you find great granddaughter?" he heard another voice say. It belonged to an oddly deformed woman, who looked more like an imp than human. She wore a green robe with a gold trim, and wore a red band, which held her long white hair back. She was only about as tall as a chimp, and she used a long, thick walking stick to hop around on. She turned to the girl, and spoke to her, not that he could understand them since they were speaking in Mandarin, Chinese, and her expression tensed and agitated. What power she felt from him. She knew she had to somehow, find a way to control that power. Perhaps, if she broke his spirit, it would be easier to control him, and the powerÖShampoo had told him all this much later in life.



Shampoo was also thinking about that day, and wondered what it would have been like had she done things different. But you deal with the consequences of your actions, and she remembered and the cruel things she had said and done to Mousse.


He was lying on the ground, sleeping, LIKE AN ANGEL, she thought

"I sense great power in this one, granddaughter. We must take him in, and make sure he never raises himself to the level of warrior."

"He's just some stupid boy, grandmother. I honestly don't see anything special about him."

"If we are fortunate, we will never have to see his true power. If he gets strong enough, he may able to beat you in unarmed combat! And you know what that means, don't you?"

"I'll have to marry him?!...There's no way, I swear I will make sure he never reaches the level of a warrior."

He knew that he was in China. To confirm this, her great grandmother spoke to him in his own language, and said, "You are now in China...You are among the Amazons of the Chinese Amazon tribe. I am Cologne, the leader...and this is my granddaughter, Shampoo. I will now call you ĎMousse,í and you are our squire. It seems that my pet was killed because of you...Already, you've cost me a favorite pet, I'll make your life most uncomfortable, squire." Mousse stood up and demanded, "What? You mean the condor? That wasn't even my fault. Wait a minute, did you send that thing after me, you old bag? I want you to take me home, right now!"

"What are you talking about you little idiot? I'm referring to our prize pig, which you had for dinner. When I'm done with you, you'll never want even look at another pork chop, again."

"Who do you think you are any-" she saw Cologne hit the back of his head with her cane, then "Mousse" blacked out, and she thought what a little idiot. Of course, the pressure point that Cologne had tapped would have paralyzed anyone else. The fact that he was able to get up, and walk around two hours later proved that he was a very formidable opponent.


Now that he thought about it, he hated that cane. Not only because Cologne hit him with it, but also because she used it to control him. He also remembered thinking how much he hated Shampoo. She was no different. His revelry was broken when he heard Ranma griping, "Hey Your Majesty, would you pass me the salad, or do you have your servants do that for you?"

"And what do have, Ranma?" Shampoo spat.

Again, Mousse was surprised she would ever come his defense, considering how they got along. To say they hated each other was like saying the ocean was a small pond.


Outside, there were multicolored banners that hung from post to post. There was food on the table, as the prize for the winners of today's tournament. Today was when the tribe would pick the new leaders of the Amazon tribe. He lay on the floor of his tent, dreamless though, until he heard Shampoo call.

"Hey, you stupid Mousse, bring weapons to tournament!" Shampoo yelled.

He sat up, his long black hair spread out on the straw pillow. "I heard you the first time..." He said calmly, in Chinese.

"I didn't think so." she sneered.

"You know, You could just call me Mousse. I think I prefer that to being called stupid." he said flatly.

"I don't care what you prefer, stupid boy. Great Grandmother's already waiting, and she'll be really mad if you don't get over there."

"You know, If that old bag really wants me to do something, why doesn't she come and tell me hersel-" no sooner did he finish than he felt that cane hit the top of his head, hard, making him reach for it.

"I don't have to tell you anything. You've already wasted a lot of time. I don't have to carry weapons if I don't want to. That's what you're for, you idiot. You are after all, only a squire, and you must know that there is no chance of you ever reaching warrior status. I hope you realize that."

"There's not much point in me staying, is there?"

"Of course, there is. You're a squire, so that my granddaughter will not be debased to the level of carrying weapons. That's your job."

"I'll take your damn weapons, then. From there, I'm going to train on my own."

"There's no point, I said. You'll never reach warrior status!"

"Who said I wanted status in your tribe. I'm doing it for survival." He snarled, standing up.

"What do you mean 'Survival'? You're being taken care of. We let you eat with the hogs. You should be so lucky, you ungrateful brat."

"I would have been better off being raised by wild animals." with that, he left, pushing the flap harshly aside, as he walked out. He went ahead and took the weapons to the tournament, and left for the nearby woods. He enjoyed going to the mountains. It was quiet, and secluded, which was what he preferred to the life he was living now. "I want to go home..." he whispered. It was the immensity of China that kept him from going home. That, and the wolves in this area. Ever since that incident he had with "Shadow Wolf", he couldn't stand wolves. In his mind, they were what took him from his home, and kept him from going home. But it was more than that. It was Beryl that haunted him. There was something so frightening yet familiar about her. He stood up, and hiked a couple of miles away from the village, then began his training in the Mount Kuan Jang Range. It was quite a distance from the Amazon village, which was quite a relief for him. He had heard about the cursed springs of Jusenkyo, which was in the area, but he didn't think anything of it. He was going through his basic Kung Fu training when he heard a girl gasping for help. It wasn't so much hearing it was more like he felt it. He ran to the source, and could see a clearing as he went downhill. But it wasn't just a clearing; it was bunch of springs. There were hundreds of pools, all of which had four or five tall bamboo sticks, which were spread, scarcely throughout each pool.

"Excuse me, sir," A man in a brown plain uniform said, "but you don't want to go in there. All of these springs are cursed. Legend says that whoever falls in the spring will take the body of whoever, or whatever drown in there hundreds and thousands of years ago."

"Have you seen a girl here?"

"Over there, but since she hasn't changed, I'd say she fell into the Spring of Drowned Woman."

They both saw a little brunette girl, younger than Mousse anyway, coming up for breath, heaving, but before she could take any deep breaths, she went back under. She came up twice, but didn't have enough breath to even call for help.

"I've got to save her." Mousse said, jumping into the spring, three seconds after the girl went under the last time. When they emerged, There were two girls, not one. There was the little girl, and another girl, a little older, but not so much. The new girl had long black hair, blue eyes, and very pale skin. That girl was Mousse, but she obviously was paying any attention to that. She hadn't even felt the change. She put girl on the ground and gave her CPR. She could see the guide running up to her, and he had a sign.

"Sir, you fall into spring of drown-" Mousse held her hand up to tell the guide to wait. Then continued the CPR procedure. The girl coughed, and opened her eyes. She sat up and hugged Mousse tightly, "Thank you, Miss. My mommy would have really been worried if I was late for dinner. Bye!" she said, running off.

I WONDER WHAT SHE MEANS BY 'MISS'. OH WELL. "Sir, as I was going to tell you, you have fallen into Spring of Drowned Woman...The legends were true, See?" the guide gave him a mirror. She was hesitant to accept it, but took it anyway. When Mousse looked in the mirror, she saw the image of Achika looking right back at her, mimicking her every move. She held it at a distance, and saw the long black hair streaming behind her body. As a girl, she looked more like Achika than he ever thought he possible. Then Mousse, gave the guide back his mirror, and moved her hands to her chest, and felt more weight on her chest. She closed her eyes, and slowly unbuttoned her white robe. The guide winced when Mousse yelled, "WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO ME?!"

"How do I change back into a guy?" Mousse asked,

"Well, sir. If you pour hot water on yourself, you'll turn back into boy. But don't let yourself get splashed by cold water. That will turn you back into girl."

"This is too weird for me."

"I told you what it was, sir."

"I know, but I couldn't let that girl drown."

"Lucky for you that I carry this," the guide said, pouring hot water from a kettle onto Mousse. He was a guy again. He thanked the Guide and left. He just hoped that Cologne or Shampoo didn't find out about this. Not that he cared, but he didn't want to be treated any worse than he already was. He had enough problems...

When Mousse returned to the village he was tired, he was going to go straight to his tent but then Shampoo told him to bath the pigs so they could be eaten tomorrow. He did, but he just waited until everyone in the village fell asleep. And then he bathed the pigs, then he went to the river, and bathed himself. He poured himself hot water, then returned to the village. Then, exhausted, he went into his tent, and dropped onto his sleeping bag. Heedless of the hard impact, he fell asleep soon after. Then *WHACK*


Shampoo looked over at Mousse; it was hard to believe he had grown up to be so decisive. Considering the fact that he had been through worse times than Ranma, who always seemed to gripe about everything, he had grown to be the cool collective, and the highest level of patience she had ever seen. She always felt there was more to Mousse than being Cologneís living punching bag. The fact was that she knew he was above her, above all the Amazons, in fact. But she surely did not treat him as such.


"Wake up, Mousse," Shampoo said, kicking him in the head.

"What's the matter with you? Can't you just say 'wake up'...I don't think that I deserved being kicked like that."

"I don't care...Go on, Grandmother's expecting you."

"Expecting me to what?"

"She needs you to bathe the pigs."

"I just did that." he snapped.

"Well, they're dirty again, pigs do that, you know." she replied haughtily.

"Shampoo, I'm completely exhausted, and I spent all night cleaning those pigs. They should be shining, in fact."

"I don't care...even if you spent all week cleaning the pigs, I'd

still tell you that grandmother is calling you. Oh, and if you think that I would fill your place to cut you some slack, you're out of your mind."

"Ah, the thought never crossed my mind, Soap."

"My name is Shampoo, you stupid, stupid, Mousse. Donít ever call me 'Soap'! Do you hear me!"

"I don't care..." Mousse replied evenly.

Shampoo understood what he was trying to do. She was so infuriated. HOW DARE HE TALK BACK TO ME LIKE THAT? WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS, ANYWAY? But she knew he would one day talk back to her. It wasn't that he called her "soap". That was a stupid reason to get mad at him. He always spoke to her grandmother harshly, or would give that cold stare that she gave him. Shampoo always frowned, or gave him that cold stare, but he didn't care. That bothered her, a lot, actually. It seemed like he had grown past the level of the squire they made him out to be. He was strong-willed, very decisive, and efficient at whatever he did. He was almost cultured in one form of another. He was almost ...regal.... And she couldn't stand it. She left his tent, fuming.

The Clamp Detectives were at the table now, also all grown up, they were still Mousse's best friends, besides Michiru and Haruka. Achika stood behind them and hugged them. "You boys have grown!" she said gently. She remembered the day She had come into their office, and of how desperate she seemed. They were indeed boys, one blond, and two with raven hair, and they waited for their latest client. They were about Mousseís age, Achika thought as she stepped into their office. NO, THEYíRE PROBABLY A LITTLE OLDER.

These boys were the Clamp Academy Detectives, and she knew that even if the entire police force in Japan couldn't find her son, these boys probably could. They had a very good reputation, having solved several cases.

Also, She knew her son was not dead. She could feel it, in her heart. Otherwise, how could she explain the incident that happened in her teenage years? When her son had come through time and space to save her. He had fought KAIN and won, but at a terrible cost.


She walked the white sands of subspace, looking at all the jagged spikes of white rock protruding from the ground. The cold biting wind was blowing hard, but not even phasing her. Her son was here, somewhere, and she was going to find him.

She walked further, until she arrived at the mouth of a ravine, a hundred feet wide. She felt a hand on her shoulder, and she turned to see Nobuyuki, her future husband. "Achika," he said, happy to find her alive. She had her attention elsewhere; she was looking at something in the ravine, and saw a boy with a torn boyís school uniform.

"Nobuyuki-kun, we must help him. Letís go!" She slid down the sandy rock face, Nobuyuki bringing up the rear. They reached the foot of the rock, and sprinted toward the unconscious Mousse. Then Cologne, cane in hand, stepped in front of them. She was sporting a menacing look. "Alright, little girl, turn back now, and find your own way out. Donít risk your life for this boy, heís not worth the effort."

"Out of my way!" Achika snarled, pushing past Cologne and running toward Mousseís body.

She saw Cologne was about to block her way again when another pair of arms reach around Cologneís, and when Cologne looked back, she found Shampoo looking right back at her, her deep purple eyes glazed with disgust.

Achika went to her sonís body, and began to lift his head, gently. Nobuyuki stood over them, helpless. Achika noticed the large, white hands rising out of the ground. The hands grabbed her by one arm, and Nobuyuki by one of his legs, lifted them both, and threw them. KAIN rose out of the ground, his large formless black mass only had a seething white mask, with three eyes, for a face. It kept Mousse plastered to the front of his massive, constricting Mousseís arms and legs.

Despite the injuries she sustained, she stood up. As painful as it was, she walked toward her son, who was caught in the black mass. She saw her son open his eyes. His long black hair pulled back, so he could see her walk toward him. She saw KAIN stretch his long, inky, black arm reach out for her. It grabbed her, and the already unconscious Nobuyuki, by the arm again, and lifted them. Achika screamed in pain.

"Mother! Father!" she heard Mousse call.

She heard KAINís deep, sinister laugh rumble. Then, he went ahead and threw them.

Surprisingly, she didnít feel that any of her bones had been broken. But she knew Nobuyuki was severely injured, so she lay on the ground, next to him.

"Mother! Father!" he railed. She saw him tear his arms and legs out of the black mass, as KAIN groaned angrily. Mousse ran toward her and Nobuyuki, his face distorted by worry and anger. "Mother! Father!" he called, swiftly closing the distance between them. She sat up, and put Nobuyukiís head on her lap.

"Nobuyuki," Achika whispered lovingly.

"You and I will build that Ďdream houseí together. Right?" he said weakly, coughing.

"Oh, Nobuyuki, I know we will." She told him soothingly.

"Take care of him, leave the rest to me." Mousse told her, firmly.

KAIN looked at Mousse hatefully, growling.

"Everything is going to be alright, I promise. I will end this nightmare, once and for all." He assured his young parents.

He stood up and turned to face KAIN, "That is enough! I shall not allow this!" he railed, the power of Jurai, and the Phoenix, shining forth, surrounding his body. The uniform faded to reveal his armor as Prince Damien. The Sword Tenchi appeared in his hand. "Phoenix!" KAIN groaned.. "Because mercy, for one such as you, could never be an alternative." Mousse said in the Royal Jurai tone, which was similar to a British Accent, his family blade before him.

Then, Achika had a vision of her son, as a child. He was sitting in a tent, crying. "Who am I? I donít remember anything. Am I alone?"

"Hikaru?" Achika said. Then she realized that the boy, in her vision, and the man, who stood before her now, were the same.

KAIN lifted its hand and let off a blast of energy at Mousse, who canceled it out with a swipe of his sword.

"Youíre still very proficient, but you have no chance of defeating ME!" It railed, then raised its hand, and gave Mousse a blast of intensely heated air. Mousse held his sword before him to shield his parents. Nevertheless, it had the effect that KAIN wanted. The blast pushed Mousse several yard back and Achika knew that it was trying to keep its distance.

"If I cannot annihilate you," It said, holding itís arms out, "I shall consume you." It seethed, as a portal of light that appeared in the mid-section of the black mass, creating a powerful vacuum that pulled everything into it; the sand, the rocks. Mousse kneeled on the ground, and stabbed his sword into the ground, keeping him anchored. Cologne had hopped next to Mousse, and Achika heard her say, "Trying to save you, eh Mousse?"

Then Nobuyuki, to both Achikaís and Mousseís horror, was taken into the current. Achika had been able to stand her ground, but she let the current take her, and tried to reach Nobuyuki. Mousse let go of his sword, and tried to swim in the current to reach them, calling after them.

"Mother! Father!" she heard him yell. "I canít reach them!" he yelled, in frustration.

Suddenly, she saw a flash of light swipe downward on KAINíS face. She felt a pair of arms grab her, taking her out of the current. KAIN screamed in pain, holding his hands to his face.

The next thing she knew, Ryouko, that girl with long, gray, spiked hair, held her securely as they landed safely on the ground. "We just made it." She said relieved. The other girl, Aeka, was holding Nobuyuki securely.

Mousse, relieved to see his parentís safe, held his hand out. His sword appeared in his hand seconds later. He put his other hand on it, and pointed it at KAIN. "Damn you!" he snarled. Tenchi was holding his energy sword, and standing by his brother, as well as Ranma, who also held an energy sword.

Achika looked at Mousse closely. She looked at his eyes, his black hair, and most of all, his demeanor. Any doubts she may have had were swept aside. "You areÖMy son, Hikaru!"

KAINís white mask broke apart, and the aft of the black mass grew wings, likes a mothís. The fore mimicked the head of a shark; its eyes were white. In its mouth were rows of sharp, pointed, teeth, and dark purple, lizard-like teeth. "So, you show your true face," Mousse observed.

"Alright, you two, be very careful." He told his younger brother and his cousin. The three charged forward, Tenchi and Ranma giving a fierce battle cry. Mousse charged forward, swiftly, silently, and on his face was a look of deep concentration.

Mousse dug his blade into KAINís left side, while Tenchi and Ranma took his other side. But they were held at bay by its large claw-like hands.

Mousse finally gathered enough energy, and began to chant, "Phoenix Energy bla-" he could not finish, the damage had been done, but KAIN, growling in pain, swiped his hand at the other two, making them tumble onto the ground behind them. "Tenchi! Ranma!" Mousse yelled.

"Distracted fool!" KAIN seethed, swiping Mousse aside as well.

He landed on his back, hard, and his sword was knocked out his hands. He looked up to see KAIN gathering electricity-like energy on his wings. Then, it discharged the poisonous energy. Mousse could hear Tenchi and Ranma scream, even though the brunt of the discharge was directed at him. "Go on," Achika heard Tenchi yell, go on, get them out of here! Hurry!"

"Tenchi! Ranma!" Mousse yelled, in pain. He could not take anymore. She saw him stand up, run over to where his sword was, and picked it up. He held the holy blade high above his head, and swiped at the energy with his sword, thereby canceling it out.

"Let the darkness fall, and the light rise in its place."

The energy faded.

"Hikaru-sama," Aeka said.

"Would you look at that?" Ryouko added, holding Tenchi, proudly, "Heís Tenchiís brother, Alright!"

"Yup, thatís Ran-chanís cousin, alright!" Ukyou added, holding Ranma up.

He charged at KAIN, his sword making smooth strokes, until he finally stabbed at it with his glowing blade. It tried to reach for the blade to remove it, but the energy dissolved his hand.

"What is it?" it screamed, "What is the secret of Jurai power?"

Mousse ripped the blade out, bringing it to his side once more. KAIN tried to swipe its claw at him, but Mousse cut it off, making KAIN howl in pain. Then, once more, he lifted the sword above his head, railing,"Now!"

"Die!" he railed, splitting the beast in half. It collapsed.

Mousse, satisfied, stood there; making sure KAIN was really gone. He took one step forward, nearly stumbling, but Achika caught him in her arms.

"Achika," Ryouko said, "We have to go, so bring him!" Then she jumped into a tunnel of light which went back to real space.

"Right." She agreed, taking the sword as well.

"I can help you." Shampoo offered.

"Itís okay, I have him." Achika replied.

The three jumped through the portal, when the remnants of KAIN came to life one last time, in a desperate attempt to destroy Mousse. "The Phoenix will not escape me!" it seethed.

"Let go of my son, you monster!" Achika yelled.

"If you let him go, you can save yourself!" Cologne told her.


Suddenly, Mousseís eyes opened wide, they were glowing a fiery red, as he seethed, "Let go of me!" Then his body, once again, became an energy conduit. That Energy ended KAIN once and for all.

Hours later, she saw her son resting on both Haruka and Michiru, expended, after his horrendous battle. She looked at him sadly, and yet she was so proud of him. Her SON had grown to be a noble man. He was everything good and true, and a fighter. That was what saddened her, how hard had he been fighting before? What would force him to have been a fighter all his life? And, Would she be there for him?

"All of you, Promise me you'll take care of Hikaru, alright?"

"So, you knew?" Haruka asked.

"Yes, the power of the Jurai opened my eyes, and I saw when Hikaru will need me the most, I won't be able to be there for him.

She saw the sad look Haruka had on her face, "Oh, that's right, I almost forgot," then the tomboyish blonde reached into her pocket for a compact mirror-sized case, "It's, um, here." and handed it to Serena, who took it and walked over to Achika.

Serena opened it, explaining, "With KAIN gone, the time streams return to normal, however we have to erase your memory of everything that happened while we were here."And took one of the three triangles of light which glowed inside. Usually, Mousse would have been able to induce selective amnesia, but he obviously had no strength to do that. She placed one on Nobuyuki, "He would have done it himself, but heís too exhausted right now. Iím sorry." She placed another one on Achikaís forehead.

"Wait," Achika said, "I, um," She lifted Mousseís sword without effort, "here," she gave it to Serena. "I want you to give this sword to Hikaru. Iím afraid heís going to need it again someday."

"Achika-sama," Serena regarded her sadly.

"Achika-Sama," Haruka muttered, her voice somewhat broken.

"Time is short, but Nobuyuki and I will live our lives to the fullest, I swear it. Thatís all that really matters."

A portal of light glowed under the group, "Take care, lady." Ryouko said. "Take care, sugar." Ukyou added.

"And tell him how much I love him." Achika added.

"Youíll be able to tell him, yourself, so donít worry," Serena said.

"It was good having you here, now goodbye, my son, Hikaru."



She knew her son had grown to be a man, so that it wasn't his blood on the work shirt. Rather, it came from an animal. She even tried to apply to the Tokyo Police Force, and made it. Above all, she was extremely protective of Tenchi, always keeping him close by. Tenchi, even if he had been very young at the time, still missed his brother.

"How can we help you, Ma'am?" Nokoru, the blond, asked. He had grey eyes, which reminded Achika of those kids she would see on TV, advertising a company for child stars.

She put a picture of Hikaru on his desk, and said, "I want you to find my son...I've already been all over Japan, so I know that whoever, or whatever, took him out of here. I want you to please start looking in China."

"Ma'am, how old is this picture?" Suo asked. He was the intense black haired one. He did remind her of her son. She looked away quickly.

"It was taken in his fifth year..." she told them, sadly. "I know It's a long shot, but please, try to find my son. I'll pay you whatever you wish, anything for my son." "You know, Ma'am, when you say 'anything', you're giving out quite an invitation..." Suo said.

"Please excuse him, we understand your feelings." Akira said. He reminded her of Tenchi, making her cry into her hands.

"We'll help you," Nokoru said, "and don't worry...It's free of charge. We'll leave for China in a week or so."

She looked up, "Really?" she asked. "Of course." he replied, handing her a box of tissue. "Just tell us all his stats. Hair, eyes, age, and any distinguishing marks." Suo told her analytically. "The abductor couldn't have been that smart, so let's presume that your son still has black hair, and blue eyes....however, I'm afraid this picture will be of little use since-"

"I understand,"

"Wait a minute, I think I know what he looks like now. Sometimes, I dream about him, crying, and thereís nothing I can do about it, except watch. He says, ĎI donít want be in China, Mommy, I want to be with you.í Thatís why I want you to try China first.


The Clamp boys looked over at Mousse, who calmly ate his dinner. He was an amazing guy. The most outstanding boy they had ever met.


They had been wandering near the Amazon village, all of them wearing matching green hiking backpacks. They were all tired. Akira, the youngest of them was lagging behind.

"Can you hand me that map, Akira?" Nokoru asked.

"By the way, Captain, can you read Chinese?" Suo asked.


Both Akira and Suo groaned.

"But I have an uncanny sense of direction."

"Like in the Tokyo Library?" Suo teased.

"Oh, shut up..." Nokoru grumbled.

Nokoru had gone to the Tokyo Library to do research on the Customs and life style of the people in the rural Chinese villages. He had checked the card catalogue, and found the books were not in the their appointed place. Such a respect that Nokoru had to the Library that he dedicated himself to putting all the books in their exact location in accordance with the card catalogue. Of course, in due time, he became very lost. Suo and Akira followed the paper trail, quite literally, and found Nokoru in the occult section, pacing up and down the aisle.

"I think the village is up ahead this way."

"and if it's not, you'll find the village and tell them all to move here." Suo muttered.

"What was that?!" Nokoru asked sharply.


Nokoru looked ahead, and saw a boy, that looked like the picture, but the hair was a lot longer.

"Hey, it's him. We found Hikaru Masaki."

They saw him, in a rustic village with wooden made huts, he was tending to the pigs as they fed. Then, they, the detectives, looked on in horror as he grabbed a piece of whatever the pigs were eating, dipped it in the water troth, and looked ready to eat it. They rushed to him immediately, and took whatever he was eating.

"Give it back, that's lunch!" he yelled. Suo had pack a lot of food, so he took out a piece of beef jerky and handed that to Mousse.

"Hmm, this is good...Can I have more?"

"You can, but only if you come with us."

"Where are you taking me to?" Mousse asked, tensely.

"We're all going back to Japan. Your mother sent us."

" My mom sent you?...I'll go back with you. I want go home!"

The Clamp boys took a yak each, from the village.

"Is this alright? Wonít you get in trouble?" Akira asked.

"I donít care anymore. I just want go home." Mousse told him.

"Do you know Where the airport is?" Mousse asked.

"I Certainly hope so." Suo replied. Akira nudged him on the side.

"Iím just asking because I took A different route." Mousse told them sheepishly.

Nokoru put his hand on his shoulder. "Itís all right, Hikaru. Youíre going home, now."

"Okay, youíre the one with the compass on the head, so lead the way, oh fearless leader." Suo told him.

"There is one thing I want to asked you, Hikaru." Nokoru said.

"Yes, what is it?"

"Can you speak Chinese?"


It was at that point that Cologne chose to show herself, with fifty other amazons in tow. She pointed her cain at the intruders, and ordered, "Attack!"

"Captain?" Suo asked.

"I read that if you defeat them in combat, you'll have to marry them." Nokoru told him.

"Your point?" Suo pressed.

"Well, I'm not sure I want to marry any of them." Nokoru snapped.

"Fine, you can stay single and die, or we fight our way out of here." Suo told him.

"I say we fight!" Mousse yelled, charging at the amazons. He was not going to stay here, and face any more humiliation, any more abuse. He was sick of it all. And so, using two short swords, he tore through fifteen amazons, injuring all of them severely. Suo, Nokoru, and Akira watched as he got on his knees, and cried. He cried because he could finally leave here, away from Cologne, away from Shampoo. Away from all of those who kicked him, and tortured him, and spit on him. "I'm free." he sobbed, watching the last of the amazons limp away.

Then, the landing of the SDF-1 occurred, causing chaos in all sectors of the globe. A large meteor hit the island of Macross, in the South Pacific. At least, thatís what the media said.

Achika believed her son to be lost forever.

"Weíre so sorry, Hikaru," Nokoru said.

"My momís probably gone, now." Mousse said, sadly.

"Why donít you come with us?" Akira suggested.

"Really?" Mousse asked, hesitantly.

"Yes, of course. And anyway, you donít want to stay in China, do you?"

Mousse shook his head vigorously.

"Good," Nokoru said, "Then itís settled."


"Welcome to CLAMP ACADEMY, Master Hikaru," The headmaster told Mousse warmly. "Now. As you know, we are having our dormitory facilities remodeled, so that means you will have to live with a sponsor. Hereís her card. Her name is Yui Ikari."

Mousseís first impression of Yui was a pleasant one. The Clamp Limo had taken him to Yuiís house in the suburbs. Mousse was also wearing a Clamp academy Uniform, which consisted of a black formal coat, and black slack-type shorts. Also, the Academy gave him funds to buy what he needed.

Yui stood at the door, looking down on Mousse, smiling,and Mousse could tell she was obviously very kind.

"Hello," he said , "Iím Teníou Hikaru."

She a young woman, with short brown hair, wearing a lab coat. She squatted so they were eye to eye. "Hello, Iím Yui Ikari. Iíll be taking care of you from now on." Suffice to say, Mousse loved her right away. She was very kind, and tried to spend time with him. However, her schedule as a scientist kept her from being home a lot. Mousse really felt better when she was around..

Later, Yui announced that she she would be marrying Gendou Rokubungi, and Mousse chose to distance himself from her because she loved Gendou. What she saw in him, Mousse would never know.

He remembered that day she took him to the park, and that was where she told him.

"Really? Youíre going to Marry him?

"Yes, weíve been seeing a lot of each other, and I think heís great."

Mousse could barely hide his surprise. Heíd met Gendou when she invited him to dinner on a few occasions. As soon she left the room, he gave Mousse a slight snarl. At one point, he even told Mousse, "Listen, you little brat, if you spoil my chances with Yui, I wonít be so forgiving. Remember, I know where you live."

Reflecting on that, Mousse, didnít think Gendou was the right person for Yui. She had been his light since his parents died in Second Impact, or so he thought, He did not want someone like Gendou to put it out.

"Itís just a little hard to imagine you and Him together."

"Heís really very nice. People just donít know him. Weíll get to know him together."

"In this case, I think not knowing is better."

She pulled on his shoulder so he could face her. He had that same look on his face when he first arrived at her house. It wasnít fair, she thought, if she wanted to be with Gendo, she would be sacrificing her relationship with Mousse. No matter what, he was a perfect gentlemen about many things.

"Hikaru, do you love me?"

"You know I do, Yui-sanÖIf he makes you happy, then do it. My opinion shouldnít matter."

"It does to me,"

"Even if I tell You that I donít like him, youíll still marry him. Wonít you?"

She hesitated.

"Donít listen to me. Iím just a kid. Iíve been on my own before, soÖ"

"Youíre leaving?"

"Knowing Rokubungi-san, heíll probably send me to Clamp to live at the dorms. But I wonít be alone there. The guys are there."

"I know," She said, in her best controlled voice. She really didnít like the Clamp boys, they got into a lot of dangerous situations, and Mousse acted as on of the bodyguards, to insure the safety of that Nokuru brat.

"Listen, Hikaru, I love you, too. For me, please try to get along with him."

She didnít realize how big a favor she was asking, but Mousse nodded, and strained to smile.

She hugged him tightly, "Great! I promise you, Hikaru, weíll make this work. Iíll talk to him about keeping you at home. I love you too much to let you get hurt."

"Me too, Yui-san,"

She did so much for him. He just wished there were someway for him to make it up to her.

He just didnítí get along with Gendo too well, though.


After the wedding, Mousse distanced himself from Yui. It got to the point where he barely saw her anymore. He would come home from school, in the limo that Yui sent. Mousse didn't know it, but a lot of his education was being funded by SEELE. It was one way to keep Yui on their side.

He came home one day, which hadn't been very good.

"How was your day, Hikaru?" Yui asked, smiling. Gendou was sitting next to her.

"Fine, I guess." he muttered, heading for his room.

"Listen, Child. When Yui speaks to you, you must address her in the proper manner." Gendou barked.

"I heard her." Mousse said, without facing him, and it caught him completely by surprise when Gendou grabbed his arm, and punched him in the jaw.

"Listen to me, you little brat," Gendou seetheed. "When Yui speaks to you, you listen. If you-" He felt Yui snatch Mousse from his Gendou's grasp.

"Don't you touch him! Do you hear me, Gendou?"

"The boy just needs a little discipline, Yui."

"Not like that, Gendou. If you touch him again, you will be the one leaving."

Mousse tore out of her grasp, and faced both of them. "You can stay together for all I care!" he yelled, holding his bruised cheek. "I don't want to stay here, anymore." with that, he ran out the front door. Yui looked at Gendou, angrily.

"I will go look for him. If you ever touch him again, I will hate you. Do you understand? I will want nothing to do with you."

Yui went out the front door, calling Mousse's name.

She found him in the playground at the local park. He was sitting on top of the slide, his knees held to his chest, crying. She went around, and stood beside the ladder.


"I understand if you want me to leave." he sobbed.

"I don't want you to leave, Hikaru." Yui told him. climbing two steps up, so she could see his face.

"I told you it's OK. I hate that man. I want nothing to do with him. Why would you? No, I shouldn't ask you that."

"Hikaru, I'm beginning to ask myself that."

"Really?" he asked, looking up. She nodded, smiling.

He hugged her, and she felt so relieved that he didn't hate her. Then, she held him out so she could look at him. She saw his face, streaked with tears, and took out a handkerchief so she could dry his face off.

"Hikaru, listen to me. Gendou will be going to Antartica for the next six months. Maybe we can spend some time together then."



He hugged her even tighter. "Thank you, Yui-san." he muttered.


Those next few months after Gendou left, he supposed those were the best months of his young life, with Yui. He couldnít have wished for anything better, and didnít. However, Gendouís impending arrival was a shadow that loomed over him. That didnít matter, now. He loved Yui, heíd take twenty beatings from Gendou if it meant spending time with Yui.

He was putting some sun-tan lotion in his backpack, getting ready to go to the beach. Yui was wearing a two-piece swimsuit, and some sandals. She cought Mousse looking at her a couple of times, and although she gave him a hint of a disapproving look, she smiled inside. He was so shy sometimes, he looked like he would just fold up and blow away, but it was good to see him get a little bold.

"Did you put the beach chairs in the car?" Yui asked.

"Yes, Yui-san."

"Did you get the three towels I asked you to get?"

"Yes, but why three?"

"Youíll see."

Mousse heard someone knock on the apartment door. When he went to the door to answer it, he saw a tall girl with brown hair, wearing a one piece blue bathing suit Her brown hair was short, and she had two bangs on the front. Yui came to the door, and saw Mousse let the girl in.

"Hikaru, this is Ritsuko Akagi. She also goes to your school."

"Hello," Mousse said, meekly. Yui put her hand on his shoulder, making him look up at her. He didnít know what Yui, wanted him to do with Ritsuko. She seemed nice, but Mousse always hesitated when it came to talking to anyone he didnít know. Yui wished she could have taken him in sooner. She wondered how badly he must have been treated for him to shut off like that. *If I ever meet the ones that did this to you, they will have a lot to answer for. * She thought.

Ritsuko looked at the younger kid and thought, *He reminds me of those children that would be in that foster assignment program, and he sure doesnít look like her.* Finally, she decided to speak up, and asked, "Whatís your name?"

"I am Hikaru Teníou. I am in fourth grade at Clamp Academy." He told her.

"Hey, I just asked your name, not you life story." She replied, making him lower his head. That earned Ritsuko a scolding look from Yui. "Thatís okay. Why donít we get going?" She quickly added, putting a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at her, and he was still a little embarrassed, but he was able to make a small smile. Ritsuko looked at Yui over his shoulder, and saw a trace of that scowl fade little by little.


Yui had taken Moussse to where she worked. She showed him around, and let him take a look at the Evangelion Unit One, and Zero, both of which were highly experimental. They were colossal bio-mechanical weapons, made into the form of man.

"Hikaru," Yui told him, " Do you know why I brought you here?"

Mousse shook his head.

"Well, I brought both you and Shinji so you can witness the dawn of a new age, the Age of The Evangelion. And you will see me spearheard this new age."

She got into a skin-tight body-suit. Mousse had to admit that he rather liked seeing her in that suit. If you ever asked him if he had a crush on Yui, he wouldnít deny it, but he would very red by the time he would actuallly answer. She saw the funny look on his face, looked to see if anyone was around, and then she kissed him, full on the mouth. "Wish me good luck." She whispered. He nodded quickly, and that made her laugh lightly. Then she went through a door that went to the lab.

Shortly after, everyone else entered the room where he and Shinji were. They spent five hours preparing for the Evangelion activation. Professor Fuyutsuki, Dr.. Akagi, Ritsukoís mother, and Gendou, as well as dozens of other staff walked around the lab.

"What are these children doing here?" Fuyutsuki asked nervously.

"Dr. Ikari has brought them here." Dr. Akagi replied.

"Ikari, this is not a daycare center. This is an important event." He snapped.

"Iím sorry, Professor. Iím the one who brought them."

"But Yui, today is your experiment."

"Thatís why I brought them, I wanted to show them how bright the future would


Those were the last words he heard from Yui Ikari. According to some of the operatives in the test room, her experiment had gone wrong. As she was absorbed by the Evangelion Unit 1.

That day he left, he argued with Gendou. He had his bags packed to leave. He went to the door.

"Hikaru, where are you going?"

"Away from here, away from you."

"Hikaru, you may find this hard to believe, but I really did love Yui, more than you probably did."

"I should have kept her away from you, that wouldíve shown I love her. Not loved. She said you would take care of her, and you failed."

"Hikaru, Iím not used to being liked. Actually, Iím quite familiar with hatred. "

"I donít care. Leave me alone."

Gendou grabbed his wrist, and Mousse hit him to make him let go. After punching him twice

. Mousse could not handle living with Gendo alone, so he ran away. Then he stayed at Claanp Acadmy.

Achika believed her son to be lost forever.

Mousse went to Clamp Academy with the three boys, and that was where he met Rei.

Rei looked over at Mousse, who sat next her. She felt somehow relieved that he had returned from Jurai. She had met him in Junior High at Clamp Academy. They were both in the same grade level. Of course, this was long before he ever met Akane. She knew it was wrong, but sometimes she would think, WELL, I KNEW HIM FIRST.


She was sitting and reading a book, and it looked like she didn't want to be bothered, but he wanted to talk to her. So he took the initiative and sat down next to her.


"What is it?"

"I just noticed you were by yourself here."

"I like being alone."

"You don't know what alone is.," he said.

"And what do you know about it."

"I know enough, and I know when a person hurts from being alone, because I hurt like that too."

"Are you hurting now?"

"I try not to. At least you have a choice."

"A choice?"

"Yes...Oh, by the way my name is Ten'ou Hikaru, but you can call me Mousse." "I'm Rei Ayanami, pleased to meet you."

"You think?"

"No. I know."

"That was a joke."

"I don't understand."

"Nevermind, Want some of my lunch. It's lamb. I made it."

"I dislike meat." She saw Mousse look down, embarrassed,

"But, I suppose I could try some." She grabbed the little utensils, cut a piece of lamb, and Mousse looked at the deep concentration on her face as she ate the lamb.

"Hmmm, This is soooo delicious. You made this?"


"Aren't you staying with Commander Ikari?"

"I left after Mrs. Ikari died. I didn't get along with Mr. Ikari."

They talked for hours after that and Mousse walked her home. After a while, they grew to enjoy each otherís company, but they were too young to understand what that meant.

Ranma, who sat across from him, gave him a cold hard stare. Also, he could see that Yui and Akane sat on either side of him. Ranma couldn't help feel jealous of Mousse. He had no right to be. Actually, Ranma had tried to take what Mousse had because Akane had gained affection for him after the Beryl Incident. Also, Rei had made quite an impression on Ranma. She was the quiet, reserved, selfless type. She had no intention of ever letting any of her friends get hurt. (Much like Mousse, himself) Worst of all, she seemed to be very affectionate towards Mousse Himself. Why?! What was so special about Mousse? When Ranma first met Mousse, he was walking down the street with Akane, who then had been engaged to him. (Of course, that was because of their parents.


"You're such an uncute tomboy..." he looked at her for reaction. There was none. She was too busy grueling over the horrible test score she had gotten. MAYBE, she thought, I SHOULD CONCENTRATE MORE ON ENGLISH INSTEAD OF BEATING UP THOSE GUYS. BUT IT'S NOT MY FAULT THEY WANT TO FIGHT ME FOR A DATE. HONESTLY, CAN'T THEY JUST ASK ME FOR A DATE?

"Oh, I can't show this to my dad!" she fumed, crumpling up the test, and tossing it over her head. Ranma smiled, thinking that she was pist about his last remark. She could have cared less.

The test landed on Mousse as he stepped out of the arcade. He knew the girl. He had seen her as he passed her school one day. She was beating up what seemed to be all the boys in her class. VERY CUTE, BUT WHAT A TOMBOY...Of course, he could sympathize with her. I mean, when one is attacked, one had to defend them, right? But what he saw that day was going over top. There were a bunch of unconcious boys stacked up on each other.

Right now, "Hey, what are up to now, You Tomboy?" then he grabbed the test, and looked at it. "A 30. you should study a lot more, you tomboy,"

She snatched the test out of his hand, and stuck her tongue out at him. Then turned to leave, calling him a weirdo. He looked after her, and laughed to himself,

"What a strange girl."

Ranma could see that despite that little spat Akane had with Mousse, she was quite taken with him. He disliked Mousse immediately, and he hated the fact that Mousse could insult her without getting hit with a giant mallet. But Mousse lightly teased Akane, where as Ranma chose to blatantly insult her. Was it any wonder Akane liked Mousse, despite her denial. *****

Akane looked over at Mousse; it had been such a long time since they had been together. She loved him, more than anyone did, she would have died for him. Would have, but he made that Sacrifice. It was on that horrible day when She, Sailor Moon, and the Sailor scouts when to deal with Queen Beryl, Mousseís original mother. They had taken heavy casualties that day.


Akane climbed the ice-splintered crater and got to Serena, who was hanging on to life, a little longer. The crescent wand appeared in her hand, and then she gave it to Akane. "I can't -" Akane protested. Serena nodded weakly, "You are the guardian Princess of the Earth like Hikaru-san, or rather Prince Damien...don't worry, you'll be able to do it, Akane...Go save your Mousse....." and with that, her head fell to it's side, as her eyes closed.

Akane sat on the snow hill, grieving the loss of Serena, Rei, Ami, Minako, and Lita, who was the first to die. She cried deeply. She wished she were home, at the doujou, just practicing then she cried some more. crying because there was nothing she could do about it. "Is that it? This has got to be just a dream, and when I wake up...I'll be telling Ranma what a jerk he is, and then I'll see everyone after school, Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina, and then Mousse, or Hikaru-san, will-" she couldn't finish. She hugged her legs, and put her head down on her knees. Then she felt a light, warm hand rest on her shoulder, when she turned around, she saw Lita,

"Hey Cheer up."

"Akane-chan, be strong," Amy chimed in.

"Akane-chan, Don't lose hope." Mina said, standing beside Ami.

"Akane, Stand." she heard Rei. And she did. She turned to look at her, and Serena looked at her and smiled,

"We'll be with you...Always." Akane looked at all of her friends,

"It's you, all of you..." she whispered.

Serena nodded, "Now...Win." Serena told her. Akane wiped her tears away, and smiled. "


She ran towards the volcano, thinking, THAT'S RIGHT, IíM NOT ALONE.... I"M NOT ALONE.... So she ran to her destiny, to Mousse.

Far below, in a bone-encrusted capsule, The energy, which coursed through its occupant, ceased. The shadowy figure of Prince Damien arose. He laughed as his eyes. Opened, and the dark energy glowed yellow, within his glazed eyes.

Akane looked up at the volcano and the black cloud, which hovered above. "This is the Dark Kingdom's home, I promise you all...I'll end it."

She could feel Beryl watching her, seething, "Well, if it isn't the little bitch that tried to take my son away...I will show you Hell, little girl." Then she sent one of her collection orbs for Akane.

Akane was ready to walk on when she felt a cold wind, and suddenly, everything went black. When she saw light again, the cold still remained.

"Welcome, Princess...Welcome to my Dark Kingdom...Do you remember me?" "You're Queen Beryl."

"That's Right...And you remember Prince Damien..."

Akane could see Mousse standing next to Beryl. "

Prince Damien, kill the Princess."

"Consider it done, Mother."

He leaped toward Akane wielding his sword; she rolled out of the way, as the sword struck the stone floor. She took out the wand that Sailor Moon gave her. "MOON HEALING ESCALATION!" she cried. Mousse stood indifferently as the energy washed over him.

"It's useless, you can't heal him. He's filled with Metalliaís energy, so therefore he is mine. Now give me that crystal." He leaped out of the energy wave, landing next to her, and knocked her down with the sword's handle. He stood before her, "Sailor Magnus..."he said as a single black rose materialized in his hand. " Die." with that, he tossed it to her. It grew into a vine which wrapped around her, and then she felt the dark energy bolts of energy burn her. Beryl laughed. Akane looked at Mousse, but he seemed indifferent to her. She saw a flashback of him an another day. "You tomboy." he said teasingly. The rose faded, and she fell to the ground. She looked at him. "Mousse..." she whispered. He didn't hear her, he kicked her...THIS IS NOT MOUSSE, IT'S A STRANGER WHO LOOKS LIKE HIM. THIS- He lifted her by the neck, the energy running from his cold hand.

Beryl laughed again, "I told you, he's mine. And there is nothing you can do about it." Akane screamed.

"Thatís enough, my son." Beryl said calmly.

He tossed her roughly aside.

"Now, cut off her head, and bring it to me."

Akane was on the floor, reaching for the wand.

"Itís useless, I told you,...Once Queen Metallia has that silver crystal, her dark energy shall consume the entire Universe. There will be nothing left of the world you knew. All of you will have died for NOTHING..." Akane's eyes widened as she remembered those she lost. THAT"S NOT TRUE...At that moment, when Mousse lifted the sword above his head, that was when she flung her Magnus staff into his chest. He fell to the ground, his glazed eyes still open. They widened as he stood. He ripped the staff out of his chest, and tossed it aside. He held his chest, trying to use his healing powers. "Sailor Magnus..." he snarled. "I told you." Beryl seethed. Akane was kneeling on the floor, looking up at Mousse. "Stop it..." she said. Again, he raised the sword high above his head.

"Die!" he railed.

"Stop it!" she cried.

From the silence emerged the sound of the lullaby from long ago. "Please, Remember...It's me, Princess Andromeda. You saved me. If you can't remember that, then tell me that you at least remember Akane, you know.... The tomboy...."

"You are an enemy of the Dark Kingdom.... Die!"

"That's not true, I'm your friend, Mousse.... Please remember.... You don't want to fight me. Do you?"

She held the locket out to him."

The sword was lowered, and he calmly held his hand out to touch the talisman of their love.

His body glowed, then flared brightly as the positive energy filled him. Beryl held out her hand over her eyes as the blinding light filled the cave.

In Mousse's mind, he was a boy again, sitting up in the bed at an orphanage. "Who am I? I can't remember anything...Am I alone?"

"No. I'm here...." he heard Akane's kind voice say. She was standing beside his bed. She kneeled, and put her hands on his. "It's all right...You're not alone..."

The light faded from around Mousse's body, as he dropped his sword. Akane looked up to see Mousse, as he fell to his knees.

"Mousse!" she said, putting her hands on his shoulders.

"Akane..." he whispered weakly, a white rose falling of his cape, and onto the sword,

"Thank you." he told her, looking into her eyes, "I'm free..."

Beryl growled, "I won't forgive you for this, Princess, Youíve taken my son away from me, again..." She seethed, forming a large dark crystal in her arm. "I won't forgive you!" Throwing the crystal at them. Mousse looked back in time. He threw a white rose, which splintered the crystal into smaller pieces. "Get down," he told Akane, shielding her with his own body, as the splinters flew into his back. She saw him grit his teeth, and she knew, "Hikaru-san!" She screamed. At the same instant, the rose flew into Berylís chest. "My son, why did you choose that girl over me?!...I would have let you become King..." then she heard a cracking sound, she looked at her chest, which began to crack like a delicate vase. "It can't be!" She held her chest as she fell to her knees. "Why is this happening to me?" Then she looked to Akane, who was holding Mousseís head in her lap. "The energy.... His love for this girl is doing this to me...It's not fair...not fair at all." she moaned as she sank into the marble-like ground.

"Mousse, hang on, please...Mousse."

He looked up at her, he felt so weak. "Hurry, run away from here..." he whispered.


"...And I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, it seems you were a lot stronger than I was...I'll find a way back to you...."

She smiled down at him, "Hey, you can call me 'tomboy'..." she laughed. He smiled lightly, and then his head fell to its side. "Mousse...MOUSSE, NOOOOO!" she cried, holding on to him tightly. Crying his name over, and Over. The sound filled the cave, and she was alone, again.


Akane put her head on Mousseís Shoulder, and said, "Iím glad you came home."

"We all are." Rei added.

"Damn right, we are." Suo said.

"Well then, let us offer a toast to our friend." Nokoru said.

"Welcome Home, Hikaru. Itís good to have you back." They all said in unison.

"Thank you, everyone."

Haruka looked over at Mousse and thought about how she and Michiru almost

lost him. It was a horrible day for the three of them.


The rain poured in Tokyo, harsh and stinging. The clouds seemed to forbid the

passage of sunlight, upon the city.

Mousse sat up in his bed, he looked out the window, he did not reach for his

glasses. That habit had been broken long ago. His apartment was not as big as his first

one, but he found it very comfortable. The last one had been found by the Dark Kingdom,

over two years ago. So he had to leave. Now, all he felt was a sense of loss, although he

did not understand. Was it that he had lost Akane to Ranma? Or was it that he was feeling

like he was going to lose someone, or something?...Or both?

It was a feeling he could not quite grasp at this time, MAYBE, IT'S A

PREMONITION...Yes! that's exactly what he felt. But Mousse wasn't the type of person

that was given to fearing for his life. His own life, weighed against the lives of everyone

on this Earth, was not so important. If he had to die to save these people, it was a

necessary sacrifice.

It never occurred to him, though, that he was important to many. He was

important to Michiru, and Haruka, who regarded him with the utmost respect. Shampoo

would have indeed been very jealous, if she had seen how well these two treated him. To

them he was like royalty, but they loved him beyond any protocol, or loyalty. He just

made them feel important, like he was to them. Whenever he showed up as Midnight

Blade, they would gladly welcome his help. It was when he got hurt that bothered him the

most, because that was when Uranus and Neptune would risk their own lives to keep him

out of the line of fire. He hated when they did that. It made him feel as if he only

compromised them further. So, despite their protest, he would use his most powerful

attack, and destroy the monster. Then he would leave, injured as he was, but the two were

extremely worried about him days after.

His phone was ringing. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG, I THOUGHT YOU

WOULD CALL SOONER, he thought of Eudial. The answering machine attended to the




The first message was from Akane, it said; "Mousse, I need to talk to you...I know

you are still mad about Ranma and me, but I know you'll find some wu-nnnn..." (Crying)

"I'm sorry Mousse, I did love you...But Ranma is so much kinder to me...Mousse, answer

the phone, please....I'll call back. "

He heard her hang up. He wanted so much to comfort her, and hold her, but she

belonged to Ranma now, and she could only break his heart again if he let her. She was

the one who freed him from Beryl, though, the one who held his body to her, crying his

name. He felt his eyes blurr and itch, "I'll call you back," he promised. He did not want to

hurt her if he could help it. He needed to know that he could at least protect her.

Another call took his mind off her for a while. Actually, after this call, he didn't

think about her all day. It was Eudial, "Hello, Tenou Hikaru, or should I say Midnight

Blade ...Knowing you're identity made it much easier to find you...I just wanted you to

know that I found the Talismans, and since you also seem to be interested, I'll make you

a deal. I know that you would never want to join us, so I propose a dual. Just you and

me...Now I'm serious about this, it's the only chance I'm willing to offer you, so take

it...otherwise, I'll just have to kill the hosts. Now, I know you don't want anyone to get

hurt, so come before dusk to the Marine Cathedral in Tokyo Bay. It's the one that's still

under construction. Come alone...later." she hung up.

"Does she really think I'm that stupid...Then again, she would have hostages, and

I can't risk their lives to save my own. I'll have to oblige..." he thought.

He dressed, and started making adjustments to his black fanjet. Being technically

gifted, he was able to put in a stealth device, which helped a lot during the fight with the

Death Busters. He Just didn't know who they really were or where they came from. Also,

every time he tried to follow Eudial, she left a smoke screen which made it impossible

for even him to follow.

Mousse, though, needed to keep his mind off all that. Eudial might be holding

hostages. So he concentrated on his fanjet. He wasn't about to let anyone die for his

carelessness...and the talismans were so close.....

Michiru sat by the pool, in a beach chair, holding a sea-shell to her ear, and she

closed her eyes. She saw herself standing on the shore, the sun highlighting her beautiful

face, as her hair blew in the sea breeze. She heard a voice echo throughout her beach


"It's not fair, why'd you have to go into a world of your own..." She opened her

eyes to see Haruka, looking down at her lovingly.

"Don't leave me behind..."

"I had the strangest dream, like something is going to happen..." Michiru almost


"Yes," Haruka agreed, " I felt it too....Today is when we find the Talismans..."

Akane was in the Tendo Doujou, She was wearing her fighting outfit, and

punishing herself for leaving Mousse alone. He wasn't as given to depression as he was

when they first met. Shampoo was one of the forgotten. Although she tried to torture him,

he never paid much attention to her. He had completely gotten over her. Maybe it was a

result of the crystal's work, because it seemed that she was the only one, besides Ranma,

that remembered Mousse being in love with her. Akane did love Mousse. He was kind to

her, and would somehow make everything better. She noticed he had that effect on

Haruka and Michiru. She could understand Michiru, but Haruka didn't like guys at all.

The only one she found remotely attractive was Mousse. He wasn't so rough around the

edges, like say Ranma. Mousse was a lot more understanding for one thing, and he

wasn't as given to rash actions like Ranma. He wasn't as angry as he was since Saffiru,

who was his and Akane's second son after Dimando, died before his eyes.

Both Saffiru and Dimando were viciously murdered by Wiseman, and Mousse

was too late to save either. A great failure for which he took all responsibility. It was at

that point when he promised he wouldn't let anyone else get hurt, if he had to die to

secure the lives of the innocent, then so be it. Akane loved Mousseís decisiveness in everything

he did, he learned the hard way that hesitation could result in injury, or death. He wasn't

like Ranma, who couldn't decide which girl he wanted. Mousse had far more important

things on his mind.



Haruka was sitting on the window ledge, looking out at the rain, that poured

heavily throughout the city. The phone rang, Haruka didn't move to answer it. Finally, the

Machine answered. It said, WE HAVE STEPPED OUT A MOMENT, BUT WE'LL



"Hello, this is the Home of Tenou Haruka if I'm not mistaken. This is Eudial.

Surprised? Knowing your Identity made it a lot easier to find you. This is it. Victory is

finally ours-" The phone clicked, and he dial tone began to sound. Eudial called back, and

snapped, "Hey, that wasn't long enough. How was I supposed to finish it all?! Well,

anyway, I have a deal to make with you; I found the hosts of the Talismans, and you are

also interested in these if I'm not mistaken. So I propose we join forces. Don't worry. I

haven't told my superiors about your identities yet. I'll send you a fax of the location. Be

there by dusk. Oh, by the way, Midnight Blade is already on his way. He's quite the

stubborn one, that's too bad...for him. Later." She hung up, and the fax began to print out.

Michiru had walked in when Eudial mentioned Mousse, she went over and looked at the

fax. She was in her bathing suit, using a towel to dry her long turquoise hair. She turned

to face Haruka.

"Do you think she's telling the truth?"

"Yeah, this confirms our feeling. We will have those Talismans. No Matter what..."

She looked at her hands, and thought about Mousse, HE'S WALKING



OWN LIFE TO PROTECT HIM...She looked up to see Michiru standing next to her.

Michiru took her hand. "Oh Haruka, I love your hands...And he'll be fine." she said

soothingly. HOW, Haruka wondered, DOES SHE KNOW EVERYTHING I'M


The inner scouts were remembering what Haruka and Michiru had told them, I

WONDER WHAT THE TALISMANS ARE...Amy thought. Lita remembered that she

asked, "You're fighting, just for that!" Haruka replied, "That's right, we have no other

option..." Raye was sweeping the bridge at the shrine, WILL WE EVER UNDERSTAND

EACH OTHER? she had asked Michiru, Who snapped, "No, you and we will be


"We're all soldiers, can't we fight together?" Mina implored. "Stop it. Our aims

are too different."

Usagi was lying on her bed, remembering the talk she had with both of them.

"We must find the Talismans before the Great Silence approaches. Above all else,

we must protect Damien-sama." Michiru had said. "We'll do whatever it takes to protect

Damien-sama...Even if one of us, or both of us have to die." Haruka had told her.

Serena lied in her bed, thinking about that. Were they so devoted to him, that they

would be willing to give their lives to save him? She wanted to know how they met him

in the first place. That was when Sammy came in and told her that Haruka was on the

phone, and wanted to set up a meeting in private.

Later, Chibi-usa told Darien about the call Serena got from Haruka. "I'll hope

she'll be o.k....aren't those two supposed to be Uranus and Neptune?"

"Yes, but I don't think they're bad people." she told him. Then she looked around,

feeling like some was looking at her. "What's the matter?" he asked.

As per their request, Serena went to the top floor of the Naoko Plaza. Also, she

came alone, which would have earned her a scolding from Rei, but she didn't care. She

had to talk to them again. The elevator doors opened to a darkly lit mystic water

wonderland. "Wow, this is great! I never knew there could be an aquarium on top of a

building like this. Can I bring my friends next time?" she asked cheerfully.

Haruka and Michiru, dressed in their Infinity Academy Uniform, said nothing.

"Can I?"

"Actually, we don't want you to appear before us again, Sailor Moon."

"But we're all Sailor Soldiers, aren't we? Can't we fight together?

Haruka walked up to Serena, "We won't allow you to interfere, with your fight

play thing." she snarled, grabbing the locket, and started to pull it off.

"Don't!" Serena yelled, trying to push away Haruka's hands. Finally, Haruka got

it, and pushed Serena to the ground. "I'll hang on to this." she seethed, walking away.

Serena got to her feet. "Wait. Just promise me that you won't go after peoples' pure


"Stop it," Haruka snapped, "And remember, if you ever get in our way again.

You'll die."

As Serena watched, the two transformed. They stood before her, their

expressions cold. "We're looking for the four Talismans sealed within four pure hearts,

otherwise the Grail will not appear." Uranus said.

"The Great Silence is approaching this world, and the only way to save it is to

find the Messiah, who will protect our world, so that Damien-sama will be safe at last."

Neptune finished.

"Grail?" Serena asked, "Messiah?"

"It's none of your business." Uranus spat. They turned to leave, Their helicopter

waiting on the roof. Serena, her hands over her ears, called out to them.

"Wait, he's my friend too!" she yelled.

But they were gone.

"Do you want to help them?" asked a new voice. Serena turned to see who it was.

A tall woman with long dark green hair approached her. "They went to a battle they felt

to be their destiny, but today they will be in real danger. "Who are you?" Serena asked. "I

am Meioh Setsuna. You could say I'm an old friend of theirs."

"Are they going to die?" Serena asked.

"Do you want to help them. You know without the power to transform, you put

yourself at greater risk."

"I don't care what happens to me, just please tell me where they went."

"Alright, but remember, if anything happens to Damien-sama, due to your

interference, I will personally hold you responsible."

Uranus had been flying only ten minutes, when they saw the cathedral Eudial had

marked for them on the map. "That must be the Marine Cathedral. It's still under

construction." she pointed out. Neptune put her hand on her partner's. "That's Damien-

sama's plane." Uranus said, the dread creeping in her voice. Hoping for the best, She

landed the copter near the fanjet. "The Jet's still warm, that must mean he just got here."

she said relieved. They walked to the large doors of the cathedral.

"Today is when we find the Talismans."

"Uranus, we must get the Talismans, but most of all, we must protect Damien-

sama." she reached for her partner's hand. "You don't have to remind me." Uranus

replied, almost lovingly.

The large doors opened, letting the two in. They saw a dark figure up ahead, a

figure that turned to face them. It was Mousse, or rather Midnight Blade. He had a

slightly angry expression his face, standing his ground.

"What are you doing here?...Go home!" he snapped.

"We were called here, too. you know..." Uranus replied.

"Damn that witch. She said this would be a one on one fight....Alright, then...But

watch your step." with that he turned and continued walking ahead.

Uranus and Neptune followed his lead, "He hasn't changed a bit." Uranus

commented, acting on a pang of love she had for him. The Cathedral had stone tablets

with the carvings of angels on it. Each holding a little bow and arrow. Then, there was a

slight sound of grinding stone. Mousse turned to see what it was. "What's the matter,

Neptune?" Uranus asked.

They all saw one of the tablets pull out of it's frame."It moved." Mousse seethed.

"Damien-sama, Uranus!" Neptune said. Soon, all the tablets pulled out their

frames, surrounding them. Mousse, Uranus, and Neptune, had walked directly into a trap.

"I should've known better than to trust her. It's a damn trap."

"Fools," Eudial said, looking at the simulation of table soccer she set up for them.

"Of course, it was trap...Game Start!" she yelled, pulling at the game levers.

The three had to dodge the stone tablets flying at them, at an alarming speed.

Eudial laughed madly, "Take that, and that, that!"

"I'm sick of this!" Mousse snarled. "Uranus!" he called out.

"Yes sir," then, "Wooooorld Shaking!" they yelled out. A small ball of gold

energy formed in their fist. They put their fist to the ground. The energy balls grew, and

shattered most of stone tablets. "Neptune!" he called out. "Yes, Deeeep Submerge!" she

yelled out, throwing a ball of pressurized water, destroying the rest. Mousse stood his

ground, "ha, that was easy." he said to himself. One of the tablets, which hadn't moved

before, did so now, flying straight toward Mousse. "Damien-sama!" Neptune yelled out,

pushing him out of the way. She took the hit, and was slammed onto the wall, an etching

of a tablet appeared behind her, then flipped over, Neptune disappearing behind it. Then

the etching was gone, as if it were never there. "Michiru-kun!" Mousse yelled out,

running to the spot where she disappeared.

He suddenly heard organ music fill the long corridor, and the witch's voice could

be heard from the P.A. speakers, "Sailor Uranus, Midnight Blade, I have a host of the


"What do you mean?"

"I was surprised myself. I mean, even you, yourselves notice them inside you."

"What the hell are you talking about?!" He yelled at the ceiling.

"I'll tell you, then. The host of the Talisman is your associate, Sailor Neptune.

Soon, I will remove her Talisman. If you want to watch, come to the Chapel ahead."

Uranus, and Mousse were already sprinting. Different thoughts on both their





Mousse and Uranus reached the chapel, and there, on a stone tablet, bound by

thorny vines, was Neptune. Her head hanging heavily upon her shoulders, facing

downward. Haruka wanted to save her partner now, she sprinted forward, despite

Mousse's warning. There were tablets here, too. They unfolded from either end of her,

and Haruka felt Dart-like bolts of pain hit her in rapid succession. She fell on her back,

Mousse saw Eudial sitting at the organ bench. He ran forward heedless of the darts

which hit Haruka. Eudial laughed,

"Ha, ha, ha, you!" she said. She pressed the stop button on the tape player

that had been playing the symphony. Of course, Mousse thought that she was a complete

idiot, and this pretty much proved it. That was when he felt a deluge of darts hit his

back, ripping into him. He fell to his back, pain screamed through his body, this was like

the pain he felt when shards of Beryl's flew into his back.

Eudial stood from the bench, and walked to him. "Fool, did you think I wouldn't

set a trap for you, too?" she seethed. She gloated over this victory, as she watched him

attempt to get up.

"She knows," he whispered to himself.

"Don't worry. I haven't taken Neptune's Talisman yet...Bofore, that I want the

other Talisman." She brought out that gun that Mousse had seen so many times, and now

she would use it on him.

"The other Talisman?" he asked.

"It's You" she said, pointing her gun at Mousse's chest,

"It's your pure heart that tried to save the world...Even though you knew it would

cost you your life."

Neptune opened her eyes, and looked up to see Eudial pointing her gun down at

Mousse. "Damien-sama..." she whispered.

Mousse looked at Eudial like she was crazy. "The Talisman is only in pure

hearts...So why the hell would I have it?"

"You'll find out soon enough. Mind you, if you get shot by this gun, with your

injury, you'll die." then she chuckled, nudging her Dymorn rifle into his ribs. His Tuxedo,

was dusty, but his hat and mask were still in place.

Neptune couldn't watch anymore. She pulled out of her bonds, ignoring the pain

and rushing forward. "Damien-sama!" she yelled. Mousse looked up to see her, and saw

the plates aim at her. Then all at once, he saw Neptune recieve a volley of darts.

"Wait! Michiru-kun, don't come any closer!" he yelled.

"Damien-sama," she whispered. "I won't let you die..." Not this time. On the day

they received news of the fall of the Moon Kingdom, they took the news solemnly, and

gravely. However, when Prince Damien was listed among the casualties, she saw Uranus

weep, more deeply than any of them...more deeply than she had ever wept. Pluto, and

Neptune did the same. And now, he was going to die...again. No! She would not let that

happen. Not when there was something she could do about it. She took another volley of

"pain" and fell to her knees.

"Stop!" he yelled.

"Damien-sama," she cried. The guns were out of ammunition, Eudial observed.

When she looked up, Neptune made a stumbling charge. In total panic, Eudial

shot her with it as she tried to grab her, surprised at the strength this soldier showed,

despite all the damage she took.

Neptune fell to the ground, as her eyes closed, and she died. Haruka looked on as

all her hopes and dreams died with her. She could just remember that girl who loved to

paint and swim, and play violin. And now she was gone.

Mousse struggled to stand, and managed to get to his feet. He charged at Eudial,

who was about to kick Neptune's body, and snarled, "Keep your filthy hands off of her!"

his hands formed in a choke hold. Eudial was totally out of it, and so she fired her gun at


Then Haruka felt her life drain out of her, as she watched him fall. His mask and

hat fell to the ground. She wanted to scream, but all that came out was a gasp. Her eyes

widened in horror, as she saw all she loved die before her eyes. This was the boy who

told her to go after her dreams, he was the one that would have given his life to save

everyone from Kaorinite's final attack, and now, he just lay on the ground. Both his and

Michiru's pure hearts became light which grew into a shape. Michiru's pure heart formed

into a hand mirror with her symbol on the back, while Mousse's heart grew into a sword.

These were the Talismans the three had been searching for.

Haruka, and Eudial, looked upon the Artifacts. "These are the Talismans," Eudial

observed, then she turned to Uranus, "Now, I'll have yours!" she seethed, breathing

heavily. Haruka was up on her elbows,

"We're the host of the Talismans?....Messiah, is this the payment for our deeds?"

she asked, pleadingly, looking up at the stainglass window, with a Phoenix pattern.

"Stop right there!" yelled a girl's voice. When both looked to see who it was,

Haruka saw an angel, alluminated by the sunset light coming in through the stain


Haruka's eyes widened, as she whispered to herself,

"The Messiah...", but it was just Serena. Eudial looked at her in disgust, "It's

you!" she seethed.

Serena ran towards her, yelling out, and rammed Eudial, knocking the Dymorn

rifle out of her hands, then sending her to the edge of the uncompleted floor. The witch

tried to keep her balance, then grabbed a pully, latching on to it. The pully slid rapidly

down it's rope, while Eudial screamed all the way down, "Daaaaaammiiiiit!"

Moments later, Serena was kneeling next to Mousse's and Michiru's body, holding

his talisman, still in it's mystic orb.

"Wake up, Damien-kun!" she said desperately, then to the Talisman, "Please,

Talisman...Go back into their bodies!" she pleaded.

"Stop it..." Haruka told her. "The Talismans have been found....That's how it'll


Then she looked to Michiru, and Mousse, and she felt despair. Her heart felt as if

it were losing the very will to continue beating, and then she sobbed, "It's not fair,

Damien-sama, Michiru.... Why did you have to leave me, alone?" She slid Serena's locket

back to her. "You can have that back...Don't push yourself without transforming." Then

she reached for Eudial's gun. "Don't!" Serena yelled, realizing what Haruka was trying to

do. She tried to take the gun away, but Haruka was too strong, but they continued to


"Let go!"


"The other Talisman is inside of me!"

"You don't need a Talisman to save the world!"

"What?" Haruka asked, calming a little. "I will make one for..." Serena said.

Haruka had to smile at that, "You know; hearing that you say it like that, I almost

believe it, but I don't believe in your power." Serena looked at her, "Haruka-san..." she


"Get off!" Haruka pushed Serena off roughly. Then, with a gentle smile, "Sailor

Moon...Make sure you find the other Talisman..." she asked, as she pointed Eudial's gun

to her chest.

"Stop!" Serena screamed. Too late. Haruka's Pure heart crystal floated above her.

Then, it too, became light which grew and formed a short sword, with a jeweled


The other scouts arrived, and looked on in shock as they saw the bodies of

Midnight Blade, or rather Mousse, Uranus and Neptune lying on the floor...were they

dead? And Serena, on her knees, crying their names.

Akane saw Mousse's body, and ran to him. She cried, "Nooo!" then she held his

body, "I'm so sorry for everything, Don't leave me again...I love you...You can't go!" she

sobbed, rocking his body gently, and holding his head to her chest. She Remembered

losing him two years earlier, and holding him, as she did now. Only this time, she had

abandoned him, and for what?! So she could be with Ranma?! That made her cry even

harder, "I'll take you away from here, Mousse! I Promise! and this time, I'll stay with

you! Forever, and Ever, E-e-ever!" Shampoo was kneeling with her, and looked down at

the boy who once loved her. She cried out of the guilt she felt for not thinking of his

feelings. Most of all, she cried for Akane, who Loved him for him. And now, even

Akane couldn't have him. It just wasn't fair, and she was almost a part of the problem.

She promised herself that if this ever ended, she would comfort Akane, so Mousse could

at least be at peace. She would be there. She put a hand on Akane's shoulder, and held it

there for a long time. She saw how Akane held Mousse so gently, then she let his body

down, and left him lying down on the ground properly. "I love you..." she whispered,

then she let stood up.

"Uranus," she heard Usagi say, "How do we return this into your body. She was

not dead, but barely alive, she looked at Serena, with her glazed eyes. Her breath coming

out in short gasps. "Meatball head....No, Sailor Moon...Give those Talismans to the

Legendary Messiah...It's the only way to save our world from the Great Silence which

threaens to consume our it...We were hoping we could find the Messiah so she could

protect Damien...after all...we couldn't." then her head fell to it's side, as she fell

unconcious...Serena shut her eyes tightly, and screamed, "Nooooooo!" as tears flowed

from the corners of her eyes.


Yui looked up at her husband. He was no longer the little boy she would have to get on her knees to talk to. He was a man. He had been through rough times. She had seen all he had been through, and she saw it through Reiís eyes. Gendou had sent Rei to keep an eye on Mousse. Maybe Gendou knew that Mousse would be able to bring Yui out of Unit One. Maybe that was what Gendou was trying to explain the day Mousse left. Of course, he hated Gendou, and wanted nothing to do with him. Mousse sat back down, and looked to Yui.

"Is something wrong?"

"Of course not."


"I was just thinking about everything youíve been through. Iím so proud of you now."

"You shouldnít be. Iíve run away from anything that bothered me."

"Like what?"



Mousse looked at the large yellow eyes of the Eva Unit One. It was hard for him to believe that something so large existed.

"Itís a faceÖA giant robot."

"This is mankindís last line of Defense, The synthetic life-form known as Evangelion Unit One, built here in secret." Ritsuko told him.

"Is this my Step-fatherís work?"

"Correct." A voice said from above. It was Gendo, much older, with a mop of short brown hair. He wore green tinted glasses, and a NERV uniform, which consisted of dark-blue slacks. His collar like that of Japanese school boyís uniform, save for the gold trim Delta at the top of his collar. He looked down at Mousse coldly. "Itís been a while."

"Not long enough, Gendo." Mousse muttered as he looked away.

"Weíre moving out." He said.

"Moving out? But we canít. Unit 00 is still in cryostasis. Wait a minute. Youíre going to use Unit 01?!" Misato asked..

"Thereís no other way." Ritsuko replied.

" Wait, Rei canít do it yet, Can she? We donít have a pilot." Misato protested.

"Weíve just received one." She replied flatly

"Youíre serious."

"Teníou Hikaru-kun, you will pilot it." Ritsuko told Mousse, making him look away angrily.

"But even Rei Ayanami took seven months to synchronize with her Eva. Itís impossible for him to do it. He just got here."

"He just has to sit in the seat. We donít expect much more than that."


"Listen, defeating that Angel is our top priority. If we have someone that has a chance of synchronizing with an Eva, weíve got to risk it. You do understand that, donít you, Captain Katsuragi."

"Yes, maíam,"

Hearing them talk about him like that only enforced his hostility towards Gendou. They were talking about how they were going to use him. It didnít matter what he wanted. His free will was taken away the moment he stepped through the hatch leading to the Evaís cage.

Finally, he spoke up. "Why did you send for me?"

"You know why I sent for you." Gendou told him flatly.

"So youíre telling me to take this thing, and go out there and fight?" Mousse asked.


"How could you do this to me? You know I wanted nothing to do with you! Why?! Why did you have to call me back now, Gendou?!"

"Because, I have a use for you."

"But, why? Why me?"

"Because there is no one else who can."

"No, I canít. Iíve never seen or heard of anything like this before. Thereís no way I can do this."

"You will be instructed."

"But still, thereís no way. I canít pilot that thing!"

"If youíre going to do it, Do It Now. If Not, Then Leave!"

Mousse felt like a child again. The child that had just lost Yui. He was fourteen again. Gendo was talking down to him, as expected. The only thing was that he had no choice this time. He couldnít leave, that would defeat his purpose for coming to NERV. He had to face Gendo, as he faced KAIN. But he couldnít. He remembered Yui, everything about her, her laugh, her smile, her voice, and Gendou, the one who took her away. If he accepted Gendouís terms, he would be betraying Yui, if he didnít, then many lives would be lost.

To enforce this, another explosion rocked the underground complex.

Gendou looked up. "Itís close. It must sense us." Mousse heard him say.

"Hikaru-kun, we donít have much time." Ritsuko told him.

Mousse groaned. Then he looked to Misato.

"Get inside." She told him, and that made him look away.

"This is all wrong. Damn it! Why did I come?" he muttered angrily.

"Why, Hikaru?" Misato asked. "Why exactly did you come?" she asked, assertively. "You mustnít run away. You must confront your step-father, and you must confront yourself."

"I know that! But I just canít!" he snapped.

Gendo looked down on him in disgust. MAYBE THIS WILL WAKE HIM UP. He thought. He turned to the screen on his right.



"Wake up Rei."

"Can we use her?

"Sheís not dead yet."


Gendo looked to another screen. "Rei, our spare is unusable. You will do it again."

"Yes sir,"

Ritsuko looked at Mousse with a measure of disappointment. The boy she had known did hate being put in pressured situations like this. After all, he had to accept Yuiís marriage to Gendo. She knew how much he detested that man. But she thought he would have grown up by now. To her, he was still the same kid he was when she left for

college. What Ritsuko did not know is how hard he took Yuiís death.

Mousse looked down, clenching his fist. He hated feeling helpless. Why was he he here? He couldnít remember why he did. He remembered the letter he received. It said if he didnít come, then his "loved ones" would be in danger. But was that the only reason?

I KNEW IT. IíM NOT NEEDED, AFTER ALL. He thought, angrily. It seemed Gendou only brought him here to humiliate him. Damn, he hated him. He was the only person that Mousse truly hated. He hated him for taking Yui away, for taking the one person in his young life that was truly kind to him, besides his mother of course. He was fifteen when she "died" but he blocked it out. It felt horrible that first year, but he got used to it. The only good thing about it was that he also had to forget about Gendou, and that was not a problem. What other choice did he have? Everyday he forgot more and more. When he woke up after the last dream, he apologized one last time to Yui, and went on with his life. But he knew he couldnít run anymore, he was back here, at Gehirn, or NERV. His life went in a full circle which led him back here.

He looked up when he heard a stretcher being wheeled in. He saw Rei, her head bandaged, with a patch over her right eye. He was the four medics helping her sit up, but she gestured they leave her alone. She sat up by herself, crying out in pain, and whimpering as she tried to stay up.

They wheeled her toward the other entry.

Another explosion rocked the underground base, making a set of lights fall from the ceiling. Rei fell off the stretcher as he tipped over. The steel beams were coming down on Mousse and Rei. He did the only thing he knew, he covered Rei, shielding her with his own body, eyes closed. Much of his powers were gone, and since he expected to be crushed, he closed his eyes. He waited for an impact that didnít occur. Instead, he heard a loud clang of metal. He looked up, over his shoulder, and the Eva had its hand above the two.

Gendou smiled, as if he were expecting it to happen.


"The Eva activated itself. It ripped right the right arm restraint." A tech shouted over the telecom.

"Thatís impossible. The Entry Plug wasnít even inserted. That just canít happen!" Ritsuko shouted back.

"You mean it reacted without any kind of interface?" Misato asked. "What it moving to protect something? To protect him?" She looked at him closely. "Itís him." She said to herself.

Mousse got off of Rei and held her up, and his hand was soaked immediately with her blood. She cried out in pain, her eyes shut , as he held her. She opened them partly, and smiled up at him.

"Hikaru-kun, you came back." Rei said, with the part of her that was Yui.

"Of course, I didÖ.for you." He said softly.

She yelled out again. He looked down at her. He shut his eyes, then looked up.

"Fine, Iíll do it." He bit out, looking at Ritsuko. "Iíll pilot the damn thing."


Mousse looked back on that time, and thought, "That really was when I grew up. The Phantom Mask was gone, Midnight Blade was gone, his Talisman was destroyed, and everyone else was at Old Tokyo." That the second time, since being ripped away from his family, that he felt truly alone.


"What? An accident in Matsushiro? What about Ritsuko?" Mousse asked.

"Contact hasn't been restored, yet."

"Damn it! I knew she should not have gone." Mousse said to himself.

"Well, looks like we'll have to go for it ourselves. There aren't many options left

open for us, are there?" Asuka added.

"Well, it looks like I will have to command, then." Mousse told her.

"Commander Ikari will be taking command of this operation."

"Gendou will?"


In Central Dogma, was preparing for battle.

"We're receiving an image from image of the target from the Novei Mountain

Station. Transferring to the main monitor." Shigeru reported.

Everyone looked in awe as they saw the Unit 03 approaching Tokyo 3.

"As we suspected." Fuyutsuki confirmed.

"Transmit the abort signal. Eject the unit's entry plug." Gendou ordered.

Steam emitted from the terminal, but the entry plug would not budge. It was held

down by some sort of organic web, composed of angelic protoplasm.


"It's not working, sir." Maya reported. "None of the abort or plug ejection codes

are being accepted."


"What about the pilot?" Gendou asked.

"His heart is still beating, and he's still breathing, but he's probablyÖ" Makoto

couldn't finish.

"I see. Then we must accept the loss of Evangelion Unit 03. Reclassify it as the

thirteenth Angel."

"What?" Maya asked.

"Sir?" Makoto added.

"Deploy our forces around the base at Mount Novei. The target must be



"The target is approaching." Mousse heard Shigeru say over the com. Makoto

followed up with, "All Units, prepare to engage."

"Right." Mousse said under his breath, fully ready to charge it. That was until he

got a good look at it. He saw the Eva Unit 03 heading towards them.


"What? It can't be. Is that the Angel?" Mousse asked.

"Correct. That is your target." Gendou told him.

"It may be our target, but it's also an Eva. Isn't it?"

"Damn it. How could it have been possessed?" Asuka asked herself in the combat

ready Eva Unit02."

"If that target is an Eva, then there must be another pilot inside it, isn't there?"

Mousse said to himself.

"You mean you still don't know yet?!" Asuka asked. " The pilot of Unit 03 is-

Aaaaaggghhh-" then her signal was cut off.

"Asuka-kun!" Mousse yelled, when he the screen go blank.

The Unit 02 was lying on the ground, unmoving.



"Eva Unit 02 has ceased transmitting." Makoto reported.

"The pilot has ejected. Recovery teams are now moving in for retrieval." Maya


"The target is moving toward Unit 00's position." Shigeru reported.

"Rei, stop him, but avoid close range combat." Gendou ordered. "I'll send Unit

One in to support you."

"Yes, sir." Rei answered, her crosshairs lined up on the Eva 03's back. She had a

tight shot, but it would have ended the battle then, and there. She found she could not fire

either, because she knew something that Mousse didn't know. She didn't fire because she

knew that Makoto was in there. There was one other reason she could not fire, and the

part of her, that was Yui, said, "But the pilot is my sonÖ."

The Unit 03 began to convulse, and roar. Then, it leapt in the air, and landed on

her. It pinned her, grasping her left arm securely, and began to drip a lavender liquid onto

her, corrupting the Unit 00. Rei screamed, and for the first time, Mousse realized how

much Rei reminded him of Yui, but even now he could do nothing for her. It was not the

target he feared. He just didn't want to hurt the pilot.

"The target is trying to merge with Unit 00's arm. Nerve contamination

spreading." Maya yelled.

"Sever the left arm immediately." Gendou ordered.

"But the pilot's nerve connections are still active." She argued.

"Cut it off." He rasped.

"RightÖ" she said.


The Unit 00's arm sprang out, as it was ejected forcibly from its socket. Rei

screamed again, tearing at Mousse's heart. It was like hearing Yui get hurt. Eva 03

realized stood over it, holding the amputated arm. Realizing it could do Unit 00 no

further harm, it dropped the arm, and began to walk towards Unit One.


Mousse sat in the cockpit of EVA Unit 01, waiting for the Unit 03 to come to

him. He wanted to attack, but something told him not to. Even though it had attacked

Asuka and Rei, he could not bring himself to attack it. Part of him felt that it wasn't

possible. Even when he heard Maya's voice over the com, reporting Rei's condition, he

could not move.

"Oh, noÖ" he whispered.

"The Target is approaching you Unit One. You Must Destroy it." He heard

Gendou say.

"But this target isn't just an Angel...There's somebody inside it, isn't

there?....Another kid just like Makoto." Mousse said to himself, thinking of his son.

It stopped, and stood still, but only for a moment. The events of that day went by

so fast, yet in Mousse's nightmares, they would move sluggishly so as to prolong his


It roared, and jumped high in the air, then bounded off of Mousse, knocking the

Unit One to the ground. He opened his eyes, recovering from the shock, and saw the plug

protruding form its back, but secured with some sort of organic web.

"An entry plug! I knew it! I knew there was someone in there!"

He willed Unit One to stand up, only to have the Unit Three grab the Unit One's

neck with its long arms, choking him, and forcing him back to the ground, its back

leaning on a mountain side.

Inside Central Dogma, "Unit One life support systems failing." A tech reported.

"Unit life functions are in danger." Maya added.

"Damn it! Cut our pilot's sinc ratio down to sixty percent." Fuyutsuki ordered.

"Eject the Unit's entry plug." Ranma added.

"Belay that." Gendou barked.

"But Ikari, if we don't, the pilot will be killed." Ranma told him.

"Hikaru, why aren't you fighting?" Gendou asked coldly.

Mousse struggled to keep his eyes open, his body pressed into the seat forcibly,

and right now he told Gendou the truth. "I canít! Thereís still a person inside that thing!"

Gendou sat in his chair, his hands laced together, his response was cold,

"Irrelevant. Itís an Angel. Destroy our enemy."


Didnít Gendou hear him, he just told him why he couldnít attack it. He tried

again, "I canít! If heís alive, weíve got to help him. I canít kill another human being!"


Gendou was losing his patience for the eldest pilot. He had no time to share views

on compassion, or ethics. If the Angel found Central Dogma, all of that would be of no

use to anyone. "Itís him or you."

Mousse still couldnít do it, his conscience wouldnít let him. "No!" he choked out.

"Iíd rather die!"


"Damn it!" Gendou seethed. He stood out of his command chair, and yelled,

"Shut down all of Unit 01ís synchronization circuits immediately."

"Shut them down?" Maya asked.

"Correct. Switch all control to the Anti-Christ System!"

"But sir, the Anti-Christ Plug isnít fully operational yet. Dr. Akagi hasnít

approved its use." Maya argued.

"Itís still better than the current pilot! Do it!"Gendou yelled.

"Yes sir." Maya replied bitterly.


Mousse sat in the cockpit, still struggling, and suddenly, he felt release as

everything in the plug went dark. He sat there for a moment. Then, he heard the whirring

of the system start up, as his controls lit up again. "Whatís going on?" he wondered

aloud. He looked back to a see a battery with the words: ANTI-CHRIST SYSTEM

flashing red as his cockpit lit up again. Then, he knew. He looked at the forward display,

and snarled, "What the hell are you doing, Gendou?!"


"Signal reception is green." Makoto reported.

"Control System switching is complete." Maya added.

"All nerves linked to the Anti-Christ System?"Ranma asked.

"Thirty-two point eight percent of emotional elements are unclear. It canít be

monitored." A tech replied.

"Sir?" Makoto asked.

"Irrelevant. Engage the system. Commence the attack." Gendou ordered, his voice



The right hand of Unit One flexed as it was activated once again. Its arms reached

out to the Unit Threeís neck, and began to squeeze it.

Everyone in Central Dogma looked to the main monitor, their job done, and

watched in horrid disbelief as the Unit 01 recovered. Maya looked on, wide-eyed, and

said to herself, "My God. This is what the Anti-Christ Plug is for?"

"The gain is still increasing." Makoto reported.


Inside the cockpit, Mousse looked on in horror as the Unit One tightened its grip

on the Unit Three, and broke its neck, but didnít kill it. Instead, Eva03 wailed in pain.

Then, the Unit One held Eva03 over its head and slammed into the ground. He saw Unit

One pull its fist back, and railed, "No, Donít!"But he saw the fist smash down on the

grounded head, and crush it.

In Central Dogma, Maya covered her face with both hands. Everyone else

watched, stunned, as the Unit One ripped the Eva03 to pieces, removing plate after plate

of armor, over and over. Unit One was tearing at its core, apparently looking for the

heart. In this case, it was the Entry Plug.


"Stop it! Gendou! Stop this goddamn thing, for Godís sake!" Mousse yelled over

the com, his voice full of anger and pain.


Inside the cockpit, he jiggled at the controls uselessly. "Youíve worked for me

before, so why arenít you listening to me now." He seethed, looking at the controls which

had been untouched by his commands. "Please, please, just stop it! Stop it! Make it Stop!

God, make it stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!"he cried. He heard the digging stop, and looked up

to see if it had stopped, but now Unit One held the Entry Plug of Eva03 in its left palm.

"Make it stop!" he yelled, leaning forward on his chair. Then, he heard the sick metal

crunch as the Eva03ís plug was crushed, spilling LCL all over it blood-ridded hands.

"Nooooooooo!"he railed.

In Central Dogma, everyone could hear him scream. No one could blame him.

Ranma, all ready sickened by the result of Gendouís order, could only close his eyes, as

he watched his old friend scream in anguish.

Then, all was silent, except for the sound of terminals humming, and lights


"Eva Unit03...I mean, the target has gone completely silent sir." Shigeru reported.


"Over here! Over here! We found a survivor here!" Ritsuko heard someone yell

as she awakened. She opened her eyes, and saw she Kaji.

"Iím alive? Kaji-kun?"

"You were lucky, Ritchan."

"Whereís Misato?"

"She broke her arm, but she wasnít hurt too badly."

"Oh, good."she said. Then her eyes widened. "What about Eva03?"

"It was destroyed, as an Angel, by Unit One."


"Hikaru was the pilot."

She felt herself fill with shame, regretting that she hadnít told him, hoping it

wouldnít be necessary. But now...

"I never told Hikaru...Where is Hikaru?"

Kaji commandeered a portable radio for her so she could talk to him.

Mousse sat in the plug, his head down, his eyes closed, and unmoving. He heard

Ritsukoís voice over the com, much to his relief despite everything.


"Ritsuko, youíre alright?"

"Iím sorry. I have to tell you something. Something important, but Oh Dear God,

Iím sorry."

"Ritsuko...I..I killed that kid. Gendo forced me to. I didnít want to but..."he

choked a little, so he couldnít finish.

"Hikaru, Iím sorry..."

Maya spoke next. "A report from the entry plug recovery squad: The pilotís life signs are confirmed."

"Heís alive?!" Mousse asked hopefully, peering out to get a look.

"Hikaru, the pilot of Unit03 is...The Fourth Child is..."

He was sorry when he did. He saw Makoto Mizuhara, his son, lying in the seat,

blood dripping from his mouth. At that moment, all of his memories of Makoto flashed

through his mind; his arrival from the future, his dislike of Akane, his constant

cheerfulness. He shy demeanor, his bravery in El Hazard. Mousse had done so many

things in his life that he regretted, but Makoto was something he could be proud of, that

light in the darkness...the only real light in his life since Akane, and beyond that Yui. He

looked on as his heartbeat counted the memories. He could not feel himself shaking his

head slightly, he could not feel anything beyond that deep regret of not being able to save

Saffir or Dimando. He couldnít even save Makoto.

He heard Ritsukoís voice over the com, but that seemed unreal as well. Makoto

was bleeding and dying, thanks to him...That Was Real. He had failed his children,

Again. That was real.

"Hikaru! Hikaru! Hikaru! Hikaru! Hikaru! Hika-.."

"Nooooooooooooooooooo!"he railed with a deep pain that burned into him.



They had managed to bring Eva01 back into its cage, and Mousse was inside the

plug, seething.

"The interlock circuit has cut off." Maya reported.

"What about the ejection signal?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"Itís being locked from inside the plug. The signalís not being received."

Ranma turned to the screen, "Look, Mousse, If we hadnít done that, you wouldíve

been killed."

"Thatís not the point."

"Maybe, but itís the truth!" Makoto added.

Mousse voice was calm and measured, just as Gendouís had been when he gave

that last order, though he rather die than admit to that. "Stop pushing me. Donít push me

anymore. Unit One still has three hundred and eighty-five seconds of power left, and if I

wished, I could take all of headquarters with me."

"Heíll do it, too...The way he is right now."Shigeru said.

Maya stood out of her chair, trying to get him to listen to reason. "Hikaru, will

you listen to us? If it werenít for Commander Ikariís decision to use the Anti-Christ Plug,

everyone here wouldíve been killed."she told him.


Mousse lost his cool demeanor, speaking as a father, "I said thatís not the point,

God Damn It!"he yelled, slamming his fist onto the control panel. "Gendou, that man,

tried to kill my son!...using my hands."


Everyone in Central Dogma could hear Mousseís angry, bitter voice as he yelled

over the com, "Gendou1 Where are you?! What have you got to say?! Answer me!"

Gendou heard him, unflinching, despite the fact that he knew what Mousse could

do. At this point, however, he had nothing to fear. "Increase the Pressure of the LCL to

its maximum level." He ordered.

Maya looked back at him, doubtfully.

"I have no time to waste on an impossible child."

Mousse grabbed the controls tightly. "I still have a direct control circuit! I-" that

was as far as he got before he felt a choking grip, and he realized that he had waited too

long. "Damn it!" he gasped, before blacking out.. "God damn it..."


Even though everyone was here, with him, he still felt that deep regret. He just wished there had been some other way. He looked over at Yui, and she was looking right back at him. She had that look on her face, a look which told him that he had not faced that pain alone. Yuiís soul was in the Eva Unit One, feeling that pain with him, that helplessness, which even now consumed him. She wished she could take that pain away from him, wished there was some way to protect him from that anguish which she had seen through Reiís eyes.

(End of Part One)