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Mousse in…. Ah! Sadness and Redemption…

This is the Mousse, from Ranma ½, who leaves after the OVAs.

Mousse leaves after he decides that he sees he can't be with Shampoo, and all of her friends, step on him. After one last attempt at making friends with her, Shampoo tells him that "He’s a stupid nothing that nobody wants."

He leaves, and takes shelter in an abandoned house, along side a shrine. That night, he wishes for a place to belong. He stays in the old house for a month.

One night, a month later, Keiichi Morisato, a college student, is his dorm trying to call a take-out place. He reaches the "Relief Goddess Office" He tries to hang up, saying he’s reached the wrong number, but the voice on the other end says she’ll be right over. His mirror glows, and Belldandy, a Goddess, comes through there. For a moment, he thinks this is a joke played on him by his older roommates. She tells him she can grant him a single wish.

He tells her he wishes for her to stay with him "forever". She chants a spell, and tells him his wish is granted. He’s left speechless for a moment, and his older roommates come in at that moment. They see him with Belldandy, and kick him out, and send her with him. (women aren’t allowed in the men’s dorms.)

The two search for a place to stay, with no luck. It begins to rain. Belldandy tells Keiichi that she knows a place they could go to. They find the house, where Mousse is, and take shelter there.

On the way, Keiichi has a near accident, and Bell uses her powers to save him, exhausting herself in the process. She tells him how to get to the house, from there, and falls asleep.

He finds the shrine, and goes into it. He puts Bell on the floor, takes out a blanket, and covers her with it. Of course, driving around in the rain has also made him ill. He blacks out.

Belldandy wakes up and finds Keiichi very ill. She blames herself, and uses her powers to heal him. She lets him sleep, and explores the grounds. She improves the house while Keiichi is sleeping, and Mousse is sleeping in one of the other rooms.

Mousse wakes up and finds the house good as new. He sees Belldandy, and Keiichi. He goes out to them, and introduces himself. Before Keiichi can say anything, Bell tells Mousse that she’s a Goddess. Mousse shrugs and tells her he’s pleased to meet her.

Keiichi and Bell buy furniture for their new place. Mousse says he’ll leave then. They insist that he stay with them. He accepts their offer, and helps Keiichi set up the new apartment. Shampoo walks by, while chasing Ranma, and sees Mousse help Keiichi move in the furniture while Belldandy looks on, and asks if there’s something she can do.

Ranma sees them, and comes over to make friends with them. Bell brings out something to drink for Mousse and Keiichi. Shampoo also comes over, and tries to make friends with Keiichi and Belldandy.

Shampoo says that Ranma would be a little more help than Mousse. Ranma shrugs at this, and tells them he’d gladly help. Bell tells them that they’ll be fine, and that he shouldn’t worry. Belldandy tells Shampoo that Mousse is helping them, and that’s enough. Moreover, Mousse is the one who found the place. The least they can do is let him stay there. They ask Mousse to go to the hardware store, so he can pick up some supplies.

Ranma lifts one of the pieces of furniture, and moves it to help them, anyway. Bell and Keiichi take some furniture into Mousse’s room, as well. Shampoo looks around the place, and settles in, and tells them, with fake modesty, that they don’t have to set a guestroom for her, but Ranma could really use this room.

Shampoo talks to Keiichi, asking about Bell. Mousse, having come back from the hardware store, tells Shampoo not to interfere with the two. Shampoo ignores him, and tries to make Mousse feel unwelcome among Bell and Keiichi.

Shampoo tells Mousse to go back to the Cat Café, and then points out that he can’t. He points out that Mousse isn’t wanted there, and isn’t wanted at the shrine, either. Mousse nods at all this. Bell stops Shampoo, and tells her that SHE’S the unwanted guest. Keiichi asks Shampoo to leave. Finally, after a long time of giving Mousse a hard look and calling them idiots for letting him in, Shampoo does leave.

Keiichi tells Mousse that he doesn’t have to leave. Bell agrees with this. He thanks them both, and goes to his room. He goes there to find that his duffel bag has been emptied, and his room is fully furnished. Ranma comes into his room, and settles things once and for all. "If you aren’t going after Shampoo, there’s no reason we can’t be friends, right?" Mousse shrugs at this, and shakes hands with him. Bell hears them, and wonders if it was all right to let Ranma in.

Mousse goes outside to thank them, and sees that Keiichi's sister, Megumi, is going to move in with them. She gives Keiichi the money she would’ve used for rent, and introduces herself to Bell, and Mousse, who tells them he’ll move to another room. They tell him there’s plenty of space, and for him not to worry about it.

Shortly, Keiichi’s older classmates come to find him in a well-fitted house, and decide to have a party to break it in. Later that night, the party is still going. Mousse is sitting outside, looking at the stars. Bell asks him what Shampoo was talking about. He tells her everything that he did, how bad he feels, and that everyone would be better off without him. He doesn’t tell her that Shampoo told him he was nothing.

Keiichi comes out, and ask what they’re talking about. Mousse tells them that he’ll leave the two "lovebirds" alone, and walks off. He lies down on the roof, listening to Bell talk to Keiichi, and falls for her, but knows he can’t say anything.

Summer arrives. It’s five months after Bell, Keiichi, and Megumi have come into Mousse’s life. Mousse is making breakfast for everyone in the morning, having awoken a little earlier than Bell. Megumi is also still there, staying in the house. Keiichi is inwardly complaining, wanting to be alone with Belldandy.

Megumi suggests that they all go to the beach. Bell says that would be great, since she’s never been there. Shampoo, who’s sneaking around, sees Mousse blanch at the thought of going to the beach, and says he’ll be going out later, to find a job. She pops out, and tells him to go, and then she says that she’ll go off to tell Ranma.

After she leaves, Mousse tells them he’ll be heading for the shopping center, and look for a job as a salesman. Bell tells him she’ll go with him. Megumi says she’ll go too to help Bell pick out a bathing suit. They all go to the shopping center.

While they’re gone, Keiichi gets a tape in the mail. He puts it on his tape machine in a hurry and looks at the screen excitedly. The TV shows a dark-skinned, exotic woman with long flowing, white hair.

Keiichi goes up to the screen to get a closer look, and sees a foot stick out of the TV, and then the rest of the woman in the TV. She pops out, and starts to tease Keiichi. She introduces herself as Urd, Bell’s older sister. She tells him that she’s the "Love Goddess" and that she can help him with Bell. They hear Mousse, Bell, and Megumi come home.

Urd disappears, and tells Keiichi not to tell Bell that she’s there. They all go to the beach, and Bell manages to convince Mousse to come with them. Mousse goes with them, deciding he’ll sit on the shore most of the time. Ranma, and co, see Mousse at his truck getting the things, and say that it was great they could meet there. Mousse nods at this, and Shampoo walks by him, knocks the towels and such out of his hands. She tells him it was an accident, and goes off to join the others at the shore. Mousse nods, and bends to pick everything up. Ranma holds back, and helps him with it.

While Mousse is getting the rest of the towels from the car, Urd comes up to Keiichi. She gives him a special skin lotion called, "Passion" and tells him to apply it like suntan lotion, and Bell will be all his. She disappears before Bell sees her. Bell sits down, and ask Keiichi if everything’s all right.

Keiichi asks if she might want him to apply some suntan lotion to her. She tells him to go ahead. He’s about to apply it, when Sayoko, one of the most popular girls at the university, comes over.

Her boyfriend, Aoshima, sees Bell and tells her to come with them. Sayoko is immediately furious, but hides it. Mousse arrives, and tells Aoshima to leave them alone. Aoshima sneers at him, and leaves with the rest of the popular gang. When Keiichi turns back to look for the lotion, the rest of it has been spilled.

Mousse blows up the raft and tells Keiichi to go on with Bell. They’re alone again. Just when they’re about to kiss, Aoshima’s yacht almost cuts through them. Keiichi is knocked off the boat, Bell is picked up, and sees that Aoshima asked that Mousse come on his boat. Mousse jumps into the water, ignore the change, and dives for Keiichi, as a duck. Bell dives in for both.

Later, Keiichi is in bed, and Bell is crying, thinking that it’s her fault. Mousse tells her that she shouldn’t blame herself. However, he does say that she should’ve let go of him and go for Keiichi. Before she can reply, Mousse leaves, he meets Sayoko out in the hall. She asks how Keiichi is doing, and he tells that Keiichi’s fine.

Meanwhile, Urd appears when Keiichi awakens. She gives him a potion that’ll make him fall into a passionate spell for whoever he sees when he opens his eyes. Keiichi drinks it, and blacks out, again. When he wakes up, he sees Sayoko. He starts to grab onto her, and tell her how beautiful she is. She’s trying to pull him off, he follows her out into the hall, and tells her that he only wants her.

Bell hears this, and tells Keiichi that she’s there as long as he needs her, she’s about to leave when he calls for her. The potion won’t let him. He holds his head, screaming, and runs outside. He runs out onto the beach, and Bell goes after him.

Shampoo sees that Bell is running on the beach, alone, and tries to talk to her. Mousse stops her, and tells her to leave Bell alone. Shampoo tells Mousse to step aside, or he’ll get hurt.

Mousse takes this in, but remains in her path. He tells Shampoo that unless she wants a fight, then she’ll have to leave them alone. Shampoo obliges, and Mousse is beaten pretty badly after Shampoo knocks him into the water, and kicks him around as a duck. Afterward, she goes off to look for Bell.

Urd finds the duck on the shore, and looks at how broken the wing is. She goes off to look for her sister, Bell, to see if she can help.

Bell catches up to Keiichi, who’s getting a headache from the potion. He runs into a rock, and is knocked out instantly. She wakes him with a kiss. He thanks her, and then he tells her why he was acting like that.

Bell suspects her older sister, who appears with Mousse (in duck form) in arms, saying that she only wanted to help. She hands Bell the duck, and asks her to help him. Bell heals the wing, and Urd is struck by lightening.

She looks at a stone tablet on the ground that tells Urd her punishment for interfering with Bell is to stay on Earth for another six months. After they all get home, Mousse tells his new friends about the curse, and Urd says she’ll cure everyone with Jusenkyo’s curse.

The Nerima Gang thanks Mousse for this. Akane gets mad when Ryoga rejoices at being cured of becoming P-chan. Ranma tells Mousse that he’ll owe him for a long time, and says that Mousse can ask him for anything.

Urd comes to stay in the house, and Mousse offers his room to her. Bell’s younger sister, Skuld comes to earth to investigate "bugs" which disturb the continuum. Eventually, Mousse has to sleep out in the living room.

Also, Keiichi was volunteered to represent his college in the collegial annual competition. He’s trying to refit his bike for the race. Mousse is helping him out, and Keiichi tells him not to worry about it. Mousse knows that Keiichi’s old roommate also promised the competition, Aoshima, that if he won, Bell would go with him. Aoshima comes over and taunts’ the two, by telling them to give up Bell right now to avoid humiliation. Mousse tells him to worry about himself.

Skuld finds out that Bell is staying Keiichi, and they’re a couple. She’s angry at this, watching them fuss over each other at dinner, and storms off into the room where the motorcycle is being rebuilt. She sees Mousse, working hard, and asks him why he’s doing it. He tells her that he doesn’t like guys like Aoshima, and that Belldandy deserves so much better than that.

Skuld realizes that Mousse is in love with Belldandy, and tells him to go for her. He tells her that he doesn’t want to come between Bell and Kei. Besides, he doesn’t feel he deserves to be with Bell. If he’s alone for the rest of his life, he won’t mind if Bell is happy.

Skuld comes up with a plan. She tries to sabotage the bike before the race. She thinks that if Mousse doesn’t like Aoshima, they’ll fight for Bell, and Skuld will give him the ability to take care of Aoshima.

The bike goes well through the whole race, except for a little hum, and blowing out before it reached the finish line. Mousse, having given a check every mile or so, . So, Keiichi still beats Aoshima. Bell, Urd, and Mousse cheer Keiichi on as he comes in first. Bell puts her arms around the two and congratulates the two for their hard work. They take a picture that day.

After the race, Keiichi sees a ring he wants to buy Belldandy. He realizes he doesn’t have enough money. Mousse tries to offer him some, but finds he has none. Skuld scolds Keiichi for being so cheap.

Winter rolls around, and Bell is told that she’ll have to leave soon. She tells Keiichi about it. He tells her that he’ll miss her, but he understands that she has duties. Skuld finds that there’s a disturbance with the continuum if Bell and Keiichi remain together.

Accidents start to happen, and the house begins to fall apart. Keiichi tells Bell that it seems they’re being forced apart. Mousse tells Keiichi to not give up Bell. Mousse helps Keiichi get a job as a construction worker with the team he’s working with.

While Keiichi works to get Bell a Christmas present, Mousse is working on raising money for a new place. They work for hours on end, until Christmas. Bell finds that Mousse has the classified section in his duffel bag. She remembers what he told her about him being used to being alone, and cries because Keiichi will be alone. She realizes that Mousse is going to leave, too. She wonders if they didn’t make him feel welcome enough. Urd and Skuld is working a spell to get rid of the glitch between Bell and Keiichi.

The day arrives that Bell has return to Asgard. While Keiichi is in the city, and buying a present for Bell, she’s in the house and going over the things that would remind him of her, and making them vanish. In the photos of them all, she erases her image, and she sees that Mousse seems somber in all the pictures.

Keiichi is about to ride his bike back home, when he sees Mousse in the company truck, telling him that he’ll give him a lift. Shampoo sees this, and follows them.

Keiichi catches up to Bell just as she’s ascending. He runs into the beam of light, and is pushed back. He keeps charging in, but gets knocked back. Urd initiates the spell that will break to block between Bell and Keiichi. Shampoo tries to charge in, and Mousse stops her, telling her not to interfere.

Shampoo beats her way past Mousse, and by that time, Urd has finished her incantation. A large explosion occurs. Shampoo grabs Mousse, and uses him to shield herself from the explosion.

Afterward, everyone is lying on the ground, unconscious. Bell, Urd, and Shampoo are the only one’s standing. Urd goes over to Mousse. He waves her away, and tells her to check on Keiichi. Shampoo laughs that they didn’t come for Mousse.

Urd notices that, and goes over to Keiichi, who’s unconscious. Bell, holding him, screams when she feels that Keiichi is barely holding on. She goes into his mind. She helps him remember that they had met when they were very young. Bell, however, was not supposed to act as a Goddess, and therefore had to erase Keiichi’s memory of her. She promised to return one day, though.

Keiichi wakes up, and sees Bell looking down at him. He sits up, and looks around at his friends. Lightening strikes the ground. It’s a message from Kami-sama. It says that Bell and Keiichi can stay together. Urd, and Skuld, though, are on punishment, and must remain on earth longer. Keiichi gives Bell the ring, he bought for her, and she kisses him. Telling him, "Merry Christmas." Urd helps Mousse in, and everyone celebrates Christmas. Shampoo is left outside, in the cold.

A few days later, a demon, Mara, comes for Keiichi's soul, and Mousse offers his own instead. "This is alright. You have something to stay here for."

Mousse is taken to hell, instead.

Kami-sama tells the Goddesses that Mara, a demon, CANNOT take an innocent, and has gone against the contract, and has therefore ordered them to go get him. Mind you, during AMG, Shampoo's constantly trying to get the attention of the Goddesses.

Mara wants Keiichi because she wants to put the Goddesses to an extreme, and force them to kill him. and when they have no choice to, Mara will take his powers away from him, and the Goddesses will end up damning themselves for killing an innocent...

The Goddesses are about to go for Mousse in hell, when Mousse appears on earth again, as a devil not because he gave in, but because they could only subvert him by brainwashing him. His mission is to kill Keiichi.

Mousse keeps coming for Keiichi, but he backs off at thought of having to fight Belldandy to get to Keiichi.

Shampoo brings over the Nerima Gang and volunteers his services, and ask the Goddesses to put a spell on the weapons they use...Mousse manages to get into the house, finally after several attempts, and looks for Keiichi.

Shampoo is watching Mousse in the meantime, and plans to let him kill Keiichi, and go ahead and kill afterward "as an act of vengeance" it turns out, the Goddesses come to face off with Mousse.

Shampoo couldn’t care less, but wants to look good for the Goddesses. She decides to kill Mousse, then and there. She makes her strike, and charges at his back. Keiichi gets in the way and takes the spear for Mousse....

Mousse comes back to himself for and realizes what happened. Bell screams. He tells the Goddesses to destroy him.

Mousse says, "This is my fault. I'm sorry. Please, destroy me. Do it...before I become a devil again...hurry."

the three combine their power, and charge a blast at him...and at the last minute, Mara takes Mousse's powers away, leaving him as a normal human again.

the blast (a light show, actually) goes right through him, and hits Shampoo behind him, knocking Shampoo to the ground.

Mousse goes over to Bell, who's holding Keiichi. Keiichi has very little lifeforce left. Mousse, not wanting Bell to be sad, tells her to take his own life energy, and give it to Keiiichi..

she does this...and Mousse, phasing in and out, says, "It's better this doesn't matter what happens to me."

so in the end mousse sacrifices himself for keiichi and bell

Mousse sees Bell looking down at Keiichi, who's coming to, and whispers he loves her.

"I'm glad I got to meet all of you. At least, I know someone will be happy." he fades from existence.

Bell and Keiichi embrace with joy for being together again, and sadness that they lost their friend...

Urd, actually having seen what mousse said before he faded away, thinks about whether or not she should tell Bell. She decides not to, though, since Bell's happy with Keiichi.

When Mousse faded out...Bell went to go pick up his glasses, and Shampoo stepped on them, laughing about how glad she was now that he was gone. Needless to say, they were a little pissed.

Ranma is still lying on the floor, as are the rest of the Nerima gang. The Goddesses kick her out, and tell her not to come back.

Shampoo keeps trying to get into the house one way or the befriend them again...she hates Keiichi too. She keeps trying to get into the house in one disguise or another, but they keep shooing him away...

Shampoo keeps, trying to come into the Goddesses lives, but they don't accept her into the fold...Ukyo ends up with Ryoga, Ranma stays with Akane, kodachi is still crazy, and Shampoo ends up alone..

Mousse steps back into town, and is on his way to the Tokyo U. He looks at the bulletin board for ads to look for an apt. He’s given a second chance, by Kami-sama, with all the breaks.

Shampoo pounces on Mousse because he assumes that Mousse will want to challenge Ranma. Of course, Mousse dodges all her punches, saying that he doesn't want a fight. Keiichi is with Bell, and they see Mousse dodging Shampoo's attacks..

Mousse sees Bell, gets distracted, and Shampoo punches him out...knocking him to the ground.

Mousse stands up again, only assuming a defensive stance, which means that he's not throwing any punches, and is trying to talk it out having become a pacifist now. Shampoo knocks him back down.

"Come on! Get up, you stupid boy!" Shampoo yells.

Mousse looks at her a moment, stands up, and turns around, trying to walk on...Shampoo punches him in the back, trying to get a rise out of Mousse, but he gets back up...and tries to walk on.

Shampoo doesn't realize that the whole time she's done this, she's been watched. Keiichi and Bell have been looking at him. He snarls until he looks over his shoulder to see if anyone's watching.

They coming running for Mousse, and Shampoo takes Bell's hand, telling her it was "self-defense"...she snatches her hand away, and bends down to help Keiichi with Mousse...

Mousse looks at both of them, tells them not to worry about him. Keiichi tells him "BS, you're our friend."

Bell tells him the same, and Mousse looks at her, and says, "Did you just call ME your friend?"

She nods, he tells the two to let him stand on his own...and turns to face Shampoo...and tells Shampoo exactly what she is....

"I can't do anymore than what you've done to're damned. I just wanted you to know that." he tries to walk off. Bell and Keiichi catch him before he falls back to the ground...they look over their shoulder and Shampoo, and Bell tells her, "I don't want you near any of us again...Mousse told you why." They take him home.

While Mousse is unconscious, he mutters that he loves Bell while she puts a towel on his head. She smiles at this, and then she realizes why he gave himself...

she kisses make him forget, actually, but it turns out the she doesn't do the spell once she does...Shampoo had followed the three back to the house, and watches them from a window...mousse wakes up while she's doing this, but he pretends to be asleep.

Bell wonders if she has feelings for Mousse.

She's grateful for what he did...she watches him sleeping...or pretending, and smiles down at him...then he wakes up, and ask where he is...he doesn't mention anything about the kiss because he doesn't want to ruin things for bell and Keiichi.

She leaves the room, and tells him to sit tight while she gets Keiichi to help him up. He tells her it's ok. She goes to get him anyway.

While she's gone, Shampoo comes into the room, and says she saw what happened. She tells Mousse to re-introduce her, as a friend, or she'll tell Keiichi.

Mousse swallows his pride, and does it. He doesn't want to ruin things for the two. So he introduces Shampoo, and Cologne, so they can mix in with the Goddesses and Keiichi or she'll tell everybody about "the kiss".

Then Shampoo pulled the "I'll tell" bit with Mousse, so he had to tell the Goddesses that everything was cool, and they if he was willing to forgive her, so could they..

They reluctantly accepted her in, and shampoo was sitting at dinner and started harping on Mousse again. She starts saying that Ranma was the one who made all of this possible since she doesn't want to give Mousse any any rate, they char her, and kick her out...

Bell looks over at Mousse, about to say something, but she hushes when she's Mousse is kind of worried. Mousse asks Keiichi if he's going to take Bell somewhere and then the rest of the gang (Nerima too) said they'll tag along.

Mousse told them that they should leave 'em be, and says that he'll pay for them all at another movie while Bell and Keiichi go on their date..

Shampoo comes into the house, and finds everyone gone, and doesn't know where they went.

The next day, she catches up to Mousse at the university, and tells him to pull a few strings with the wish situation...Mousse refuses, not wanting to take advantage of them. Shampoo threatens to tell Keiichi and the others unless Mousse does this. He still tells her he can't do that to them..

Shampoo says, "ok, fine...I won't tell them now."

First, she tries to hold the secret over Bell's head, and she tells him not to mess with her. So, at dinner, Shampoo announces in front of everyone, "Say Mousse, what were you and Bell up to the other day?" she goes off on how Bell is supposed to be loyal to Keiichi. Keiichi looks at them, and feels betrayed. Mousse stands up, and tells Keiichi that he forced himself, on Bell, and that he's sorry. Then, he goes into his room to pack a duffel, and leaves...

Shampoo sits back down, and ask for the Soy Sauce. She does this confidently now that mousse has left. They char her, and kick her out. They let the rest of the Nerima gang stay, though. The Nerima gang don't like Shampoo too much anyway...and they don't know anything about the "one wish" deal.

At any rate, Bell talks to Keiichi, and settles everything with him...they go out to look for Mousse, with everyone's help.

They don't find him until Ukyo calls in the morning, and tells them that she found Mousse at the train station. When they get there, they see that the last train of the morning left.

Bell seems a little upset that Mousse left the house the way he did and that he said what he did to back her up.

They find him standing there, with his duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He is looking to the ground, depressed yet thoughtful. He looks up to sees his friends standing there, waiting for him. "I wanted to go home." he tells them. "You are home. Welcome back." Bell told him.

Shampoo catches up to Bell at the university..."apologizing" for the year before...and ask if they can be friends...

Bell tells Shampoo, "No." Keiichi comes to pick her up. Then Shampoo sees Mousse meet up with Yui Ikari, and coming over to join Belldandy and Keiichi.

Shampoo sees Aoshima and pulls him over, bringing Yui to his attention. Aoshima tries to introduce himself to Yui, who rolls her eyes, "And you are?" leaving him with his mouth open.

Bell smiles at this, glad that Mousse has someone who likes him, and looks out for him, too. Then comes Shampoo trying to wedge Aoshima between Mousse and Yui. She’s trying to ruin Mousse’s life, again. She pushes Aoshima to go for Yui.

Aoshima goes to Yui's apartment...(having followed her home one day.) and asks her to let him in, faking an injury. She grabs a chair, puts it out in the hall, and tells him to wait for the medics there...then closes the door, and locks it. He tells her he needs some TLC. She tells him, "So buy a rubber girlfriend."

Aoshima looks at his "Guide to making women fall in love with you" and sees the first line in it saying...."if you can't pull, push. anger is the very first emotion she'll feel for you...later, better emotions for you arise." so, he tries to make Yui fall for him now.

He goes up to Yui's door, faking yet another injury. She looks at him, gives him a band- aid, and closes the door. He tries this 3 times and each time, she ignores him, or she's already left on a date with Mousse.

Aoshima even tries the hot coffee bit with Yui, where he sits down with her at the table where she waited for Mousse.

He keeps trying to provoke Mousse into fighting him too. So, he can show everyone "That Mousse isn't so nice, and kind after all."

Mousse ignores the taunts, and teasing, paying more focus to Yui, who's encouraging him to go for his full Master's Degree...

She's also, nudging him for marriage, which he considers carefully about asking her. Aoshima overhears that they have trouble getting the engagement together, and assumes it's because of him. It’s just Mousse trying to sort out how to ask her, though, and whether or not he deserves her. Not only that, Mousse has to deal with Aoshima, who also happens to like Yui.

He finds himself in a constant unwilling competition that Aoshima pushes him into. Mousse finds himself in the annual Collegial Competition, this time on a professional pace car racers’ rink.

Yui tells him not to, and Bell tells Yui not to worry because he’s being protected. Yui nods at this, and hopes for Mousse’s safety. Even Ranma comes to watch Mousse at the race. Shampoo goes into the stall the night before, and sabotages Mousse’s pace car. She goes to Aoshima, and tells him that Yui will be his when the race is over.

The race begins, Mousse is coming to a corner, and begins to ease into the break as he does so, but the break line is cut. When he passes his refitting mark, he notices that Shampoo is standing there, in gray coveralls and a cap.

He compensates by easing off on the gas, but has to push it once he turns the corner. Aoshima notices that Mousse is driving past everyone, but sees that Mousse is driving sporadically. He realizes what Shampoo did, and catches up to Mousse to drive alongside him. Then tries to push Mousse off the road.

Mousse pushes the envelope leaving Aoshima to push into the dirt. Mousse comes in first, and Yui, Belldandy, and Keiichi congratulate him. Aoshima finds Shampoo after the race, and asks her why Yui wasn’t with him. She tells him that she doesn’t issue plans with a guarantee. Aoshima takes this as an insult, and tells her she can do her schemes on her own, and walks off angrily.

He tries to talk to Yui again. She tells him to leave her alone, but he grabs her, telling her that he loves her, and wants to be with her. She tries to pull out of his grasp, and he forces himself on her that night, nearly raping her.

Mousse comes to pick her up for a date, and sees what Aoshima is doing. They fight it out, and Mousse calls the police to come for Aoshima, who begs him not to because it will ruin his reputation, and his family name. Aoshima is taken off to jail, and Mousse takes Yui to the house.

Yui moves into Mousse’s room at the shrine, and everyone gives her a warm welcome there.

Shampoo bails Aoshima out of jail, and tells him that she’s bribed the police into erasing the last incident from his record. All he has to do for her is attend to Yui.

Shampoo made the potion that was derived from a chipped piece of the reversal jewel, and went to the hospital, knowing that Yui would go there to get a check up. Shampoo comes in, disguised as a nurse, and injects her with the hate potion.

Shampoo sees the desired effect when Mousse comes to pick up Yui, who starts to insult him, and talk down to him. He tries to take her home, hoping she’ll get better by then, but she’s still harping on him when they get outside. Aoshima comes up to them, and asks if there’s anything wrong.

Belldandy and Keiichi drive by, and see that Aoshima is taking Yui into his arms, while Mousse is left speechless. Bell gets mad at Yui, and confronts her, and realizes that Yui’s eyes are glazed. Aoshima grabs Yui, who looks up at him lovingly.

Shampoo tells Mousse that he shouldn’t interfere with Yui and Aoshima. He gets into his car. Bell tells him to wait, trying to explain that Yui’s being controlled somehow. Mousse thanks her for trying to make him feel better. Completely devastated, he drives off.

Shampoo, knowing he’d do that, cuts his break line. Belldandy, having tracked Aoshima down, finds Yui with him in bed. She leaves, losing hope for Mousse. Urd finds her, and tells her to get to the hospital because Mousse was in an accident, and in ICU. Belldandy vanishes, and looks for Shampoo. Ranma tells her he’ll help, but she tells him that if she finds Shampoo, the meeting will end badly. Ranma nods in understanding.

Belldandy finds Shampoo in the Cat Café, making more of the hate potion. She’s planning to feed the next batch to Akane, and Ukyo. Belldandy tells her to hand over the antidote for Yui. Shampoo tells her, "If it’s for Mousse to be happy, Shampoo would rather die." Bell tells her that she’ll have to oblige her.

Ranma stops her. He goes up to Shampoo, and slaps her. He goes on to say that he’s never wanted anything to do with her, and that he’s tired of her chasing him around. He tells her that he hates her. Shampoo falls to her knees, crying. After all that, Ranma kneels down and lifts her face to his, forcefully. "How does it feel?" he asks her flatly.

She gives in the cure for the potion. When she looks at Bell, though, she crushes it in her hand. Bell screams, since that’s the only thing that will bring Yui back to herself. "Now Mousse can be alone like me." Shampoo sobs. She calls out for Ranma, who walks away from her, and only glances at her over his shoulder to tell her that they’re no longer friends.

Bell goes to the hospital, with Ranma. They see Mousse lying the hospital bed on life support. Bell sees Keiichi there, and cries on his shoulder.

A week later, Mousse is able to leave the hospital. As Bell and Keiichi help him walk to a rental car, they see Yui walking with Aoshima. Mousse gets in the car hurriedly, and tells Keiichi to drive home.

Urd gets a call from Asgard. Later, she tells Belldandy, Keiichi, and Skuld that Yui is up for Pre-judgement. She tells them not to tell Mousse. He overhears this, and interprets it as Yui having an early death. He concludes that she’ll have a fatal accident. He leaves during the night to look for her. He sees her with Aoshima, but wills himself to stay around, and protect her.

She finds that he’s been following her for some time, and turns to face him. She tells him to stop because she wants nothing to do with him. She tells him that she hates him, and that she’d rather die than be with him.

He grabs to her wrist, trying to hold her. She snatches her wrist out of his grasp, and runs into the street. She’s about to get hit by a car, and Mousse pushes her out of the way. Yui turns around and finds him on the lying on the ground. She tears away from the potion’s effects, and screams. She runs to hold his body, but finds an invisible wall blocking her.

She keeps trying to go through, but is getting burned by an electric field of some sort. Urd, Belldandy, and Skuld see that the Ascension has begun.

Mousse awakens in the field, and looks around. Mousse sees Yui coming to get him, and that the effects of the potion having worn off. She reaches out for him, telling him that she wants to be with him, and he grabs her firmly. He pulls her into the field, and holds her. They are both placed on the ground, holding each other.

Lightening strikes the street and Urd sees a message from Kami-sama. It says that Yui has earned her place Asgard, and is to be trained by Belldandy for duties on Earth as another relief goddess. She can stay on earth with Mousse, though. The message also says that Urd should stop lying, and she tells them that she got things mixed up. "Mousse was up for pre-judgement. Heh, heh, heh."

They all go back to the house, and celebrate their second Christmas together, with the Nerima gang as well.

Since Yui is a goddess, she knows that this reality is a sort of cyberspace, and Kami-sama is the programmer, chatter, and browser. Mousse has learned about computers, and such, so he decided he'd help with system maintenance of the Yygsadril system, which is the super computer that runs the universe.

Shampoo sees Mousse working late one night, (pulling an all-nighter with Skuld) working on regulating the Yysadril system. . She figures the only way to get rid of Mousse is by wiping him from existence, but she can’t with the Goddesses around so she ask Mara, the demon, for the brilliance to understand the Yygsadril system.


She decides to make her own world (programmed, actually) where She is in charge, and thus, where Mousse doesn’t exist. Shampoo had created a sort of new reality, and wanted the current reality to be changed to accommodate her Shampoo’s World Operating System (SWOS).

During the time she’s building it, she sees Mousse at a department store, looking for furniture for their new home. She hates seeing Yui happy with Mousse, but she goes home, and starts to tap into the SC Yygsadril, and begins to save on everyone else’s file, except for Mousse’s.

She also builds a Dimensional bomb, and launches it from Mousse's house, where it would start to suck this universe, starting with the earth, into the black hole, and reformat it for the SWOS script she had written. Fortunately, Mousse isn't there when it goes off

Mousse knew that this had something to do with the outer reality, (Kami-sama's) since he had asked Skuld about it. He tells the goddesses, and Yui, that he'll go in to deactivate the Dbomb. Urd volunteers to do it, but Mousse tells them that they have to be outside to keep everything from getting sucked in. Skuld tells him she can go, but he tells her she has to help her sisters. She gives him her laptop, and tells him to take care of himself.

He goes in the reprogram the Dbomb to feed back on itself. Meanwhile, Shampoo is at her own terminal trying to block all of Mousse's commands. He punches in the program to neutralize the black hole, but the reactor, itself, self-destructs. When he does get the D-bomb to feedback on itself, her PC goes up in flames.

Skuld put something on the terminal, directly from the Yygsadril system, to keep him anchored in this reality. Mousse gets stuck in Kline space, instead of fading out. This means he's on earth, but he's like a ghost. Mousse and Yui try to get through this, which is hard for her, but she sticks by him since she loves him. Mousse and Yui can't 'touch' each other, though.

While Mousse and Yui try to deal with it, Skuld and Urd are working on an incantation that will bring all of him back to this plane of reality.

Mara visits Shampoo to take away the knowledge she was given. Also, Mara says that Shampoo will stay forever on Earth, because not even Hell wants her. Shampoo asks for one more chance, and Mara agrees, and disappears.

Shampoo walks around the shrine one day, and sees Keiichi and the goddesses talking to someone else, but she can’t see who it is. She takes a device she stole from Skuld, (spectral goggles.) and uses them to see who it is. She realizes that Mousse is now on the borderline between life and death.

She goes home to build a device that will disperse his molecules, and thereby destroy him.

Yui tells Mousse she has to go to Asgard, to finalize her initiation as a goddess. Also, that she means that she’ll have to stay there for two years, or more. Mousse tells her he understands, and that he’ll wait for her.

Another late night, Mousse is working with Skuld on the regulations, and Skuld suggests that Mousse go with Yui to Asgard. She says Bell could arrange it, but Mousse tells her that he has to deal with it. Also, it would be selfish of him to stop Yui from going. Skuld says that at least they’d be together if he goes to Asgard. Mousse tells her he’s still alive, technically, and he would cause a glitch if he tried to go with her, ironically because he’s the one helping to fix the glitches.

The day arrives for Yui’s ascension. Mousse goes out to tell her good-bye for the moment, and he’ll wait for her. She tells him she loves him, and the ascension begins. Urd and Skuld finally have the incantation, for him to become full again, ready.

Mousse looks at his translucent hands, and figures he has nothing to lose. He runs toward her, and tells her that he wants to be with her, he doesn’t want to lose her either. Shampoo arrives on the site, and fires her dispersal ray at him. It restrains him, but it doesn’t destroy him. She tells the goddesses that if they don’t grant her wish of having her own world, she will destroy him. Yui is trying to fight her way out of the light field.

Belldandy steps forward, telling Shampoo that she will grant her wish. Shampoo smiles at this, and increases the particle energy she’s using on Mousse. Bell tells her to leave Mousse alone and make her wish. Shampoo makes the wish that the world was hers to control. Bell says that she will grant the wish. Urd and Skuld complete the spell, Yui completes her ascension, calling out Mousse’s name.

The Spell fails, and Mousse disappears completely, from Shampoo’s particle. Shampoo waits for the wish, and sees light fill her vision.

At the Cat Café, her PC boots up with the words, SWOS. She is seen in the screen, living out her dream as a queen. Then, the PC crashes. Shampoo is ‘erased’ from this existence.

Yui comes home after ascension. She thanks Belldandy for everything, and decides to move out on her own. She is sad about Mousse for a month. Bell, Urd, and Skuld, are always around her, trying to help her through the grief. One day, Yui comes home after work, and is lying on her bed, crying. She feels her PC turn on. It starts to boot up, and the screen says, "Yygsadril is now loading."

Yui gets out of Bed, and runs to the shrine, but she doesn’t see anything. She sees Mousse walking towards the shrine, and he nods at her. He is wearing a Black suit, and a royal blue lab coat. The patch on his coat says, "Yygsadril Maintenance" She smiles at this, crying happily, and runs to him. He holds her.

Eventually, Mousse and Yui get married. Story ends with the wedding. Mousse invited the Goddesses, Keiichi, and Yui’s family, and all of the Nerima gang except for Shampoo, who is no longer around.